A silly, lighthearted prank is something both kids and adults can enjoy. Whether it's a family tradition or you're looking to pull a fast one on your favorite coworker for April Fool's Day, having a few simple pranks up your sleeve pays off. If you're not a natural practical joker (it's okay, we can't all be Jim Halpert), don't worry; we've got some ideas below for you. Even better, some of the best pranks don't require elaborate props but everyday items like glue and salt.

Is your sibling a hot sauce lover? Try adding a drop or two to their toothpaste on your next family get-together for a goofy hijinx. Going camping? Pack some post-it notes to pull a hilarious prank in the dark of night. Keep reading for more playful antics below!

A Stinky Hand Sanitizer Sure to Spread Laughs

Hand sanitizer is all the rage nowadays. Next time someone asks for some, shake it up with this stinky hand sanitizer that smells like anything but flowers. Leave it on your desk for a coworker to use or keep it stored away in your purse for on-the-go hoaxes.

Golf Balls That Will Make Their Game Explode

Know a golf lover? Get them these exploding golf balls for a hilariously perfect gag gift. Each pack comes with three golf balls that explode into white smoke instantly when hit by a putter. These prank golf balls look so similar to the real thing; your target will never see the trick coming.

A Jigsaw Puzzle Gift Box That'll Make Jaws Drop

Wrap up a birthday gift in this prank 12000 piece jigsaw puzzle box of the blue night sky. This gift box is perfect for puzzle lovers and anyone in need of a good joke. Use it to hold the real present inside and watch as the prankee reacts when they first unwrap their gift.


Candles That Will Keep the Party Going

Spice up your next family birthday party with these trick candles. These candles look like any average birthday candle you'd put on top of a cake, but they relight after being blown out. Your child or spouse will be amazed when the candles they just blew out reignite like magic.

A Potato Chip Can Bursting With Tricks

This potato chip snake can is the perfect prop to have in your cupboard for spontaneous pranking. Bring it out for hungry guests and stand back as they open it to find a surprise inside, bursting to get out. This is great to use on April Fool's Day or during a party.

A Versatile Office Supply Useful for Practical Jokes

Tape isn't only convenient for repairing torn papers or hanging posters; you can also use it to pull hilarious pranks your target never saw coming. Wrap it around your kitchen sink faucet and wait for the next person to be sprayed with water. Or stick some tape to the bottom of your coworkers mouse and watch them try and troubleshoot what's going on.


A Great Topping for Pranks and Pancakes

Maple syrup is sweet and delicious on pancakes and waffles, but it also makes for a great joke prop. Switch out a bottle of hand or dish soap with some maple syrup and watch as it creates a sticky and amusing mess for anyone who uses it.

A Handy School Supply That’ll Make Your Pranks Stick

Washable glue is a playful tool to use when pulling pranks and is something many people have lying around their house. Use it to glue your roommate or significant other's deodorant stick cap or shampoo bottle shut. To be extra sneaky, make sure to use clear glue for a prank they'll never see coming.

Startle and Shock With These Plastic Snakes

Got a friend who's afraid of snakes? Hide some of these fake plastic snakes in their drawers for a thrilling surprise. This set comes with 24 realistically colored snakes you can leave slithering around the house waiting to be found.


Take Your Tricks Up a Level with Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is a tasty condiment many enjoy putting on food to crank it up, but did you also know this bottle of spice is great for pranks? Put a drop or two in your roommate's toothpaste bottle for a red-hot cleaning. You can also use some in baked goods, like cookies, for an unexpected fiery surprise.

Petroleum Jelly Is for More Than Dry Skin

Petroleum jelly is excellent for dry skin, cuts, and burns, but you can also use it to concoct slippery jokes. Put some on a door handle and watch as the next person who uses it struggles to get a grip on it. Or apply some to kitchen drawer handles for a greasy ruse.

Plastic Wrap Is the Perfect Prank Product They Won’t See Coming

Plan a flawless prank no one will see coming with clear plastic wrap. You can use plastic wrap you have in your cupboard for hilarious tricks, like wrapping your friend's car. If you're looking for another hilarious hijinx, set up some plastic wrap in the middle of a hallway and watch as your housemates unexpectedly run into this invisible trap.


Basic Rubber Bands Make for Excellent Pranks

Pull out some rubber bands and get pranking! Use these nifty office supplies around your kitchen faucet sprayer to instantly drench anyone who uses the sink next. Looking for more rubber band pranks? Check out our article on 11 Easy Pranks Guaranteed to Get a Laugh for details on setting up a rubber-banded keys hoax.

These Fake Ants Will Gladly Help With Your Pranks

Ants are usually known for being unwelcome guests at picnics, but fake ants can be used to create hilarious pranks. These plastic ants come in a pack of 50, so you can have them on deck when the perfect moment arises. If you're hosting a summer barbecue, strategically place some fake ants in your salad or chip bowls to give your guests a jolt when eating.

A Prank for Lottery Fans in Your Life

Trick family and friends into thinking they've won up to $1 million with this easy prank. These fake lottery tickets are prime stocking stuffers for lottery lovers in your life. Each pack comes with eight fake cards that look so real you might get them confused with the real thing.


Fake Roaches to Shake Up Any Joke

Nothing induces fear more than finding a cockroach in your home. These pesky critters create chaos wherever they roam, making fake roaches awesome for jokes. This set includes 100 plastic roaches you can discreetly place in your target's food cupboards or open bags of food for a hilarious stunt. If you're on a family vacation, set some up outside of your sibling's doors in the morning and make sure to set your alarm to see their reaction.

Make Your Next Prank Pop With Bubble Wrap

What's as satisfying as popping a sheet of bubble wrap? Using it to pull a magnificent prank on an unsuspecting guest. Use bubble wrap underneath your toilet seat so when guests sit down, they'll be jolted by the sudden popping noise. You can also place some underneath your welcome mat to startle visitors upon arrival.

A Hygiene Product Made for Cleaning and Mischief

Toothpaste is a common household item you can use not only to clean your teeth but to pull a trick or two. Grab some Oreos and swap out the icing for toothpaste for a classic scheme that is sure to be a winner. You can also do this prank in reverse by emptying a toothpaste bottle and adding frosting to it for a sweet and unexpected clean.


Add a Pinch of Salt to Your Next Trick

Salt is a valuable ingredient you can use to whip up your next trick. An easy prank to pull with salt is using it instead of sugar for a playful twist no one will expect. Looking to play a joke on your partner? Wet their toothbrush and sprinkle some salt on it for a salty surprise.

A Handy and Sticky Pranking Accomplice

Post-it notes are excellent for jotting down notes and reminders but can also be used to craft up hilarious schemes. If you're camping, make sure to bring a pack or two of post-its to cover your tentmate's sleeping bag while they're sleeping. Need an April Fool's Day trick to play on your coworker? Come in early and cover their desk in post-its for a friendly joke.

Cause Confusion With a Cricket Noise Machine

Use this cricket noise machine to create a buzz in your home. You can use this noise machine to play tricks on your family by discreetly hiding it in your home and setting it to go off every few minutes. You can choose from three realistic cricket noises and set it to go off every few minutes to create confusion and chaos in a controlled environment.


A Putting Green That’ll Add Fun to Your Bathroom

Is your dad known for taking his time on the toilet? Gift him this Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game for a silly gag gift. The set includes a putting green to place around your toilet, two balls, a miniature putter, and a flag to make time in the bathroom more entertaining.

Create a Rumble with This Remote Control Fart Machine

What's funnier than a fart machine? Not much! Use this remote-controlled fart machine to trick unsuspecting victims in your home. Place it on the couch or dining room table under a seat cushion for an embarrassingly funny and scent-free prank. The remote even works up to 100-feet away, so you can use it both near and far.

A Prank Product You’ll Always Have On Hand

Toilet paper is a go-to for both bathroom breaks and pranking. Unroll some toilet paper in your bathroom and draw a spider or bug on it. After you're done, roll it back up for a heart-racing joke on your coworkers or family members. For another harmless prank, you can roll up some toilet paper and place it in your child's shoe. When they slide the shoe on, they'll be wondering how their foot grew so quickly overnight.


Paper Cups Make Your Antics Versatile and Green

Sometimes the best jokes are the simplest, like this paper cup prank. All you need are some paper cups (you can even recycle them after for good karma) and a pin. Poke a tiny hole in the bottom of the cup and place them out on the table for people to use. Once someone fills it up, they'll be left wondering where the drops are coming from with no obvious hole in sight. A good rule of thumb: make sure hot beverages aren't involved in this joke.

A Prop That'll Leave Them Bouncing With Laughter

Ping pong balls are for more than just games. Use this 50-pack to craft up an elaborate yet uncomplicated scheme. Place a bunch of the ping pong balls in a cupboard and quickly close it. Wait for someone to open the cabinet (this may take some inconspicuous prompting), where they'll be met with an avalanche of ping pong balls coming at them.

A High Flying Prank Is Always a Delight

Balloons are excellent decorations for celebrations, but you can also blow them up to pull a prank or two. One fun way to use balloons is by blowing them up (helium works best) and filling up a room or closet with them. When someone goes to open the door, they'll be met with a bunch of balloons exploding out at them.


A Simple Joke That’ll Leave Them Hungry for More

In need of a quick and easy April Fool's Day joke to play on your favorite neighbor? Fork their yard! All you need are a few packs of plastic forks (the amount depends on how big their yard is) and stealthiness to pull this off. Place the forks prong-side down in the grass (make sure not to push them down too far) and watch as your friend happens upon them and removes them one by one from their yard.

A Creepy Crawly Prank for Shrills and Thrills

It's safe to say spiders aren't most people's favorite living beings. These eight-legged creatures are known to cause a stir no matter their size. Play a harmless prank on your spider-fearing friend with this set of fake spiders. Place them underneath someone's comfortable or on them when they're sleeping for a harmless joke. If you're looking for a more elaborate prank, check out our how-to on creating a fake spider attack.