Gorgeous Jewelry Brand Alternatives to Tiffany

Published August 6, 2018
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The gorgeous designs and obvious craftsmanship of Tiffany jewelry makes it worth coveting, but the high price tag means it's out of reach for many people who aren't rich or famous. Fortunately, several other brands that make fine jewelry pieces at a much lower price point. Whether you're shopping for a gift or expanding your own jewelry wardrobe, these brands are worth a second look.

Catbird Jewelry - Delicate and Fair Trade

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Catbird Jewelry is dedicated to offering responsibly sourced and handmade fine jewelry at a fair price. The company works with several designers, including Anthony Lent, Digby & Iona, and many others. They also have their own extensive line of jewelry made right there in their Brooklyn workshop using conflict-free gems and fair trade metals.

Why They Are a Tiffany Alternative

Catbird's items have the simple lines and high end feel of Tiffany pieces, but most items retail for far less. They are also committed to socially just and environmentally responsibly production, which can be difficult to find in fine jewelry. Many of their gorgeous diamonds are recycled, rather than mined.

Styles and Pricing

Prices range from under $30 for a pair of sterling earrings or a simple ring to about $14,000 for their most luxurious engagement rings. Some of the stand-out pieces you might consider include the following:

  • Dewdrop Bracelet - Crafted in 14k rose gold with pearls and diamonds, this delicate bracelet has the high end, designer feel of a Tiffany piece but retails for $264. It's also available in yellow gold.
  • Twisted Stacker Ring - Reminiscent of much more expensive designs at Tiffany, the stackable $74 ring is made of 14k yellow gold.

Miansai - Modern for Men and Women

Offering high end jewelry for both women and men, Miansai has the modern feel of some of Tiffany's recent collections. The pieces have clean lines and feature precious metals, and many have a nautical theme. Other materials like custom-made rope and Italian leather make an appearance as well.

Why They Are a Tiffany Alternative

The clean lines and precious metals have all the high end look of Tiffany pieces, but they are significantly cheaper. Plus, the men's collection offers a great way to get a luxurious gift for a guy who may not care about the Tiffany brand name.

Styles and Pricing

Miansai offers lots of options around $100, including rings, cuff bracelets, and more. Their fine jewelry collection $650 for a diamond necklace to about $6,500 for a diamond-studded cuff bracelet. These awesome pieces stand out for their style:

  • Nyx Cuff for Men - This hinged cuff bracelet is crafted from sterling silver and has a strong contemporary vibe. It retails for $215.
  • Halo Necklace - This polished gold vermeil necklace is pave set with tiny white sapphires to emulate the moon, sun and earth. It sells for $295.
  • Hooked Necklace - The men's necklace comes in noir, silver, and gold, and offers a masculine option for around $120.
Miansai necklace during Mercedes-Bentz Fashion Week

Vrai & Oro - Gorgeous and Responsible

Los Angeles-based Vrai & Oro offers fine jewelry and engagement rings that are both lovely and responsibly sourced. They use genuine diamonds grown using solar power at the Diamond Foundry, since they feel it's difficult to ensure any kind of mined diamond is conflict and cruelty-free. They are also committed to cutting out the markups that come with fine jewelry, offering high quality pieces at affordable prices.

Why They Are a Tiffany Alternative

Offering the classic look of many of the loveliest Tiffany pieces at a much smaller price tag, Vrai & Oro is a great option for engagement jewelry or any other fine pieces. If you're concerned with social and environmental responsibility, they also make this a higher priority than Tiffany.

Styles and Pricing

Prices range from under $100 for simple gold bracelets, rings, or earrings to over $2,500 for diamond rings. You can customize ring designs by choosing your stone, and that can affect pricing. The following lovely designs are perfect if you want Tiffany style with a focus on social responsibility:

  • Tiny Diamond Bracelet - This delicate bracelet is reminiscent of Tiffany's simple designs, but this 14k yellow gold option sells for only $145.
  • Mix Diamond Cuff Ring - This distinctive 18k gold band has two shaped diamonds for a unique look. It retails for $850.

AUrate - Lovely Without the Mark-Up

This New York-based Tiffany alternative is woman-owned and committed to selling fine jewelry without the department store mark-up. AUrate offers several collections, including a wedding band shop, which it bills as being a great place to buy yourself something special even if you aren't getting married. Forbes notes that AUrate tries to offer items for as much as 75% less than similar fine jewelry retailers, such as Tiffany.

Why They Are a Tiffany Alternative

With a similar classic esthetic and the fine gems and precious metals of Tiffany but without the high end price tag, AUrate gives shoppers an option to own something special for a reasonable cost. The styles are every bit as lovely as those that come in the iconic blue box, but they aren't as expensive.

Styles and Pricing

AUrate offers several collections, including the Essentials line, which is ideal for affordable gift-giving. Many items in that line are around $150. They also have the Editions line, which has some unique pieces. Some can also be personalized. The more costly items sell for about $1200 or more. Consider these gorgeous styles:

  • Mini Gold Letter Charm - This pretty 14k gold initial necklace lets you sport your letter in sleek style, just like similar pieces at higher-priced retailers. It sells for $200.
  • Diamond Bezel Necklace - This delicate 14k gold and 0.07 carat diamond necklace features that classic diamond solitaire look of a Tiffany staple at only $320.

Think Outside the Little Blue Box

Once you get past the classic packaging of Tiffany's little blue box, the jewelry inside may not offer the value for your money that other fine jewelers can provide. Additionally, if you're committed to social justice or caring for the environment, you may prefer to get similar classic and lovely styles from a brand that makes these causes their top priority. Either way, it's great to explore some options and think outside the little blue box.

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Gorgeous Jewelry Brand Alternatives to Tiffany