If there is anything I love, it's a new experience. Traveling, meeting people, learning about other cultures, going to concerts, being outside... all of these things make my life feel rich and full of adventure. So when I discover an item that also makes my busy life easier or more comfortable, I've got to grab it as a gift.

In my list of favorites, you'll find things I've taken with me on my journeys that I recommend to everyone I know as well as a few things that are perfect for restful nights in. (Your giftees are going to love this portable steamer!)

For the friend who always brings the party with them. I love that it's waterproof, lightweight, packable for travel, and boasts a 16 hour play life per charge!

Great gift for coffee enthusiasts or even those just dipping their toes into the at-home latte making life, this handheld frother makes an ideal stocking stuffer. The burgeoning barista in your life or anyone who enjoys a good froth will appreciate this helpful little gadget. So simple, but these work!

You can't go wrong with gifting a comfy pair of slippers - I actually own two pairs of these myself! Cute, cozy, and I love the no-slip bottoms that keep me from sliding around. Available in seven color options (though this splotchy tie-dye is my personal favorite), these are a great gift for any of the women in your life!


Give the gift of endless entertainment! This makes a great gift for anyone, especially in the age of remote-friendly watch parties. The simple design makes it so easy to set up on any TV that even the least tech-savvy person can figure it out without the headache.

For the jetsetter in your life! Luggage is a practical gift that anyone can use, even if they don't travel often. I love this set for couples or new graduates and college students. The three sizes of this set offer options for any type of trip, the hard cases are incredibly durable, and the spinner wheels are a must.

Finally, a steamer that fits perfectly into a carry-on or personal bag! This one's for the family member who always seems to be struggling with a wardrobe malfunction (and haven't we all been there?). It's lightweight, compact, and perfect for travel. Even a dorm room or a smaller apartment could use a handy tool like this one to steam out wrinkles in a hurry.


I love this for family and loved ones who want to display your special moments. All of our photos are digital these days, and we never see them! You can preload all of your favorite images together for a personalized touch before you gift, and it's Wi-Fi ready so photos can be easily swapped in and out.

This set makes a really nice gift for anyone in your life who appreciates the chance to wind down and relax. Comfy, cute, and a great value for a set of two, these PJs come in all kinds of fun patterns and colors.

I love this for keeping all of the essentials hands-free. This one is perfect for big sporting events, concerts, and travel. Bonus: it's stylish and gender-neutral, so any fashionable friend can carry this.


Everyone with a head should own one of these. From scalp health to a gentle self-care head massage as you shampoo, this will not disappoint. It makes such a great small gift or add-on to any self-care-themed present.

For those who need a little self-care. Just stick this roller in the freezer, and when you're ready for some de-puffing magic, roll, wash, and repeat! This pick is something most people won't buy for themselves, but it has so many great skin and health benefits for when you want to treat someone who could use a little love.

No one likes dry chapped lips! This is my personal favorite lip mask. I use it every night before bed (my husband even steals it and uses it, so it's not just for women!). It makes a great small gift for anyone, because while most people use chapstick, they do not think about a lip mask. Pop this one into a teenage giftee's stocking or add it to a personal care themed gift bag.


This would be a useful simple gift for anyone. Great for when you don't want to have your whole wallet with you for a night out, beach day, or travel. I like that it has a key ring so you can hook your keys or secure it into your bag or a pocket loop.

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