If there's one thing in the world I get partciularly passionate about, it's my home. The moment my husband and I bought our first house a few years ago, I was immediately devoted to making it feel like OURS - a place that was special and comfortable and designed to reflect all of the things we love. You name it, I did it: organizing the pantry, mapping out gallery walls, rearranging the furniture of every single room (often more than once, if we're being really honest here).

Now that I've gotten (nearly!) everything to a place where we all feel right at home, I've whittled it all down to my list of absolute must-haves. You seriously can't go wrong with these fun, functional, and fabulous home picks.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I've written entire articles waxing poetic about my love for this stand mixer, and I stand behind absolutely all of my praise. The phrase "small but mighty" simply does not do it justice. Mash smooth, creamy mashed potatoes. Mix up tough-to-fold cookie dough in seconds. With an attachment or two, you can even make your own pasta! Or ice cream! If you cook or bake even close to as often as I do (daily), this will quickly become your new favorite.

Rustic Bar Cart

Yes, yes, I know that bar carts have gotten a ton of attention in recent years, but it's for a reason! A fun, easy statement for your living space that also serves up a cocktail after dinner? Yes, please. What I love about this one is that's it blends really easily with the super cozy, low maintenance vibe I've cultivated. Even better, the top slides right off to become a handy serving tray.

Upholstered Storage Bench

Speaking of storage, this chic pick is a total gem. As soon as hubs and I realized just how many quilts and blankets we were hoarding in our bedroom, we sought out a solution that didn't feel like a total waste of space. We keep this one at the end of our bed - SO great for a spot to sit and pull on shoes - and it's an easy place to grab my weighted blanket out of in the middle of the night.


Eureka Stick Vacuum

I can't stand massive vacuums that crowd my entire hall closet, and I really can't stand paying more than I have to for one either. That said, I need a vacuum that can work double time sucking up all of my precious doggo's hair. I love that this one is rechargeable for a cordless cleaning experience, and it's super easy to swap out the attachments to turn it into a handheld, too.

Black Photo Frames

This pair is a total no-brainer. We ALL have dead space somewhere on our walls, and we all have a photo or two we'd love to give pride of place. These simple black frames come in a few different sizes, so no matter how much room or how many photos you have, there is an elegant, artistic solution.

Extra Large Plastic Food Storage Containers

If you have yet to embrace the joys of food organization, this is your affordable, durable starting point. They're stackable, air tight, and they come with easy to write on labels. Keep dry goods that come in large amounts in these: flour, sugar, coffee grounds, you name it. And it makes the pantry look so neat!


Six-Piece Nonstick Bakeware Set

While I might bake on the regular (my daughter has never tasted a birthday cake I did not make her), I totally understand that's not the usual scenario for everyone. That said, no one should find themself halfway through making muffins for a special occasion and realize, "wait, I really thought I had a muffin tin!" This easy to care for set of six covers all your bases, even if you only ever use the cookie tray to heat up pizza rolls - zero judgement here.

Bodum Brazil French Press

Whether you're a devoted coffee connoisseur or you only ever bust this out for company, a French Press is your friend. What I love about this one is that it's small enough to tuck away for when you're not using it and big enough to host an after dinner coffee moment with dessert when you have friends over.

Upholstered Storage Ottoman

Alright, I know there's already a seating-meets-storage pick on here, but I can't help it. I love a dual-use home item! This is the one I keep at my vanity (so comfy), and it holds every single one of my scarves along with a clutch purse or five.


Brass 3-in-1 LED Floor Lamp

I love, love, love pieces that feel timeless and a little antique with a modern update, and this floor lamp checks those boxes easily. Just a gentle tap on a subtle button changes the tone of the light from warm to neutral to cool. I keep this in my home office over my cozy chair for a soft reading light.

Bamboo Tray Table

I have four of these. No, I'm not kidding. And the fourth member of my family is a dog, so who in the world I thought would use that last one, I have no idea, but here we are. These are PERFECT for movie nights curled up on the couch or breakfasts in bed on special days.

Creative Co-Op Marble Bowls

Look at how cute these are. For all of the times I host friends and family, and for how often we gather around the kitchen island, it's tough not to fall in love with piece that are functional for daily use and still cute enough to entertain with. I keep honey and sugar in them while serving up a tea tray (because I can be a little extra like that, sometimes).


Steel Shelf Brackets

These might seem like an odd choice, but trust me on this. I've used these in nearly every room of my house, including the laundry closet. I just installed about two dozen of them in my office to create a massive bookshelf wall (SO exciting), and they are remarkably sturdy and well-made. We even have gold ones in kiddo's room for shelves to display all of the LEGO creations her little heart desires.

Safavieh Rug

As much as I adore our hardwood floors (and I do), I loooovve a good statement rug, and especially with a claw-footed dog running around, protecting the floors is kind of crucial. We have this one as both a full-sized rug in the living room and its matching runner in the entryway, but we've got another, more pink-toned one in my daughter's room. Super affordable, super easy to clean, and Safavieh has dozens upon dozens of different colors and patterns.

Woven Storage Baskets

There are always, ALWAYS little bits and bobs that don't have a clear or easy storage spot, especially with kiddos. Seasonal throw pillows, extra blankets, oversized sweatshirts, and oh, my goodness, the TOYS. Dozens of them. These helpful woven baskets keep everything super neat and tidy without cluttering your hall closet. I really love the neutral tones to these because they seamlessly suit every room depending on where and when we need them.


Looking for a few more of my favorite things? Take a look at more of the finds I love and the picks TikTok may or may not have convinced me to try.