Ah, the White Elephant gift exchange. The gifting sporting event of the season. Everyone brings a gift - no tags, no names, nothing too personal - adds it to the stack, then chooses at random or steals someone else's pick! It's tough not to get excited about finally getting to just take the things you really want. But when it comes time to shop for a gift to add to the pile, there's a point of pride in having your contribution stolen the most!

Here are 20 picks that keep to an affordable price point while still bringing the level of excitement we love to see every year at White Elephant.

This Chic Digital Alarm Clock

Minimalist and stylish, this digital alarm clock is the perfect addition to not just bedrooms, but any space that could use a good timepiece - one of those things everyone could use, and no one thinks to buy themselves! The wooden finish blends seamlessly with a wide range of home decor, too.

A Super Useful Tower Power Strip

Sometimes practicality is the answer. No one ever (ever) said, "I have too many outlets." This power tower is a super helpful twist (pun intended) on the standard power strip that even turns to give you access to the spot you need.

A Stylish 2023 Desk Calendar

The delight of this pick is that it will encourage quite a lot of, "what is that?" It's a calendar! This super fun twelve-sided wooden gadget has every date of 2023 etched onto it so that upcoming days always remain front of mind.


A Cozy Pendleton National Park Beanie

Don't break the bank with the iconic (but pricey!) blanket, but bring a warm and cozy Pendleton option anyway! The colorful stripes on these beanies are inspired by U.S. National Parks for an added touch of personality to an otherwise impersonal gift.

A Family-Friendly Echo Glow

Especially for White Elephant gatherings that include families with kiddos, this is a great gift for both baby and toddler parents as well as school-aged children. Parents looking to try out sleep training will love the ability to pre-program lighting settings and kids will enjoy learning to control the lights themselves before they're tall enough to reach a switch!

A Cute and Handy Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Whether they're still enjoying the work-from-home life or they've returned to the office, a desktop vacuum is a total must. No more lingering crumbs hiding between the computer keys!


This Sleek Fitness Tracker Watch

Fitness fiend or not, no one turns down a good tracking watch - and plenty of folks will happily fight over it! This one is not only discreet and stylish, it easily connects to both Android and iOS, and it tracks your steps, your heart rate, your sleep cycles, and more.

A Retro-Inspired Bluetooth Speaker

Okay, how fun is this little guy? There's a certain fondness that goes along with things that look old-fashioned, but are deceptively high tech! This is such a fun one to keep on hand for picnics, bike rides, camping trips, and more.

The Echo Dot Smart Speaker

I stole my first Echo Dot at a White Elephant... from my boyfriend who later became my husband. I guess he was playing the long game to finally get to use it himself! Jokes aside, this is one of those presents that is bound to get some serious envy - and more than a few steals.


This Set of Two Pouring Dispensers 

The kitchen aesthetic life is sweeping social media. If you haven't yet been transfixed by restocking vids on TikTok, get ready. They're addictive. These dispensers can easily hold olive oil, vinegar, syrups, and more for a stylishly countertop-friendly and exceptionally useful gift.

This Pair of Vintage-Inspired Coffee Mugs

One of the most common offerings at my family's annual White Elephant is drinkware, and this set of two beautiful glass mugs is my top choice for this year. They're chic, sturdy, and come with two cocktail-ready gold stirring spoons for an elevated gift that suits tea, cocoa, and more.

An Adorable Microwave Popcorn Popper

A long-beloved holiday find, this microwave-friendly popcorn popper makes for an ideal family gift. Pair it with a jar of your favorite popcorn kernels and a list of your favorite hoiday movie suggestions to add a special touch that's ripe for making memories.


A Too-Cute Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Whether they need a new salt and pepper shaker set or not, this one puts a smile on your face. The pepper becomes "sand" to surround the cactus, and the salt is the "snow" for the evergreen tree. I can't wait to gift this to my neighbor this year.

This Luxurious PJ Set 

Particularly if you're mapping out plans for a girls' night gift exchange, you can't possibly go wrong with a silky soft set of jammies. I would not hesitate to steal this gorgeous black set the moment it was unwrapped.

The Affirmators! Tarot Card Deck

No matter anyone's spirituality, we could all use a little intellectual pick-me-up now and then. This giftable set comes with 78 beautifully illustrated cards with positive affirmations and a booklet full of helpful guidance for those days you are looking for some deeper meaning.


A Fabulous Les Boy Smells Candle

Who doesn't love a good scented candle? Among our ultimate favorites is this coconut and beeswax candle from Boy Smells that uses notes of peach blossom, cardamom, cedar, Asian pear, and more to create a wonderfully complex aroma - a gorgeous and homey gift everyone will appreciate.

Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020 Board Game

Board games have long been a White Elephant favorite, but this one is sure to catch attention among groups with a range of generations! Everyone from Boomers to Zoomers can get excited about competing over who really knows best with this 2010s edition of Trivial Pursuit.

This Cozy Merino Wool Tartan Knitted Scarf

Nobody ever went wrong bringing a good scarf to White Elephant, and this super cozy wool tartan pick is warm, classy, and oh-so soft. This gender-inclusive accessory is an easy addition to just about any cold weather outfit.


A Pair of Cross Band Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy slippers. How could anyone turn down these beauties? The fabulously soft and fluffy fabric and the super trendy cross band design make this pair an easy steal.

A Set of JBL Wireless On-Ear Headphones

The value of a great pair of headphones simply cannot be overstated. JBL knows exactly what they're doing with this wireless Bluetooth pair that not only provides magnificent sound, but folds up for easy travel, too!

This Magnetic Building Toy Set

If little ones are looking to participate in White Elephant this year, give them something fun to do while the rest of the guests pick through their spoils! My daughter adores these magnetic shapes, and she's always happy to share them with her cousins. In our experience, plenty of grown-ups have fun building with them, too!