10+ Creative Candle Shapes in Unusual Designs

Updated January 28, 2020
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Candles With Unusual and Unique Shapes


Candles offer an unlimited variety of unique shapes and textures. Whether you make your own candles or just enjoy using them, some of the novelty shapes available are truly impressive and unusual. Most candles can be purchased for less than $20 unless otherwise noted.

Unusual Candle Shapes

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This unique beehive-shaped candle offers even greater visual interest with its coil design and added hardware. Twisting the key at the top of the candle brings through a bit of the wax coil at a time, allowing you to control how long the candle will burn. The bees make the hive design even more realistic. This is a great candle choice for any eco-minded person. Place it on a home office desk, living room coffee table or end table. Make a great conversation piece for under $40.

Pink Flamingo Candles

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Pink flamingo candles are a fun way to decorate a birthday cake or a bon voyage cake! You may decide to use these 4" high iconic candles as part of a table centerpiece or an indoor container garden decoration (keep out of sun and heat to avoid melting).

Cute Colorful Owls

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If you're looking for an unusual candle for a cake topper, or something different to hand out as a favor to attendees at a baby shower, these owl candles feature a stick base. They come in a pack of four.

Two Peas in a Pod Candle


This two peas in a pod themed candle makes for adorable wedding or baby shower decor for anyone expecting twins. Pick up just a few of them for accent pieces or give them out as favors for a small, intimate affair. You may decide to use this candle for your twins' birthday cupcakes.

Under Construction Candles

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Birthday candles also come in unusual shapes, like these construction cones. They'd be the perfect finishing touch for a child's construction themed cake. If you have a construction worker in your family, this may be ideal for a sheet cake design. You can also use them to top a novelty birthday cake with an inscription that reads, "Caution: Old Age Ahead."

Lego Candles

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Fun and a little funky, these Lego-shaped candles are ideal for a kids' birthday party. They come in a package of six different colors, ready to top your perfect Lego birthday cake. Any Lego enthusiast and fan will appreciate you going the extra mile in finding such clever birthday candles.

Amazing Birthday Flower Candle

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This flower candle comes with an unusual twist! The candle actually opens and plays, "Happy Birthday," making it an incredibly unique cake topper. It's a perfect touch for a beautiful cake!

Ice Cream Cone Candles

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Ice cream cone candles are a cute way to celebrate a birthday. The 6-pack ice cream cone shaped candles comes in vanilla and chocolate-colored ice cream.

Make Your Own Gift-Shaped Candles

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For those who enjoy making homemade candles, you can find plenty of unique candle molds to create fun shapes. For example, this gift-shaped candle can be created in an endless variety of colors using the gift-shaped candle mold. You can set this about a table centerpiece for Christmas or a birthday celebration for a fun touch!

Rock n' Roll Fan Hand Candle

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Hand candles are another unusual shape to make. This is the perfect candle to give a diehard rock n' roll fan! Go for an awesome metallic blue color to make a truly iconic statement that's electric! Set this candle on a glass candle holder for the right mood setter. Place it a music room, patio decor or part of a party celebration.

Apple Candles

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You can use red apple candles with colored wicks that resemble apple stems for a fun candle choice. A couple of ways to use these candles is to place them on a tray, make them part of a centerpiece design or use them in a fruit bowl until it's time to light them. Your child may want to gift their teachers with an apple candle at Christmas.

Hand-Crafted Carved Candles

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Add a touch of nostalgic Old World charm to you party or dinner celebration with a hand-crafted carved candle. The elegant swirls and shapes of this type of candle makes a great decor addition to a bedside table or placed on each end of a mantel. you may choose several of these candle designs for a candlelight dinner party.

Candle of Impressionist Painting

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These unique candles are replicas of a few of Vincent Van Gogh's famous paintings, such as Starry Night. The candle's flat design makes it a great choice for any area with limited space for other candle sizes. It features two wicks on each end to ensure a level and even burn. You can place this candle on a console table at the entryway, a bookcase in your home office or even on the back of a toilet.

Terrarium Candles

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You can add dimension to your candle collection with a pair of terrarium candles. Hand-poured candles feature a terrarium like setting inside a glass candleholder. One terrarium is a triple cacti collection, while the other is a pink poppy flower. Set these on a home office desk, bookcase, a shelf above a bathroom sink, or part of a coffee table centerpiece.

Cactus Candles in Pots

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These cute little cacti aren't plants at all - they're shaped candles that come in small silver pots. These candles make a statement all on their own, but you could create an eye-catching centerpiece for a dining table with all four of them grouped together on a small mirrored tray. The light from the candles will reflect off the tray as well as the pots. This is an especially nice touch for any desert-transplant person feeling a bit homesick.

Fun and Unusual Candle Shapes

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You can find unique shapes for various types of candles, with the most popular ones being tealights, birthday and votive candles. This type of candle design means you don't need to buy decorative candleholders to add color and interest.

10+ Creative Candle Shapes in Unusual Designs