30 Unique Gift Ideas for Stepdads

Updated May 7, 2020
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Finding the perfect gifts for stepdads can be a real challenge depending on your relationship with your stepfather. Check out some unique stepfather gift ideas to find something truly awesome for your bonus dad.

Personalized Gifts for Stepfathers

You won't find many gifts marketed specifically for stepdads, so personalized gifts are one of your best options. You can add whatever word you use to describe your stepfather or bonus dad to make it personal for him. Personalized gifts for him work great for birthdays, Father's Day, and Christmas.

I Love My Stepdad Fill-in-The-Blanks Book

Stepdad I Love You Because: Prompted Fill In The Blanks Books For Kids To Write About Their Stepfather: Perfect Father's Day And Birthday Gifts

With 22 pages, this paperback customizable book is a one-of-a-kind stepfather gift. Kids or adult stepchildren can fill in the prompts on right side of each page spread, then add pictures, keepsakes, or special messages to the blank page on the left. The front cover reads "I Love That You're My Stepdad Because." The book only costs about $8, but it will become priceless to your bonus dad.

Leather Alphabet Keychain

If you want to get a gift that feels personal, but don't know a lot about your stepdad or don't have a customized message in mind, a leather alphabet keychain is perfect. It retails at Will Leathergoods and costs just under $15. Choose the first letter of his first or last name. He'll love that you got something personalized, but it won't feel overly sappy and he can carry it wherever he goes.

Metal Stepdad Picture Frame

Finding a ready-made stepdad picture frame may not be possible, but you can make a cool one at Things Remembered. Their Flat Iron Black Frames come in 4 x 6 size with personalization for about $20. The matte black frame with silver finish is masculine and you can add a family photo or a photo of something like his dog. There's room to add five lines of text, but you could simple write "Stepdad" at the top and nothing else.

Initial Cufflink and Money Clip Set

For the bonus dad who works hard and likes to look good, you could opt for a $30 cufflink and money clip set from Teal's Prairie that features his first or last initial. The initial makes it more personal, and the material makes it seem really special. They also come in a wooden keepsake box.

Custom Stepdad Phone Grip Ring

For around $10 on Things Remembered, you can customize a phone grip ring. You can add up to two lines of text to the black and gunmetal phone grip. You could monogram it or add a nice phrase like "Super Stepdad."

Sentimental Stepfather Gifts

If you've got a really close relationship with your stepdad, you might want to find a gift that was made to tug at a stepdad's heartstrings. These bonus dad gift ideas show just how much you love him and embrace the unique stepfather role. Sentimental gifts are perfect for stepfathers on Father's Day.

Wooden Stepdad Picture Frame

First My Step-Dad Forever My Friend - 4x6 Inch Wood Picture Frame

The laser engraved First My Stepdad Forever My Friend picture frame from Walmart is a unique and meaningful find. The 4 x 6 wooden frame costs just under $20 and you can add your favorite photo of you and your stepfather once you receive it. This is a great option for kids who have a really close bond with their stepdad.

Best Stepdad Ever ID Bracelet

If your stepdad is the type to wear jewelry, a personalized ID bracelet can be a really sweet gift. Things Remembered sells a silver and matte black ID bracelet you can add a message to for about $30, and it comes in a nice valet box. You can add up to 2 lines of 15 characters each, so a message like "Best stepdad ever" would fit nicely.

Bonus Dad Keychain

Besufy Keychain Dad Any Man Can Be A Father Stainless Steel Key Ring Round Pendant

Give your stepfather a gift he can carry with him when you buy the stainless steel bonus dad keychain. This keychain features a sweet message about the importance of being a stepdad. For under $15, this sweet gift is perfect for all kinds of bonus dads.

Someone Special Stepdad Mug

It Takes Someone Special To Be A Step Dad Coffee & Tea Gift Mug For The Best Step Father

Simplicity can be very sincere, like this stepdad mug from Walmart. The basic white mug says "Any Man Can be a Father But it Takes Someone Special to be a Step Dad." At just under $20, this gift is sure to become your stepfathers favorite for morning coffee.

Stepdad Definition Hoodie

Shop4Ever Men's Step-Dad Definition Hooded Sweatshirt Hoodie

Help your stepfather show his stepdad pride with the stepdad definition hoodie. This basic gray men's hooded sweatshirt features a sweet definition of the word "stepdad" stating that he chose this role and that's what makes him special. Sizes range from small to 5XL and the shirt costs just under $35.

Funny Stepdad Gifts

Humorous stepfather gift options can play to the comedic nature of your relationship or serve as great gag gifts on his birthday.

Best Bonus Dad Tumbler

Best Bonus Dad Ever Stainless Steel Engraved Insulated Tumbler

Like any awesome dad, your stepdad will want to show off just how great his stepkids think he is. This tumbler from Walmart is made from stainless steel, has a black exterior, and can be used for hot or cold drinks at home or while traveling thanks to the included lid. For about $25 you can get this awesome mug that says "Best Bonus Dad Ever."

Funny Stepdad T-Shirt

Step Dad Blood May be Thicker Than Water But It's Not Thicker Than Love T-Shirt

For the stepdad who loves a good readable t-shirt, a simple tee with a fun message is perfect. The blood isn't thicker than love t-shirt from Walmart plays off the old saying that "blood is thicker than water." This funny message gives credits to stepdads who are loved, even if they didn't contribute DNA to their kids. This $20 shirt comes in five colors and sizes S-5XL.

Blank Funny Stepdad Notebook

You're An Awesome Stepdad Keep That Shit Up : funny fathers Day Notebook For Stepfather

Give your stepdad the gift of humor with this funny stepdad notebook. The front cover of the blank notebook features a funny saying that essentially says "Being my step dad is easier than living with my mom." The small paperback notebook has about 100 pages and only costs $8.

Awkward Family Photos Game

Awkward Family Photos Greatest Hits - Family/Party Game -> Caption Hilarious Pics W/ Hundreds of Memorable Movie Lines!

Being in a blended family can put in some awkward family situations. Embrace the humor that sometimes comes with awkward stepfather-stepchild relationships with an aptly titled game. The Awkward Family Photos board game is basically a version of Apples to Apples where players assign funny movie titles to weird family photos. You can get the game from Macy's for under $30.

The Stepfather Horror Films

The Stepfather DVD

If your stepdad has a sense of humor, get him one or more of the many horror movies titled "Stepfather." Add a funny note, like "See, it could be worse!" to make it even more fun. Walmart has several DVD and Blu-ray versions like The Stepfather starring Penn Badgley and Stepfather 2 starring Terry O'Quinn.

Funny Stepdad Movies

Daddy's Home (4K Ultra HD)

If your stepfather is more into comedy films, he might appreciate you poking a little fun at his position with funny movies featuring stepfather relationships. Choose one movie like Daddy's Home starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg or grab a few to give as a gift set. Other funny stepdad movies include Yours, Mine, & Ours and Blended.

Novelty Tie

Poke fun at the standard dad gift, a tie, by getting your stepdad a wacky novelty tie. Consider his interests and inside jokes to help you pick out the perfect ugly tie that will make your stepdad feel like any other dad. Ties.com has a variety of novelty ties for $20 to $70 each. The Heartbeats tie or Heart of Gold tie can indicate your love or you can choose one based on his interests.

Gifts for Stepdads Related to Interests and Hobbies

If you don't know your stepdad well, you can find him a great gift that relates to the one thing you might know about him, his hobbies or interests. Look for gifts that play on the word "dad."

Custom Sports Jersey

No matter what sport your stepdad loves most, you can likely find a customized jersey option at Fanatics. You can add your stepdad's last name to the back of a jersey from his favorite NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, or even Call of Duty team. Prices vary widely depending on style, but these will likely be close to $100 or more. He'll love that you put so much thought into the gift.

Spiderman Quote Framed Wall Art

Whether your stepdad is into Spiderman or not, he'll appreciate the sentiments of the quote "With great power comes great responsibility." Being in the position of stepdad comes with great power, but even greater responsibility. This simple quote and black and white drawing of Spiderman sells for just under $25 from The Home Depot.

Funko POP! Collectible

Funko POP! TV: The Office - Dwight Schrute

All you need to know about your stepdad is one TV show, movie franchise, or character he really loves. Then, you can pick out a cool Funko POP! collectible character for under $10 at GameStop. The word "pop" is a play off the word "dad" without calling him "dad" if you don't want to. The characters are fun and light-hearted, but the gift also feels meaningful because you thought about something he likes. Available characters include everyone from Star Wars characters to The Office characters.

World's Best Stepdad Knife

World's Best Step-Dad Folding Pocket Knife

The outdoorsman stepfather will appreciate a personalized folding pocket knife engraved with the phrase "World's Best Step-Dad." This simple knife with a black handle features a 3.5 inch stainless steel blade. With a cost of only $17, this is a great personalized gift on a budget.

The Smart Stepdad Book

The Smart Stepdad : Steps to Help You Succeed

If your stepdad loves to read or you've got a new stepdad and you want to help him succeed, The Smart Stepdad by Ron L. Deal is a great book. This nearly 300-page book costs around $10 and features loads of advice for dealing with every aspect of being a stepfather.

Sports Team Popcorn Tin

If you know your stepfather loves a specific sports team, you can show you've been paying attention with a themed popcorn tin. Again, the "pop" in "popcorn" make this a dad-themed gift, but it's not formal or personal. GourmetGiftBaskets.com has NFL popcorn tins for about $60 that feature one NFL team on the tin and include three flavors of popcorn. They also have MLB popcorn tins for baseball fans.

Survival Video Game

ARK Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard, PlayStation 4

Get to know your stepdad better and learn to survive together with a dual player survival video game. A game like ARK: Survival Evolved is perfect because you can play together. You'll get dropped into a world with no tools, just like you might have felt when you became family. From there you communicate and work together to find and craft the things you need to survive. You can get the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One version for $50 and the Nintendo Switch version for $30 at Target.

DIY Stepdad Gifts

The only way to get a truly unique gift for your stepdad is to make it yourself.

Still Life Stepdad Sign

Find some cool items, preferably that relate to his interests like tools, and arrange them to spell out the word "Stepdad." Take a photo from above using a digital camera, then print and frame your work of art. This simple homemade gift for a dad is easy for anyone to make at any age.

Father's Day Poem Painting

Update a Father's Day poem from a child so it reflects the stepfather relationship. Grab a large canvas from your local craft supply store and some paints to start. Use a pencil to write the poem on the canvas, then paint over your writing to create a unique and special piece of artwork.

Custom Handprint T-Shirt

An easy craft for kids to make for a stepdad is a custom handprint t-shirt. If you've got a lot of kids in your blended family, this can be especially cool. Have kids each press one hand into a pile of fabric paint, then stamp their handprint on the front or back of a plain t-shirt. You can make the handprints form a shape like a heart and even use fabric markers to add a special stepdad phrase.

Stepdad Coupon Book

Another fun craft younger kids can make is a construction paper coupon book. You can write a special message for your stepfather on the front cover, then fill the pages with coupons geared toward stepdads. You might make a coupon for him to accompany you to a special father-child event or make one to play any board game he chooses.

Stepfather Scrapbook Album

Older kids and adults can create a fatherly scrapbook album that includes things like his words of wisdom or the reasons why you love him. Add family photos and great stepfamily quotes to make it all about your stepdad.

Custom Stepfather Card

Use Father's Day card ideas and templates as the basis for a custom stepfather card. Sometimes, just hearing that you care about him or appreciate him is all he needs as a gift. Simply swap out "stepdad" for "dad" and you've got a great stepfather card.

Stepdad Gift Ideas for Everyone

Every stepdad has a unique relationship with his stepkids. Whether you're a wife looking to buy her husband a stepdad gift, a little kid, or an adult child, there are tons of great original stepdad gift ideas out there.

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