Top 10 Phone Charging Purses

Published May 4, 2020
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Are you looking for a purse with built-in phone charging capabilities? Choosing this type of bag can help make sure you don't find yourself out and about with a phone that's running out of juice and no way to charge it up. No matter what size, style or price range prefer, there's sure to be one (or more!) that'll have you charging in style!

Stone Mountain Small Saddle Bag

If you're a fan of small bags with long crossbody straps, check out Stone Mountain's Small Saddle Bag. Crafted from Nubuck leather, this lovely shoulder bag features an adjustable shoulder strap (up to 27-inches long). It comes with a removable phone charger, as well as lightning and micro-USB cables, so it's compatible with the majority of recent smartphones. Stone Mountain bags are known for their durability and quality. This bag is available from the Stone Mountain USA website. According to, it's sometimes possible to find select Stone Mountain purses in TJ Maxx stores (if you get lucky!).

Mighty Purse Wristlet

The Mighty Purse Wristlet is a great option for people looking for a small purse with a built-in phone charger. This lovely leather bag is perfect for times that you just need to carry a few necessities (cash, plastic, lipstick, keys, and phone). Designed to hold Android or iPhone (version 5 or newer) devices in a hidden pocket, it includes a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery and USB charging cord, as well as a micro-USB phone charging cable with iPhone and USB-C adapters. It comes in eight colors and is available from Macy's and Walmart. The wristlet strap is detachable, so it converts to a clutch. and Business Insider both give this bag positive reviews, both for functionality and appearance.

HButler MP362 Mighty Purse Wristlet

Lilly C Wireless Phone Charging Purses

If you're based in Australia and love wristlet style bags made from vegan leather, you're sure to fall in love with the Lilly C line. Available in two sizes and several colors, these slimline purses are compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones. Each bag has two interior cell phone pockets and a built in 4000mAh battery, which can charge two devices at the same time (one wirelessly and one via the included USB cable). Order directly from the LillyC website. Please note that these bags can only be shipped within Australia.

Mundi Protect & Connect Crossbody Bag

Love casual, patterned handbags? If so, you're sure to be a fan of Mundi's Protect & Connect Crossbody Bag. Available from Amazon, where a majority of reviewers give it 5 stars, this versatile bag is a perfect casual crossbody bag for everyday use or travel. Available in your choice of attractive paisley or floral patterns, this bag features three individual zipper compartments to make it super-easy for you to organize and secure your items. It includes a portable 2000mAh charger, along with a USB cable and lightning adapter, making it ideal for Android and iPhone users alike. It also has Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) protection to block thieves from gaining access to your credit or debit card data. The majority of Amazon reviewers give this purse five stars.

KAKA Nylon Crossbody Sling Bag

In search of a great travel purse that'll store your stuff securely through all kinds of adventures while also making it easy to keep your phone charged? KAKA's Crossbody Sling Bag might be exactly what you need. Smaller than a backpack, this stylish sling can be worn on your back or chest. It waterproof, has anti-theft features, and offers tons of storage space for items you need while traveling and sightseeing. The front zipper pocket is right-sized to hold any current smartphone style, and you can easily keep your device charged via the external USB charging port. You'll need to provide your own external batter, but the bag does have an integrated USB cable. If your phone doesn't have a USB plug, you'll need an adapter. Purchase from AliExpress or Amazon. The majority of Amazon reviewers give it 5 stars.

Everpurse Kate Spade Freida Tote

If you're an iPhone user looking for a large, elegant handbag, you can't go wrong when you choose the Kate Spade Freida tote, which is exclusively available from Everpurse. This high-end tote measures 9.4" high x 13.8" wide and is 6.2" deep, making it large enough to carry a small laptop or tablet. It has a 5" drop handle. Crafted from black leather and featuring gold-plated embellishments, this lovely purse has three internal compartments to organize and store everything you need from morning through night. The bag charges iPhone models 5 - 7+. You'll love the included wireless charging mat, which makes it easy to recharge the bag overnight or during the workday. recommends this bag as a practical option fashionistas, pointing out that it's "light, airport travel-safe, credit card safe, and compatible worldwide."

Mighty Purse Reversible Tote

If you love the look and convenience of should-strap tote bags, you're sure to love Mighty Purse's Reversible Tote. It's like getting three bags in one, since you can opt to use the pewter side or flip it inside out for a light taupe finish, or remove the included wristlet to carry basic essentials when a big bag isn't necessary. A 3000 mAh cell phone charger is tucked away inside the wristlet, making it easy for you to charge your Android or iPhone device from inside your purse. The bag also comes with built-in cables for charging the included battery and your phone. The phone cable is micro-USB, but includes adapters for both USB-C and iPhone connections. Crafted from vegan leather, this stylish bag looks great while also being a socially responsible choice!

Kroser Laptop Backpack

If you'd like an elegant looking tote/backpack that's super-sized, yet elegant enough to be your go-to, go-everywhere handbag, look no further than the Kroser Laptop Backpack. Available from Amazon, this bag has it all. Just tuck your own external phone battery in the pocket and thread the cable through the charging port and you'll be able to charge your phone while its conveniently tucked away in the external pocket. The pocket is right-sized for all current smartphone models, and the bag itself will hold laptops up to 15.6-inches. With more than 6,000 Amazon reviews, this bag has well over 4.5 stars (out of 5). If you love roomy bags that are easy to carry and hold just about everything, this one is sure to become your go-to favorite!

Himawari Travel Backpack

If you're looking for a large, casual backpack-style bag with a built in USB charging port, you can't go wrong with the Himawari Travel Backpack. Large enough to hold a 15.6-inch laptop, this bag is perfect for commuters, students, business travelers, and remote workers who use shared spaces. You'll be able to fit all your gear into a single bag with this roomy, yet stylish backpack. With more than 1800 reviews on Amazon, this bag's average rating is higher than 4.5 stars (out of 5). While it doesn't include an external phone battery, it does feature a built-in USB port that you can use to charge your cell phone (any kind) or other mobile device using the phone bank and cable of your choice. Order from Amazon.

Floral Shoulder Bag

If you need a bag big enough to carry your 15-6-inch or smaller laptop but you'd like something more feminine and less structured, consider this lovely floral shoulder bag. Available via Amazon, this beautiful and colorful tote bag is perfect for casual every-day use, travel, or sightseeing. There is a built-in USB cable on the outside of the bag for easy access, though you'll need to use your own power bank. If your phone isn't USB compatible, you can still use it with an appropriate adapter. This bag also features a built-in headphone jack, RFID protection. It has double handles as well as a removable shoulder strap that's over 50-inches long.

Find the Perfect Phone Charging Bag

With so many styles to choose among, you're sure to find a few options that will carry your gear while also keeping you from being stressed out about how long your cell phone battery will stay charged. Whether you need a compact bag that holds little more than your phone and battery or a big bag that carries a ton of gear, options are available.

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Top 10 Phone Charging Purses