16 Stylish Storage Ideas for Small Apartments & Tiny Homes

Upgrade the storage in your happy little home with these clever storage hacks.

Published February 27, 2023
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Small sunny apartment

I once lived in a less-than-500 square-foot loft apartment above a local food co-op and coffee shop. It smelled amazing, but it had very little storage. I made it work by storing seasonal items in my car and stacking pots and pans on top of the cupboards... but it wasn't ideal. If only I'd known about these small apartment storage ideas, my life would've been a lot easier.

Storage Ideas for Small Homes & Apartments

With a few simple storage hacks, your small home can feel more functional and tidy. Furniture is the first place I would start, since it already needs to be there.

Use a Coffee Table With Shelves or Drawers

Stylish and bright living room with coffee table

I'm a sucker for coffee tables, but they can be clutter-collectors. On my old one, you'd usually find four remotes, several candles, and way too many coasters. I've since replaced it with a coffee table with storage, so everything is tucked underneath and the table is now (usually) free of clutter.

Store Under Your Bed

Under bed storage

Under-bed storage is perfect for seasonal items you don't need all the time (like holiday decorations or your winter coats). Put these items in under-the-bed bins and tuck them away until you need them.

Add Decorative Baskets & Bins

Hardwood floor with jute doormat, flower pot and laundry basket by window

So you've run out of closet (or car) space, but you don't want your storage totes out in the open. Get a few decorative baskets & bins to hold your belongings, instead. They'll blend in with your home decor, and you can stylize them with throw blankets or plants.

Use Tall & Skinny Bookcases

Narrow book case

Bookcases can serve a few purposes in life, but you probably don't want one that's too big or wide. Opt for something tall and skinny that will give you a similar amount of storage but take up less floor space.

Tuck Things Away in a Storage Bench

Bench with storage

Whether in your entryway, at the dining table, or at the foot of your bed, a cute bench with built-in storage will be a game-changer and a lifesaver.

Include a Narrow Console Table

Narrow Console Table

A cute console table with added storage can be used in your entryway or really anywhere in your home for a place to keep your everyday items like bags and keys. Some even come with shoe storage - which we all need more of.

Tiny Kitchen Storage

Small kitchens are a storage challenge, for sure, but that doesn't mean it's not doable. Work with what you've got to create a cozy, useable space to cook and gather.

Hang a Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

Spice jars on a wall rack

Don't take up your precious cabinet or countertop real estate with dozens of spices! Try a mounted spice rack on the side of your cabinet. Though, if you're renting, this might not be your best option.

Add Over-the-Door Pantry Storage

Over the Door Pantry Organizer Rack

Give yourself more pantry space with an over-the-door shelving unit. I love that you can keep your smaller pantry items front-and-center (no more digging around looking for a lost container of sprinkles). Not to mention, this one's totally rental-friendly.

Put Extra Shelves in Your Cupboards

Stackable Wide Countertop Organizer

If you only have a few cabinets to work with in your kitchen, take advantage of every inch! Add stackable shelves over your dishes or food items to maximize the vertical space.

Use Magnetic Shelves for Outside of Fridge

Magnetic Spice Rack Organizer

You might not think the outside of your fridge is an option for extra storage, but you'd be surprised. Add a sturdy magnetic shelving unit that can store your paper towels, spices, utensils, vitamins, or whatever else is taking up too much valuable counter space.

Organize Your Pots and Pans

Adjustable Pots and Pans Organizer

If possible, try not to stack your pots and pans directly on top of each other. It's not space-efficient or good for your pans. Not to mention, it's pretty annoying to dig through. Instead, get an organizer that allows you to stack them upward on shelving or side-by-side in a nice row, so you can get to whatever piece you need a little easier.

Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you live in a small home, odds are your bathroom is small, too. You've really got to be clever and creative to store all your necessities.

Use a 2-Tiered Organizer

Multipurpose Organizer 2 Tiers Serving Tray

Use up every inch of your bathroom's vertical cabinet space, because you know you can never have enough space in there. Get one or a few stacked organizers that roll out like drawers to stash your cleaning supplies or toiletries for easy access.

Add Open Shelving

Open shelves

Open shelves are an attractive way to display and hold various items. The catch is that they do the opposite of hide things, so they're better for "storing" items you want to display: hand lotion, an oil diffuser, reading material, a spare roll of toilet paper, a cute succulent to brighten up the space... you get the gist.

Find a Narrow Storage Cart

Rolling Cart

A skinny rolling cart can act as extra counter space in the bathroom if you're working with a small vanity, or you can set it next to your shower to hold toiletries.

Install Rental-Friendly Shelves

Self-Adhesive Shower Shelf

Add a stick-on shelf or two to the walls in your bathroom. You'll save counter space and still be able to keep your essential toiletries nearby. You can even put these directly in your shower! All without picking up a tool.

Hang a Mirror With Hidden Storage

Full Length Mirror with Jewelry Armoire

Hang a full-body mirror on the back of your bathroom door that includes plenty of storage for your accessories, makeup, and toiletries. I definitely wish I'd had this years ago.

Make Your Small Space Feel Organized & Efficient

The best way to improve your tiny home or apartment's storage is to get organized and think about what's best for your space. If you're low on floor or counter space, think about how you can use your walls. If your home didn't come with many kitchen cabinets, make sure you use the ones you do have to their fullest abilities. There's always something you haven't thought of, and it's worth trying out a few different options to see what solution works for you!

16 Stylish Storage Ideas for Small Apartments & Tiny Homes