21 Toy Storage Ideas That Will Inspire Play & Creativity

Keep your child's playroom or bedroom free from clutter with these genius storage solutions for every kind of toy.

Published March 22, 2023
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toy storage

Tuck toys away neatly in a playroom or hide your child's toys in a stylish way for a tidy living space. These toy storage ideas will make cleanup easy for your kids and keep every part of your home clutter free. A DIY playroom storage plan or a genius toy storage product is all you need to keep the toys off the floor when your kids aren't playing.

Install Kid-Sized Shelves

kid-sized shelves

Playroom or bedroom storage solutions work best when kids can access them easily. Help your child clean up after playtime with kid-sized shelves that hold everything from books and stuffed animals to doll collections and model cars.

Choose Large Baskets

toy basket

Storage baskets are an aesthetic way to keep toys and clutter organized. Oversized baskets help store stuffed animal collections for a tidy bedroom.

Stay Organized With Pull-Out Bins

pull out bins

Cubbies and shelves with pull-out bins are perfect for tiny toys like Legos and doll accessories. Books, blocks, and learning materials also fit neatly into these organizational playroom products.

Stash Toys in a Storage Bench

storage ottoman

Storage benches and ottomans are the perfect hidden toy secret for a tidy living room. Toss everything in for a quick tidy-up that kids can help accomplish. Storage benches are also great places to keep beloved dress-up clothes and costumes.

Hang Cute Wall Shelves

honeycomb wall shelves

Storage solutions in your child's room are even better when they are cute. These adorable shelves keep toys off the floor and can grow with your child as they transition from toys to collectibles.

Use Stackable Storage

stackable bins

Easily accessible, but out of sight, is the best way to keep your playroom organized. Clear, stackable bins help you and your child keep track of art supplies, small toys, and blocks. Use these stackable storage solutions to stash items in cabinets, closets, and under the bed.

Update an Antique Armoire

antique armoire

Armoires are timeless furniture pieces that can store a long list of items. Here, an upcycled armoire stores all of your child's costumes, stuffed animals, and even acts as overflow for the closet space. Books and art supplies can neatly tuck away in an armoire for a stylish playroom or schoolroom.

Add a Desk Unit

desk unit

Desks are great for playrooms and kids' bedrooms because they encourage creativity and learning. Choose a desk with tons of storage to help your child keep all their books and art supplies organized.

Label Bins for Easy Clean Up

labeling a toy bin

Keep every toy organized and its place with helpful labels on bins. For younger children and toddlers, you can use labels with pictures so they can help you keep the room tidy.

Use a Vintage Toy Chest

vintage toy chest

There's a reason that toy chests have been standard parts of children's rooms for so long. They hold a ton of stuff and keep clutter off the floor in a stylish way. A vintage toy chest will look classy and intentional in your kids' room while holding all their favorite toys.

Try a Library Bookshelf

library bookshelf

If you want to encourage reading in your child's playtime, a library-style bookshelf in the playroom is the way to go. They can easily reach all the books and put them away without worrying about a domino effect should one fall over.

Use Space Under the Bed

under-bed drawers

Maximize the space in your child's room by storing some of their toys under the bed. Long baskets, DIY drawers, and beds with built in shelving will keep toys out of sight without crowding the room with additional furniture.

Repurpose a Shoe Cabinet

shoe cabinet

You may usually see these types of cabinets and drawer units in entryways for storing shoes. You can repurpose a shoe storage cabinet as a slim storage unit for toys. The unit may not take up much space, but it can hold a ton of small toys, accessories for dolls, and even a collection of books.

Make Your Own Shelves

DIY shelves

Cute shelves in your kids' room will help you keep the area tidy. The practical storage is great for displaying favorite toys and books, and the cute design will inspire you to tidy up more often in the name of aesthetics.

Add a Decorative Touch With Antique Luggage

antique luggage

A stack of vintage luggage is perfect for storing toys and playing up the theme of your child's bedroom. As they grow, the luggage can go from holding beloved toys to storing their favorite keepsakes.

Set Up a Cute Tent

tent in a child's room

An adorable tent encourages playtime and creativity. This cute room decor doubles as a last-minute storage space for stuffed animals and toys when you need to declutter a bedroom or playroom in record time.

Store Toys in a Window Seat

cute kids on a window seat

A built-in window seat draws your child in for quiet moments of reading or drawing. But this room detail is also the perfect place to keep tons of toys, even ones on a larger scale. Cabinets, drawers, or a hinged top help your window seat double as practical storage.

Keep Compartmentalized Bins on Hand

compartmentalized toy bins

Some toys are tough to store because they're bulky, while others contain too many small pieces to keep track of. Keep a few compartmentalized bins on hand for small toy collections, like Lego pieces, small dolls, model car parts, or jewelry-making supplies.

Plan for Built-In Shelves

little girl reading on a window seat

If you're remodeling or building, built-in shelves are a must for your child's bedroom or playroom. They can tuck neatly behind a bed or on an accent wall to store nearly every type of toy. They also grow with your child into the teen years and will eventually serve your plans for an office space or guest room.

Build Your Own Cubbies

toy cubbies

Make a set of storage cubbies that fit your room size and layout. One simple weekend project can take your house from cluttered and chaotic to stylish and structured.

Leave Some Toys Out for Display

toy display

You don't have to use hidden storage for all your child's toys. Collectibles, doll houses, beautiful books, and even sweet stuffed animals look curated and intentional on shelves, nightstands, and styled in vignettes.

Declutter Your Space for a Better Playtime

The best part of finding your ideal playroom or toy storage system is that it will encourage your kids to play. Without the overwhelm of too many toys in sight or the lack of space to play, kids can tap into their creativity and discover which toys they truly love to play with the most.

21 Toy Storage Ideas That Will Inspire Play & Creativity