Summer is the time for fun in the sun! The days are longer and warmer, making it the perfect time to get outside and embrace the sun's bright rays. Whether you're chilling by the pool, building sandcastles at the beach, or having a backyard get-together, there's something for everyone to do in the summer.

To help you make this a summer to remember, we've compiled a list of items to make this one absolutely incredible. We've got a wide variety of fun games for the pool, the yard, and the beach, including a watermelon pool toy and a classic corn hole set. We also have suggestions on ways to keep your cool this summer with towels, snow cone machines, and so much more. You can even turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater with a projector and some snacks! So get ready to be inspired for summer fun with our round-up below.

A Tumbling Good Time

Peter Tanoury of GoSports

Both kids and adults will have a blast playing this classic childhood game in the backyard. The set comes with 54 wooden blocks that stack up to five feet tall. It also comes with a convenient case for easy portability and a dry erase board to keep score each round.

A Classic Outdoor Summer Game

Peter Tanoury of GoSports

This set includes everything you need for a laid-back game of cornhole. The wooden boards feature a rustic design that'll perfectly fit any backyard. It comes with eight 16-ounce bean bags and a carrying case with a handle to keep the boards safe while being stored away.

Glow Bright Even at Night

Light up the night with these spectacular glow sticks. This set includes 100 glow sticks and connectors to make necklaces and bracelets. The glow sticks last for 10-14 hours to keep you shining bright on summer nights. These ones are both non-toxic and waterproof, so you can use them in the pool, too!


The Perfect Way to End the Evening

Make your backyard the coolest place to be with this outdoor movie projector. This projector claims to be 80% brighter than competitors and works with laptops, tablets, USBs, and more. The design includes a cooling system to make the powered fan noise even less noticeable while watching movies. This mini projector is also super portable, weighing just over two pounds.

Upgrade Your Sidewalk Chalk with This Dazzling Version

Coloring with sidewalk chalk is always a blast, and when you add in glitter, you can't beat it. This glitter sidewalk chalk set includes five dazzling colors to bring your doodles to life: blue, pink, orange, yellow, and green. Each stick is also non-toxic, making this a safe and fun summer activity.

Make Groovy Clothing and Accessories with This Colorful Set

Make plans for a tie-dye party this year with this colorful kit. This set includes 123 pieces, including 18 easy-squeeze bottles to make tie-dyeing a breeze. To get going, all you have to do is add water to the bottles and shake them up. This pack also contains detailed instructions to guide you along your tie-dyeing journey.


Make the Picnic of Your Dreams Possible With This Backpack

Get ready for the picnic of your dreams with this insulated picnic backpack. This bag holds items for up to four people and comes with much-needed accessories like a picnic blanket, detachable bottle holder, bottle stopper, and cheese board. The backpack is made using waterproof polycanvas, so you don't need to worry about messes or spills.

The Quickest Way to Prepare for a Water Balloon Fight

Water balloon fights have gotten an upgrade with these quick-to-fill balloons. You no longer have to waste time filling up individual water balloons at the hose. With Bunch O Balloons, you can fill up 100 water balloons in less than a minute. Even better, they're self-tying, so you can get busy tossing instead of fumbling with tying.

Add Some Color to Your Bonfire

Make your bonfires a mythical site with these coloring-changing fire packs. Use them in indoor or outdoor fireplaces by tossing up to three unopened packs into the flame. Vivid hues of purple, red, green, and blue blend together and come to life for a mesmerizing show.


A Simple Yet Entertaining Outdoor Game

Sometimes simple is best, which is true with this outdoor ring toss game. The set comes with three different rings to switch up your playing style: two different colored plastic sets of five and one rope set of five. The two-part standing base is easy to assemble and quickly store away using the included storage bag.

Take a Seat on This Convenient Lounger

Summer is the time for fun and relaxation. Take a seat on this inflatable jumbo lounger, perfect for your backyard or to bring camping. It comes in over fifteen different colors and designs to suit your style. Even better, you don't need a pump to blow it up. The manufacturer's instructions say you just need to whisk it through the air to blow it up before taking a much-needed break on it.

Leave the Sand at the Beach with This Sandproof Blanket

Vera Li at Ocoopa

The beach is great, but getting sand everywhere is not. Quickly shake off the sand with this sandproof blanket. This blanket comes in six brightly colored designs and can fit six to eight people at a time. The blanket is made with Parachute nylon, making it a breeze to shake off the sand before you head home. The blanket also includes four corner pockets you can fill with sand to keep it in place on a windy day.


Keep Your Phone and Accessories Dry With This Nifty Bag

It's never fun when your bag gets soggy after a day at the pool. Keep your electronics and essentials safe with this waterproof beach bag. This bag is made from PVC plastic and includes an adjustable strap with buckles and a handle for easy carrying. It's available in five different sizes and various colors to suit your style.

The Perfect Afternoon Treat on Warm Days

What's better than a frosty cup of shaved ice on a summer afternoon? Not much! With this snow cone machine, you'll be whipping up tasty treats in no time from your home. This three-piece device includes two round block ice molds and a non-slip mat. Don't forget to get some flavorful syrups to mix it up, like cherry, blue raspberry, or grape.

Add a Whimsical Touch to Any Outdoor Celebration

Bubbles are the best! Whether child or adult, you're sure to have fun chasing and popping these little delights. This bubble machine has two speeds and keeps the fun going as it blasts out over five thousand bubbles per minute. It holds 12.5 ounces of bubble solution at a time, lasting for an estimated 30 minutes at a time.


Keep the Tunes Going No Matter Where You Are

Bring your music on the go with this portable Bluetooth speaker. Choose from twelve different designs and colors for up to ten hours of continuous tunes. The design includes an easy-to-use clip you can attach to your beach bag or backpack. It's also waterproof, so it's an excellent choice at the beach or pool.

The Perfect Spot Summer Nap Spot

Take a relaxing nap in nature with this portable hammock. Use it when camping or as a relaxing retreat in your backyard. The hammock is made with a nylon material that makes it compact and easy to store in your backpack. It also comes with tree-friendly straps to prevent damage.

The Ultimate Way to Chill in the Pool

Sit back and relax in this 4-in-1 pool float. It's made with soft vinyl and mesh and includes removable padded head and leg supports. Use it as a chair, hammock, drifter, or exercise saddle in the ocean, pool, or lake. Choose from over fifteen colors and designs for added fun.


A Fun and Interactive Water Game

Take the games to the water with this ultimate skip ball set. Play a toss game in the pool or ocean for an interactive, fun-filled time. Each set comes with two skip balls and one skip disc that are reinforced with triple tech stitching. Choose from ten color and design options, including two adorable shark and whale versions.

A Splashing Good Time

Upgrade the classic beach ball to this watermelon pool ball. This ball does it all: it sinks, floats, and bounces. Quickly fill it up with water using a hose, and you're ready to play ball. Once filled, the ball weighs about 14.5-pounds. Each package comes with a ball, filling needle, hose adapter, and instructions.

Water Fun for Humans and Dogs

Summer fun isn't just for humans. With this pet-safe sprinkler, your canine companion can join in the fun too. This non-slip sprinkler pad comes in four different sizes and is made using eco-friendly PVC material. The splash pad is about 0.45MM thick, making it more resistant to holes due to your dog's nails.


Create a Summer Oasis in Your Backyard With This Inflatable Pool

If you can't make it to the lake or ocean, this inflatable pool is the next best thing. Quickly blow it up in about four minutes using an electric pump (not included), fill it with water, and you're ready for fun! The pool is made using Naphthalene material that's BPA and lead-free. It also has a protective anti-UV coating to prevent sun damage.

The Best Decoration to Light Up Any Patio

Find some relief from the sun's rays with this portable sun shade shelter. The tent fits up to three people at once and is made with three mesh windows for refreshing ventilation. The fabric helps provide additional protection against the sun by having a 50+ UPF UV protection coating. This shade shelter comes in five pastel colors, including mint green, white, and blue.

Make Custom Desserts With This Popsicle Mold

Popsicles are a delicious way to cool down in the summer. Skip the store-bought ones and make your own with this versatile popsicle mold. Freeze ten popsicles at a time in this BPA-free silicone mold. Each package also comes with fifty popsicle sticks and bags, ten reusable popsicle sticks, a funnel, and ice pop recipes to get you started.


The Best Way to Roast a Mallow

Bonfires are the quintessential way to end a perfect summer day, and you can't have one without roasting marshmallows. This colorful set of five roasting sticks will help you achieve the ideal marshmallow to build an impeccable s'more. You can also use them for cooking hot dogs or veggies due to their fork design.

This Set Includes All The Essential Beach Toys

No day at the beach is complete without a set of fun toys to play with and build in the sand. This beach toy set includes 13 pieces, including a sand bucket, watering can, rake, shovel, nine sand molds, and a mesh beach bag to keep it all contained.

A Terrific Bag for the Beach or Pool

Carry all your beach or pool essentials with style and ease using this large tote bag. The bag is made using interwoven polypropylene, making it durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. It also comes in 14 cute beachy designs that'll get you excited every time you pull it out. The material is easy to wipe clean and holds its shape, so you'll be using this bag for years to come.


Fun Times Are Ahead With This Soft Volleyball

Set up a game of volleyball using this soft play ball. This volleyball is made with sponge-backed leather, making it ideal to use with kiddos and those just learning to play. The ball is made using machine-made construction to stand up to any spike that comes it's way.

A Flavorful Adult Drink Kit

After a long day, you deserve a flavorful margarita. Change up the taste with this kit that includes seven tempting flavors: watermelon, strawberry, mango, blood orange, peach, pomegranate, and traditional. These mixers are also great for making tasty cocktails, mojitos, and bellinis. Each mix is alcohol-free and vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Cool Down With This Neat Towel

Get an instant cooling sensation with these breathable cooling towels. Each pack includes four brightly colored towels that are perfect after a summer run or outdoor yoga class. The towels stay cold for up to three hours and come with a carrying pouch for easy portability. To use, submerge it in cool water, then wring and shake it out, and it's ready to keep you cool.


Delicious Late Night Movie Snacks

Freshly popped popcorn is the perfect late-night snack. Spice it up using this popcorn kernel and seasoning kit that includes white cheddar, kettle corn, chili lime, caramel, and sizzling sriracha seasonings. Experiment using the three provided kernels, which are fluffy white gold, crunchy ruby red, and a sweet tricolor blend. Yum!

An Excellent Poolside Game

Play a game of Go Fish without getting the cards soggy with this waterproof playing card set. Each card is sealed within a clear protective plastic that's also easy to clean. The cards are standard playing card size, so they're easy to throw in your beach bag for on-the-go fun.

A Great Way to Keep Your Drinks Frosty

Don't let your drink go warm while enjoying the sun; use this 12-ounce Yeti Rambler to keep them frosty cold even on the hottest day. This can holder is insulated with a double-wall vacuum, so each sip will taste like you just pulled your beverage from the fridge. It also comes in 22 colors, so you can mix and match it with your swimsuit.


Stay Cool On the Go

Whether you're at the beach or spending a day at the zoo, it can get hot quickly during the summer. Keep your cool on the go with this handheld and battery-powered misting fan. The misting fan is built using soft blades, so it's safe for little hands and holds up to nine ounces of water at a time. Just install two AA batteries, and you're ready for a pick me up to keep you going on the hottest days.

A Great Way to Make Some Shade

Find some relief from the sun's rays with this portable sun shade shelter. The tent fits up to three people at once and is made with three mesh windows for refreshing ventilation. The fabric helps provide additional protection against the sun by having a 50+ UPF UV protection coating. This shade shelter comes in five pastel colors, including mint green, white, and blue.