If you haven't yet heard of Wrap-It Storage and its myriad solutions to every organization need in your life, prepare to be amazed. With dozens of incredible (and wildly brilliant) inventions in their pocket - not to mention hung on their walls, attached to their appliances, and more - Wrap-It Storage solves more household and workplace headaches than you can imagine.

We spoke with Wrap-It founder Jim Broshat, who offers crafty and convenient solutions to every "how do I handle this?" problem.

There's No Beating the Heavy-Duty Storage Strap

We have to start with the Wrap-It original that got the whole business going: the Heavy-Duty Storage Strap. With a super sturdy, waterproof design that makes keeping large lengths of rope, cable, and more tidy and out of the way, the strap also includes a metal eyelet loop that's easily hooked onto tool walls or inside shed doors. "I had the idea for a long time," says Jim. "We use them for water ski ropes, and I always wondered why nobody ever tried it with a broader market. My favorite use is still for extension cords. It's great for jumper cables, it's great for rope, and you always find different uses for it."

The Self-Gripping Perforated Roll Will Become Your Eco-Conscious Best Friend

If you are in the habit of pulling off a length of tape for any and every possible need, allow us to introduce you to a conveniently reusable alternative. This self-stick little roll already has easy-to-rip-off perforations that allow you to tear off a few inches at a time for everything from wrapping your television cords together to keeping your tomato plants attached to their supports. Jim adds, "We use the Perforated Roll a lot - that's kind of our duct tape around here. And they're easily adjustable, so if you use it in the garden, you can adjust as your plants grow." We love that idea.

Cable Clams Are Cord Organization Perfection

"I come from a large family," Jim tells us. "I gave the Cable Clams to my sister, and she said 'you know what? These are great for appliances.'" We have to agree. Forget the nightmare of having to wrap your stand mixer's cord around the entire apparatus in order to keep it out of the way in storage. Stick a Cable Clam on the back and let it do the work. They're equally helpful for handling extra cord length on surge protectors and printers.


Cable Labels Are Color-Coded!

"Some of our favorites these days are the Cable Labels to organize your cords," Jim shares. "I always have this bin of black cords, and I don't know what they're for - this is a really great way to label them." We couldn't agree more. Write "WiFi router" or "table lamp" directly onto these labels or keep a color system or both! There are plenty of size options for different needs, too - like small, yet easy-to-spot little dot labels or a fun and cheeky word bubble design. And if color coordination is your thing, be sure to also check out Wrap-It's Self-Gripping Cable Ties.

The Bungee Buddy Goes Everywhere

"The Bungee Buddy is just a great way to organize your bungee cords. So many times, you get a jar of them, and you can never seem to get them all back in the jar." Jim, we totally hear you. Great for camping, moving, even Christmas tree shopping, this set of color coordinated bungee cords (from red, the shortest, to blue, the longest) is such a simple yet brilliant addition to any family's must-have supply, we're amazed it's not common practice yet. Keep the Bungee Buddy in the trunk of the car for easy access to one of those necessities you don't ever realize how badly you need until you don't have them!

A Slap-On Bracelet Meets DIY Ease with the MagSnap

There are plenty of wrist guards on the market that offer up a handy place to hold onto your hardware, but the MagSnap is the only slap-on design we've seen! "It's just easy to use," Jim says. "We have more magnets than many of the others, so you'll always keep all your nuts and bolts, and it's easier to put on." The security of knowing your set of nails won't go rolling away and a playful element that makes the latest DIY project more fun? We're in.


For all of these and many more incredible products, like Cinch-Straps for Christmas lights or Twin Straps for wrangling vacuum hoses, check out Wrap-It Storage on Amazon.