10 Coolest Baby Toys on the Market

Updated February 23, 2019
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Coolest Baby Toys


Sure, your little one doesn't need to have the best toys around, but no doubt, he will be more entertained if he does have the coolest toys on the block. Whether it's a super great redo of a classic, or something new and interesting, these great toys are sure to keep your baby entertained, and possibly buy you a small break!

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop + Play

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An activity blanket is practically essential for the new mom. Not only will it help entertain baby for those moments when you have to put him down, but it also provides a safe and stimulating environment as well as plenty of opportunity for that all-important tummy time.

The Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop + Play comes with a unique pillow that will help prop your baby up during tummy time so he enjoys it more. It has an interactive design and comes with a mirror, rattle and teether so baby can explore during his tummy adventures.

Reviewers on Amazon give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and the blanket made it on The Bump's list of best baby play mats and activity gyms being commended for its unique design in aiding tummy time.

The blanket comes with a detachable pillow that you can position however you want to allow baby to explore. It retails for about $20.

HABA Discovery Ball

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What baby doesn't love to play with a ball? The HABA ball provides a plethora of learning opportunities as it features eight different colors and textures, a variety of tags for baby to explore, as well as a mirror. Of course, it rattles as it rolls around providing further discovery-based learning opportunities.

Noted by Parenting as being a 'great learning toy' for your baby, the blocks retail for around $17.

Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center


It's no secret that keeping your little one occupied while traveling can be tough. If you have a car ride, this Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center might be exactly what you're looking for. The folks at VeryWell rate it as one of the best toys you can buy in 2019.

At first look, it might just seem like a toy to keep baby occupied, but this activity center was designed with your baby's development in mind. The spinners enhance your baby's visual tracking and work to strengthen her fine motor skills. In addition, the spinning wheel encourages your baby to tug, pull and swat at the toy - which not only keeps her occupied - but also helps develop that crucial hand-eye coordination.

Reviewers on Amazon give it a solid 4.5 starts noting that the suction cup actually works and the toy will stay where you place it. It retails for less than $7.

Sassy Bop-A-Tune Musical Drum

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Babies who can sit and tap can make the coolest sounds around with this Sassy Bop-A-Tune Musical Drum. Winner of both the Oppenheimer Gold Award as well as a designated Oppenheimer SNAP winner, this toy features a stimulating black and white circle in the middle. Surrounding the circle are eight textured knobs that baby can tap to make a cacophony of music. One big advantage is that it does not require batteries.

The Bop-A-Tune retails for about $20.

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

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Give your baby something to chew on instead of your fingers. This baby teether has 'finger sized' nubs that feature different textures, all designed to provide the most soothing experience for your little one. The silicone is flexible and easy to grasp, making it the ideal toy for little ones. Rated highly by Babylist.com, the teether has a slew of media mentions noting Comotomo products as being especially breastfeeding-friendly, this is a teether you must have. It retails for around $7.

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

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The concept is ridiculously simple. The Dimpl is a series of flexible plastic silicone 'bubbles' that babies can push, pull, and pop. That's it. You'd think babies would lose interest in something so easy, but according to reviewers on Amazon, this makes a great toy for traveling because it's so engaging. Featured on ToyNotes.com as a 'cool toy for 1 year olds,' the Dimpl retails for around $13.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Learning Home

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You may not be thinking of a toy this size for a baby, but Fisher-Price's Smart Learning Home grows with your baby into his toddler years. Appropriate for ages 6 months to 36 months, the Smart Learning Home has it all. It offers four languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French), and more than 15 interactive, role-playing activities. It teaches weather, numbers, letters, colors and more with over 200 songs. Babies can crawl, pull, tap and explore this toy for hours of fun.

Recognized as the winner in the 2019 Toy of the Year Award, this piano retails for about $150.

Lulla Doll

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The Lulla Doll is a pretty cool concept designed with input from doctors, nurses, and midwives. The doll is made to be a sleep companion for preemies and babies. It boasts super soft cotton along with realistic rhythmic heartbeat and respiration.

A winner of the National Parenting Product Awards, this great toy retails for around $100.

Play Gym by Lovevery

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Lovevery packages this toy as 'a whole year of play in one box,' and the experts from the prestigious Gold Parents' Choice Award backs that up as true. Developed by experts to be scientifically beneficial for your baby, there isn't a lot this play gym doesn't feature. The gym is made with sustainable wood and organic cotton fabrics and features a variety of sensory activities for your baby. This 2018 spring Winner of the Gold Parent's Choice award, this play mat retails for around $140.

Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby

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Simple black and white art cards are where it's at to help stimulate visual development in your baby. Wee Gallery took the simple idea that babies love things that are in black and white - stark contrast is easy for baby to see. The cards are laminated (aka slobber-proof), the corners are rounded to make the cards more baby-friendly, and they are perfect baby-hand size at 5-inches by 7-inches. Noted by the MightyMoms Club as being one of the best newborn baby toys, the Wee Gallery art cards retail for around $16. They come in your choice of pets, neighborhood wildlife, and zoo animals.

Whether you're looking for something active, educational, or essential and classic, there are many options and ideas to choose from. If you can't find that perfect fit in the store, you can always go for something homemade. That way, you'll be sure to have the most unique toys on the block!

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10 Coolest Baby Toys on the Market