Tall Girls’ Clothing: Popular Stores and Style Tips

Updated July 13, 2020
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Finding clothing to fit tall girls can be a real challenge. There are some stores that offer better options for taller girls, and plenty of tips you can employ when trying to find longer inseams and well-cut tops to match.

Where to Buy Clothing for Tall Girls

Some major retailers offer clothing with features that fit tall girls better. The following stores with online shopping are among the most popular retailers offering clothing with items to fit tall girls.

Old Navy

Old Navy offers clothing for tween and teen tall girls from size 5 up to size 16 in slim, regular, and plus at affordable prices. Old Navy's size measurements are about two inches longer than most. According to an Old Navy customer service representative, "Pants and shorts, with the exception of full elasticized waists, have adjustable waistbands. Shirts are cut longer for a more modest coverage and generally fall below the waist around the bend of the hip."

Skirts and dresses, according to product descriptions and size charts, are sized by height as well as waist size. Some hit above the knee while the maxi dresses and skirts hit the top of the foot.

Great options for tall girls at Old Navy include:

  • Let-Down Hem Boot-Cut Jeans for Girls: These boot-cut jeans (shown right, about $20) are a popular choice. Sizes run from 5 through 16 regular, 5 through 14 slim and 8 through 16 plus. Several customers commented that the adjustable waist is wonderful and the jeans are very soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Softest Crew-Neck Tee for Girls: This classic tee style is longer cut than most. It hits at the hips with a slightly curved hem for more coverage. It comes in black and white in sizes XS (5) through XXL (16) for under $11. Customers comment that this shirt goes with anything and fits well.
  • Fit and Flare Tank Dress: This jersey knit dress has a scoop neck front and back and a flared skirt that hits at just above the knee for about $8 to $12 depending on the style. It comes in eleven patterns including a navy zebra print and black with white polka dots. It's available in sizes XS (5) through XXL (16). Customer reviews say it's a great dress to wear during the summer heat.
Fit and Flare Tank Dress for Girls
Fit & Flare Tank Dress for Girls


Gap offers sizing according to height, and most of the pants that are not fully elasticized have an adjustable waistband. While the size chart does not give inseam measurements for each size, the descriptions state that a regular size 8 has a 24.5-inch inseam. Gap has clothes in slim, regular, and plus sizes from 4 through 18.

According to a customer service representative, "The plus size pants are cut a little longer but also a little wider than the regular sizes." The height measurement for dresses run about three inches shorter than their sister company, Old Navy. The lengths of the shirts fall at, or just below, the waist."

Try some of these items to fit taller frames:

  • Kids Knit Midi Dress: This dress is made of soft jersey knit with a scoop neck and shirring at the waist. It sells for about $35 and comes in XS through XXL and in four patterns. Customers comment that it is a beautiful dress but the sizing runs small so check the sizing chart before ordering.
  • Kids Sparkle Leggings in Stretch Jersey: These leggings come in black, blue and heather gray with an added sparkle all over. They come in XS through XXL and sell for about $25. Customers note they fit true to size and love that the glitter doesn't come off and get left everywhere.
  • Kids Distressed Straight Jeans With Stretch: These jeans (about $45) are made from soft, stretchy denim and have distressed detailing for a "lived in" look. Some customers commented that the fit is just right while others felt they were a bit roomy.
Straight Jeans with Stretch
Kids Distressed Straight Jeans with Stretch


Boden is a British company that carries popular, quality clothing in long sizes for girls, available through Boden USA. According to their size chart, girls' clothing is more generously cut in length and width. Keep in mind that U.K. sizing is different from that in the U.S., so consult the size charts carefully.

Consider some of these items for tall girls from Boden:

  • Superstretch Skinny Jeans: These legging-type jeans come in three colors and are made of a cotton, elastane and elastomultiester blend. They are available in 6 through 16 and sell for about $45.
  • Cord Leggings: These soft cotton blend leggings are versatile enough to dress up or down. They come in a brilliant strawberry tart red as well as navy blue. They are available for about $34. Customers say they hold their shape well and are durable.
  • Tiered Woven Dress: This adorable dress comes in a sky blue or mallow red parakeet palm print. It sells for around $60 and comes in sizes 5/6 through 15/16. It's 100% cotton and made with ruffled tiers with a contrasting color pom trim.

Sizing for Tall Girls

Clothing labeled tall or long is something that does not readily exist in most American retailers' girls' sizes. The "tall" designation does not usually appear until misses' and women's sizes. Average or regular size clothing just will not fit girls with long legs or a long torso. Tall girls that try to squeeze into average or regular sizes will end up with exposed skin from either average shirts not reaching the waistline or average pants that look more like capris and might benefit more from going by a junior size chart.

According to this chart from the Centers for Disease Control National Center for Health Statistics, the average height for a six-year-old girl, for example, is 45 inches. A tall six-year-old girl is 49 or more inches. Girls between the 50th and 94th percentiles are considered average height, and girls in the 95th percentile or over are considered tall. While height plays a part in being tall, the way a girl is built also needs to be considered.

How to Shop for a Tall Girl

Try these tips when shopping for your tall girl:

  • Many clothing lines offer adjustable waistbands, which allows pants to fit in length even if that means you have to buy a size or two larger than the waist.
  • When in doubt, especially when ordering online, check the size chart. Size charts should list the length of either the torso or the inseam for each size. The height is usually listed too, and this comes in handy when finding a dress to fit a tall girl.
  • Taking measurements before shopping is best so you know what size or length to get.
  • For the inseam, measure without pants on from the crotch to the ground on the inside of the leg.
  • To get a torso length, measure from where the shoulders meet the neck down the spine to the waist for shirt length, or down to the tailbone for full torso length.
  • If your tall girl has longer arms, measure from the top of the shoulder to the wrist to judge sleeve length.

Depending on her age, she may need to try clothes in the juniors' department. While juniors increase gradually in waist size from girls' clothes, they are also longer than girls' clothes. In some stores, plus sizes and longer-cut clothing past size 6 are found in the juniors' department.

Embrace Your Height

It can be tough being taller than other girls of the same age. Trying to detract from your girl's height by squeezing into regular size fashions is a mistake. Not only will she look awkward, but she'll also be uncomfortable. To play down long legs or a long torso, try wearing leggings or skinny jeans with a tunic top or a knee or calf-length dress. To accentuate height, try skinny jeans with a tee or leggings under a mini-skirt. Being tall doesn't have to be a problem if you know how to make the most of it.

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Tall Girls’ Clothing: Popular Stores and Style Tips