Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear for Love, Health, and Wealth

Updated October 14, 2019
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A feng shui bracelet is believed to imbue the wearer with the energies the bracelet either generates or represents, such as luck, love, health, and wealth. The style might feature semi-precious gemstones, Chinese characters, or symbolic charms.

Five Elements Bracelets for Balanced Life

A five elements bracelet features the color representations of the five elements that are believed to bring a healthy balance into the wearer's life. If you are experiencing a life out of balance, this type of bracelet can help realign all areas of your life.

Crystal Bracelet With Five Elements

Crystal Bracelet with Five Elements

This bracelet features the highest-quality Swarovski clear crystal beads along with colored beads that represent the five elements. The beads include, red (fire), white (metal), green (wood), yellow (earth) and black (water). Bracelet comes with a brocade pouch. It's about $39, plus shipping fees calculated at checkout.

Feng Shui Obsidian Five-Element Bracelet

This bracelet consists of 15 (10mm) beads with the five elements represented by the colored beads. The black beads are carved from obsidian, a precious black stone that is considered one of the seven Buddhist treasures. Obsidian is believed to have very strong protective powers and is used for amulets and charms. In feng shui, obsidian is said to remove inauspicious energies.

Each bracelet comes with a deluxe jewelry box. Wearing this bracelet protects you against negative chi energy and brings a balance of chi energies in your life. It's around 6.5" to 7" long and costs about $19 plus free shipping.

Eight Auspicious Objects/Symbols

The eight auspicious objects/symbols are considered very auspicious in feng shui when used in a grouping. It is believed that each symbol represents one aspect of The Buddha's eightfold path teachings. If you need a boost in your life or simply wish to enjoy a life filled with abundance, this bracelet is for you.

Chinese Lucky Eight Auspicious Objects Cuff Bracelet

Eight Auspicious Objects Cuff Bracelet

This cuff bracelet is made from a plated metal alloy. Each symbol is raised against a dark patterned background. Each symbol is artistically designed to flow from one symbol to the next. Wear this bracelet to ensure good luck in every venture you undertake. It is believed that the grouping of these eight symbols will also counter all negative energy you encounter.

The bracelet's circumference is 7" to 8.5" and it costs around $13 plus shipping.

Eight Auspicious Symbols Lucky Charms Adjustable Bracelet

Eight Auspicious Symbols Adjustable Bracelet

This adjustable bracelet design is based on the Tibetan style of eight auspicious symbols and handmade in Nepal. The symbols are inscribed on octagon-shaped metal discs. The discs are supported by a substantial black cord. An adjustable pull cord allows for an exact fit. It costs about $24 with free shipping for most items in the continental U.S.

Chinese Bracelets for Attracting Love and Martial Happiness

Rose quartz is used in feng shui to attract love luck chi energy. The double happiness symbol is synonymous with love and marriage. Select one or both of these bracelets to invite your soul mate into your life or enhance your current love relationship or marriage.

Rose Quartz Buddha Bracelet

Feng shui bracelets made from rose quartz beads are believed to deliver auspicious energy into marriages and love relationships as well as heal heartache. This stretch bracelet features 8mm rose quartz beads and a Buddha head bead for auspicious chi. A hematite gemstone bead flanks each side of the Buddha bead. The bracelet costs about $14, with around a $5 shipping fee.

Double Happiness Feng Shui Symbol Bangle Bracelet

Double Happiness Feng Shui Symbol Bangle Bracelet

The Double Happiness symbol is used for weddings. The symbol was born out of the love two young people had for each other. After a period of separation, they were married and wrote the happiness symbol twice to celebrate their love. The Double Happiness quickly became a cherished symbol for love and marriage.

This plated sterling silver bangle bracelet features a double happiness charm that can be customized. The charm is UV resistant and has a waterproof coating.

The bangle is around 2.5". It is priced around $24, plus shipping fees calculated at checkout.

Wealth Luck Bracelets

There are numerous feng shui symbols for wealth luck that can be found incorporated in bracelets. If you need a little wealth luck infusion into your life, try wearing a jade or citrine bracelet.

Brazilian Citrine Beads Bracelet

Brazilian Citrine Bracelet

This feng shui bracelet is made of citrine beads threaded on an elastic cord for easy wear. Citrine is known as the stone of wealth or merchant's stone. It is believed to be a wealth and prosperity magnet. Wear a citrine bracelet to attract wealth and abundance. If you're in business, wearing a citrine bracelet is believed to bestow great business success and acumen chi energy. The stone also has a neutralizing or repelling effect on negative chi energies.

It ranges from 5" to 10" long, and costs around $20, plus shipping fees calculated at checkout.

Jade Auspicious Mystic Knot Braceletl

This auspicious jade bracelet features jade beads and a jade mystic knot centerpiece. These are strung on Chinese silk cord with a knotted closure for easy adjustment. Jade brings many auspicious properties, such as happiness, harmony, kindness, and abundant wealth. The wealth properties that jade brings to the wearer are enhanced by the white jade mystic knot that is a symbol of infinity. The combination is believed to ensure limitless prosperity and wealth.

The bracelet is adjustable, so it should fit most people's wrists. It costs about $17 plus shippping calculated during checkout.

Health Luck Bracelets

Feng shui offers many health cures. The flying star #2 is known as the illness star and just like the celestial stars, the flying stars move on a daily, monthly, and yearly cycle. The Wu Lou (gourd) is a strong feng shui symbol for health. Another symbol is the natural quartz and the gemstone lapis.

If you are experiencing poor health or need protection from a flying star, especially if has come to roost in your bedroom, kitchen, or dining room (all areas that affect health), then choose one of these bracelets.

Lapis Lazuli Wu Lou Bracelet

 Lapis Lazuli Wu Luo Bracelet for Overcoming #2 Star

This lapis bracelet is said to offer protection against the #2 illness star. This bracelet will protect against the #2 flying star regardless where the star is located as it changes from month to month and year to year.

The bracelet is made of lapis beads that are believed to attract the healing energies of the Medicine Buddha. In addition, the lapis beads are believed to boost the immune system, calm inflammation, lower blood pressure and purify blood. Also included are royal blue and gold decorated mantra beads. The mantras are designed to establish a flow of health chi to the wearer and to protect against illnesses. The dangling golden Wu Lou charm also suppresses the monthly and annual #2 illness star.

It costs about $70 plus shipping fees calculated at checkout.

Clear Quartz Bracelet for Healing

This quartz bracelet features natural quartz crystals that are believed to create a balance in the body's electromagnetic frequencies. Quartz crystals are attributed to improving the body's natural immune system as well as mental thinking processes. The bracelet comes with a gift box. The bracelet costs under $27 before shipping is added.

Choosing the Right Feng Shui Bracelet

There are many styles and types of feng shui bracelets. When selecting a feng shui bracelet, consider what part of your life you wish to enhance and choose the appropriate one.

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Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear for Love, Health, and Wealth