40+ Bathroom Storage Ideas to Maximize Space & Style

Create clutter-free routines in your home with an organized and beautiful bathroom.

Published February 27, 2023
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Modern Luxury Bathroom Interior

Get the most out of your bathroom with storage updates that maximize space. Whether you need to add storage to a small bathroom, take advantage of your wall space, or keep your counters decluttered, a few organizational tips will have you well on your way to curating the bathroom storage your home needs.

Maximize Space With Small Bathroom Storage

A small bathroom doesn't have to be void of organizational space for all your necessities. Add creative storage hacks and functional products to elevate your small bathroom storage.

Save Space With a Swivel Towel Rack

Swivel towel rack

Towel racks are a bathroom necessity, but they take up precious wall space. If your bathroom is small, try an innovative swivel towel rack. This allows you to hang multiple towels to dry without sacrificing room on your wall.

Look for Slim Storage Units

Comfortable bathroom with slim storage unit

Storage units that can neatly tuck into the space between your vanity and toilet or nestle against the wall opposite your shower can add storage options without crowding your bathroom. Look for slim units on wheels so you can pull them out when needed and then store them neatly away.

Add a Decorative Stool

Bathroom with stool

If you lack tabletop space or somewhere to place your spa items or candles during a relaxing bubble bath, a decorative stool might help. Use this to stack towels, hold a tray of toiletries, or give you a comfy seat during bath time for the kids.

Slide in a Freestanding Drawer Unit

Small bathroom with green rectangular wall tiles, vanity mirror and cabinet

Whether it's tall and slim or short and deep, a freestanding drawer unit can add valuable storage to your small bath for storing things like medication or toiletries. If you have room against a wall, next to your vanity, or under a pedestal sink, a drawer unit will add the space you need to stash all your bathroom supplies.

Keep Laundry Off the Floor With Stylish Hampers

Modern bathtub

A small bathroom can look even smaller when towels and laundry are scattered about. Keep the clutter to a minimum with stylish laundry hampers for towels and clothing. Look for hampers with a lid so there is no clutter visible even when the hamper is full.

Look for Hidden Storage Opportunities

Luxury Design Bathroom With Nature View And Sauna

When you need storage and additional furniture pieces in a small bathroom, hidden storage that doubles as useful furniture is your best friend. Try a bench that provides seating and doubles as storage with a hinged top. Use this to store towels, kids' bath toys, or toilet paper.

Double Your Cabinet Space

Clean interior of modern apartment bathroom

A freestanding cabinet unit can keep your vanity from feeling cluttered and overflowing with items. Double your storage by adding a cabinet on the wall opposite your vanity and fill it with products you rarely use in front of a mirror like your spare towels, cleaning supplies, and stock of toilet paper.

Hide Storage With a Mirror

Small white tiled and green painted bathroom with mirrored cabinet

A full-length mirror that opens to expose a recessed storage unit will add ample space to your small bathroom. With a long vertical recess behind your mirror, you'll have room to store toiletries, beauty products, hair tools, and everything else your bathroom requires.

Add a Tiered Shelf

Bathroom with tiered shelf

If shelving is what your small bathroom really needs, gain as much space vertically as you can. Narrow, tiered shelving will help your bathroom necessities find their place. Focusing on vertical space will prevent the bathroom from feeling crowded. Slide a tiered shelf in anywhere that makes sense, but look for opportunities to nestle it between existing bathroom fixtures to save even more space.

Bring in a Bath Console

Blue bath console

Much like a console table in your living room or entryway, a bath console is a slim, narrow table. The difference is that bath consoles are designed to rest over the back of your commode. This design saves space in your bathroom while giving you the tabletop area you need.

Think Outside the Box With Toilet Paper Storage

Contemporary modern bathroom design

An absolute necessity in your bathroom, toilet paper might not be your favorite product to display. Look for ways to keep toilet paper less visible by using a freestanding toilet paper holder with a door or discretely stashing it in a stylish basket.

Leverage a Ladder

Stylish bathroom interior with green plants and ladder

A small, decorative ladder will take up little space in your bathroom and create minimal visual clutter. Use this for hand towels, clean bath towels, or even hanging towels to dry. You can even dry delicate laundry items on your bathroom ladder.

Get the Most Out of Your Space With Stackable Storage

Stackable Plastic Storage Boxes

You may have maxed out your vanity storage, but you don't want to clutter your floors. Stackable storage options will help you take advantage of vertical space in your bathroom. Look for bins that have sturdy lids, so you can stack them next to your bath or vanity. You can even find stackable drawer bins so you can customize according to your exact needs and get the items you need without moving bins around.

Convert a Bar Cart

Bathroom cart

When you're trying to maximize storage space, a little creativity goes a long way. Turn an average bar cart into your all-in-one bathroom organizer. You can store towels, bath items, beauty products, and bath toys for kids all in one place that easily moves out of sight.

Bring Luxury to Bath Time

Skin care bath products

A bath caddy not only adds to that pampered feeling when you step into a hot bath, but it adds plenty of storage without cluttering your bathroom. Often concealed by your shower curtain, a bath caddy can hold all your daily shower routine items, luxury bath products, and even items used during bath time for the kids.

Toss in a Drum Table

White round side table in modern and luxury design bathroom

A short table that takes up very little room, like a drum table, adds a decorative touch to your bathroom and provides you with tabletop space. Use this for resting your book or phone during a relaxing bath or for styling a stack of crisp towels.

Stack a Cabinet Over the Toilet

Small bathroom with cabinet over the toilet

You can gain a lot of storage when you reclaim the space your commode takes up. Use a cabinet specifically designed to sit over the back of your toilet. This will give you tons of extra cabinet space, and many of the styles also offer cubbies on each side for storing towels or paper goods.

Declutter Sinks With Bathroom Counter Storage

Keep your bathroom counters free of clutter with a few clever ways of storing your necessities within reach. Your morning routine or nightly skincare regime is far more relaxing when everything is tidy.

Add a Few Trays

Vanity in a luxury concrete bathroom

Small and large trays keep your countertop items orderly. Whether it's your collection of soaps and lotion, your favorite serums, or a few go-to jewelry pieces, a tray here or there will help you find a place for the things you prefer to keep out on your counter.

Use Corner Space Cleverly

Grey bathroom with corner rack

Counter space is great for keeping your daily items within reach. You can make your counter free of clutter while still containing everything you use the most by sliding a tiered shelf into the corner where your counter meets the wall. Small, freestanding shelves that tuck into the corner save you space while giving you the storage you need.

Keep Cosmetics Organized With a Spinning Caddy

Rotating Cosmetic Organiser

If your makeup routine brings joy to your mornings, make counter space work for you. A spinning caddy for all your foundation and shadow palettes will make accessing your go-to products simple while saving space on your countertops. No more fumbling with lipstick and mascara tubes as they roll around on the counter because all your products have a home.

Choose Beautiful Soap Dispensers

Green bathroom

Visible packaging on your favorite hand soap or moisturizer can add visual clutter to countertops. Opt for beautiful dispensers, so product packaging isn't a distraction and your personal style can shine through in even the smallest details.

Place a Riser Over Your Faucet

Over the Faucet Bathroom Shelf

Stretch your counter space a little further by placing a riser over your sink faucet. It will rest on the edges of your vanity and provide narrow, yet useful, storage to your counter area. Use wood, metal, or acrylic materials depending on the style you want to achieve.

Curate Organized Style With Compartmentalized Products

Make-up products and brushes in plastic container

Storage products with small compartments will help keep your counter free of clutter and keep all your small skincare and beauty products displayed for easy access. Look for storage solutions that have varying sized compartments to store perfume, cotton swabs, or bars of soap.

Use Stylish Jars for Small Items

Stylish Jars for small items storage

If you're going to store cotton rounds or emery boards in sight, choose the stylish route for storage products. Look for small glass, plastic, or ceramic jars to stash your miniscule bathroom supplies.

Select Large Storage for Double Vanities

Large storage for double vanities

If you have the room, use it! Tall, multi-tier storage units are a great option for double vanities. Arrange your tier unit in the center of the vanity so it's reached from either side. Stash all your go-to items, being sure not to over-stuff if you want an uncluttered appearance. Selecting only the items you use daily is a good rule of thumb.

Decorate With Baskets

Modern bathroom with baskets

Small decorative baskets can provide ample storage while adding visually interesting texture to your bathroom. Use baskets on your counter to act as a catchall when needed or stow away some of your daily necessities. You can even hide a bluetooth speaker in there for calming music during a luxurious bath.

Have a Place for Everything With Bathroom Wall Storage

When your cabinets and countertops leave you longing for storage space, wall storage ideas are your go-to. Create a tidy place for everything you need in your bathroom with wall shelving, organizational units, and innovative tips for maximizing your storage space.

Use a Blanket Rack to Store Towels

Chrome towel wall rack rail holding towels in a bathroom

Keep towels stylishly stored by converting a blanket rack to a towel rack on your wall. Roll towels and keep them on display without compromising on cabinet or floor space.

Add Recessed Shelving

Modern Bathroom

Store all your skincare products, dental supplies, and even a few decorative items in a recessed shelving unit. Adding this type of product will provide the storage space you need, and you won't have to worry about bulky shelving crowding your bathroom.

Mount a Clever Toothbrush Holder

Bathroom with toothbrush holder

Save counter space and keep toothbrushes in reach for kids with simple, yet clever storage mounts. Try products that provide a collective space for all the toothbrushes in your family or look for small wall mounts that keep each individual toothbrush in its place. Be sure to mount these a safe distance from your commode because, you know, germs.

Get Creative With Baskets

Wicker basket hanging on bathroom

Wicker and wire baskets aren't just for sitting on shelves or hiding behind a cabinet. Flip your favorite storage baskets around and mount them to your wall for a handy towel or washcloth storage hack. Mount baskets with their bottoms against the wall and stock with anything from toilet paper to skincare products.

Mount Floating Shelves for Streamlined Storage

Bathroom with floating shelves

Simple shelves without extra bulk and exposed brackets will keep your bathroom looking tidy. Install three to four floating shelves on your bathroom walls for all the items that usually clutter your countertop or cabinet. You can even place floating shelves near the shower to stack towels for easy access.

Transform a Spice Rack for Storage

Modern Metal Spice Rack

A spice rack that mounts onto the wall is the perfect sized storage solution for beauty products, essential oils, nail polish, and skincare items. Use this handy home hack to organize more than just herbs and spices.

Keep Hair Tools Tidy

Bathroom Hair Organizer Shelf

Hair tools take up counter space when you're getting ready, but they don't have to clutter your counters when they aren't in use. Mount a hair tool storage shelf to the wall neighboring your vanity to reach for your hair dryer with ease or to get your curling iron heated without worrying about tiny hands getting harmed.

Try a Wall-Mounted Laundry Hamper

Mounted Laundry Hamper

Laundry hampers don't need to consume your priceless floor space in a small bathroom. Use a wall-mounted version to keep used towels out of sight and keep your floors free of extra bulk.

Hang Hooks for Towels & More

Bathroom hook

If multiple people share the bathroom, too many towel racks can feel excessive and cluttered. Instead, opt for hooks that hang your towels so there is less visual clutter and more efficiency. Hooks are also great for hanging robes or steaming clothes.

Add an Arrangement of Corner Shelves

Wood Corner Shelf

The corner behind your bathroom door or parallel to your vanity is a great opportunity to snag some storage space on the wall without crowding the room. Install three or four corner shelves to display decor, keep towels handy, or store beauty products.

Give the Illusion of More Space With Acrylic Shelving

Bathroom Acrylic Wall Shelf

Acrylic shelving is not only trendy, but it will keep your bathroom feeling clean and open. Rather than the eyes resting on the details of the shelf itself, people will only see the arrangement of perfume bottles or the thoughtfully placed plant. When you need to bring in smart storage without overwhelming the room, acrylic is the way to go.

Install a Wall-Mounted Cabinet

Wall mounted bathroom cabinet

When your vanity or recessed mirror doesn't offer all the storage options you need, mount an additional cabinet on your wall. It's best to place these across from or next to your vanity for balance. Use the extra space to stow away washcloths, skincare items, and first aid supplies.

Situate Shelves Over the Door

Bathroom with shelves over the door

If you have a few bathroom items that aren't used often but still need a place to land, you can mount a shelf over your bathroom door. This keeps everything mostly out of sight and keeps visual clutter to a minimum. Stock towels reserved for guests, spare bath mats, and overflow paper goods on a shelf that is mostly out of sight.

Mount Chic Vases on the Wall

Hanging storage vases

Small storage vases are a fun and stylish way to gain storage anywhere in your bathroom. You can choose any material that suits your personal style to store everything from hair products to dental supplies.

Save Space in Your Shower With Thoughtful Storage

Even your shower walls offer plenty of options for adding storage to your bathroom. Add a few shower organizational products to level up the functionality of your shower while maintaining a clutter-free approach.

Plan for a Shower Recess

Modern bathroom with shower recess

If you're building or remodeling in your bathroom, don't overlook the small additions that make a huge impact on your living space. Adding one or two shower recesses will give you an area for stowing all of your shower products. Recesses are also an opportunity to add some decorative flair to your shower, so don't be afraid to add some tile details to level up the style in your bathroom.

Make Use of a Shower Caddy

Corner Shower Caddy

Shower caddies aren't just for college students. Use a shower caddy to carry your shower products in with you and then store them away in a cabinet when you're finished. This frees your shower of clutter while still letting you keep an abundance of your must-have products.

Use Smart Storage for Bath Toys

Bath toy storage

If you have children, toys are a necessary part of every room in your home. For the bathroom, hide toys with thoughtful storage inside your shower. Look for bins that mount to the wall and have a drain at the bottom for releasing excess water. For a novel nautical installation, a mesh or open weave bag can store toys while doubling as decor. You can even mount a couple of plastic baskets to suction hooks for an affordable DIY.

Install a Corner Shelf

Modern bathroom interior

One corner shelf in your shower could be just enough to keep your favorite products nearby. If you're remodeling or adding a standing shower, you can plan this option ahead of time so the corner shelf looks seamless alongside your tile selection. Otherwise, you can find single metal corner shelves and even tiered corner shelves to add to your existing shower.

Hang an Organizer Over Your Shower Head

Hanging Shower Organizer

If mounting items on the wall doesn't seem like a good idea for your particular shower, you can always rely on the shower head. Grab a storage product specifically designed to hang on your shower head so your body scrubs, hair care products, and favorite loofa can all stay neatly tucked out of sight.

Get Your Bathroom in Order

You spend your mornings getting ready and your evening bathing the kids or unwinding from a long day, all in the same room. So, make that room one that you actually want to be in. Smart storage solutions and creative use of floor, wall, and shower space will take your bathroom from the room you have to be in and turn it into the room you want to be in.

40+ Bathroom Storage Ideas to Maximize Space & Style