Home goods cover all manner of fun (and useful) categories - kitchen and dining, decor, furniture, even closet organization. And the best part of shopping for homewares is that no matter your budget, there truly is something for every room and every need, like lazy susans that serve as both excellent charcuterie boards and super handy spice holders!

Check out some of the most versatile and discounted home products up for grabs during the Amazon Early Access Sale, and be prepared to fill your cart with favorites.

This year, these work-from-home must-haves will go flying. An under desk treadmill might seem like a splurge, but with how much time we all spend at home these days, it's both an investment in your fitness and an excuse to finally cancel that rarely used gym membership.

Quick, compact, and way too cute, the K-Mini Keurig suits practially any room - though its especially great to keep in home offices when cup number one grows cold. We love these as gifts for college students moving into their first dorm room or space-saving, caffeine-generating solutions for small kitchens.

Ahh, the joys of not having to vacuum yourself. So relaxing. So clean. An iRobot Roomba travels from room to room, keeping your floors dust-free at all times, and it learns over time to avoid obstacles like furniture. We particularly love this pick for pet owners constantly dealing with fur and dander!


If you've been thinking about an air fryer for a while and still haven't grabbed one, now is your chance to get one for half price! No, we're not kidding. This Instant Vortex air fryer is equipped with fully customizable smart cooking program settings and a super easy digital touchscreen. You'll be cooking every meal in one of these in no time.

Countertop blocks are a great solution to safe knife storage, but for those without an abundance of kitchen space, they can seriously get in the way of a perfectly good work station! The in-drawer block keeps knives neatly tucked away.

Walking or running not quite your thing? Or do you prefer sitting while you work? An under desk cycle machine allows you to pedal to your heart's content while you sit, so you can get your miles in as the hours pass without ever leaving your house.


An air purifier makes a world of difference for anyone with allergies or households with lots of dander and dust. Place this uber helpful machine in common areas like a living room or a den to effectively filter out germ-carrying particles in the air - a great find for the colder months when folks start catching colds.

For the latte lover who isn't up for shelling out for a full-scale espresso machine, a stovetop moka pot is a truly indispensable addition to the kitchen. Make a full pot for after-dinner cappuccinos to share or a smaller amount for your morning shot of caffeine.

Good drinkware is not to be overlooked, and a great set of wine glasses is essential to any dining collection. These beautifully simple yet unique wine stems are designed to stand out without sacrificing regular usability.


Even if you don't think you need an organizer like this, as soon as you have one, you'll use it constantly. Keep it on an entryway table to sort mail or at your desk to keep notepads and print-outs neat. You can even pop this one on a bookcase to add some metallic interest - not to mention a place to keep your Post-Its.

Everyone (and we mean everyone) needs a good Dutch oven. Something that can easily and safely move from the stovetop to a piping hot oven is ideal for soups and stews as well as chicken pot pies and warm loaves of homemade bread. Hungry just thinking about it? We get it.

If you haven't swapped your usual pillowcases for silk ones yet, trust us, you're missing out. Silk protects your hair and skin from drying out, keeping your hair from frizzing and your skin from picking up those unsightly creases. All of that, and a super soft, restful night's sleep? Done.


Whether you're a tried and true cocktail veteran or you're a mixology rookie, a tricked out bartending set is so much fun. The organization stand keeps everything in place: the shaker, the mulder, the bottle opener, even the extra stoppers!

The moment you learn to make your own pizza is like a sacred experience, and a great pizza stone is crucial. Keep one for yourself as you learn or gift one to a culinary-inclined friend who already has just about everything else!

Real talk: it's time to get yourself a matching set of towels. Random one-off washcloths come in handy and all, but wouldn't you love to have a full set of the same color for a change? It makes everything feel so much more polished and decorated, and these ones are soooooo very soft.


At a diameter of ten inches, this turntable is the perfect size to accommodate all kinds of uses: helpful cabinet organization, party snacks, or even game night! Durable bamboo also make this a super sustainable pick, and the medium-toned wood can easily blend with any aesthetic.

From an emerging interest in baking to a gift for soon-to-be chefs, this set of twelve includes stainless steel mixing bowls, measuring cups, meaasuring spoons, and a handy whisk. Whip up a batch of Betty Crocker muffins or bake alongside your favorite cooking show; this set suits all.