155 Awesome Baby Boy Names That Start With A

Updated March 7, 2022
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Whether you're searching for short baby names, strong baby names, or exotic baby names, there's bound to be more than a few boy names that start with "A" to fit your needs. You can choose a name because of how it sounds or because it has a meaning that you adore. Search various corners of the globe for popular "A" names, or turn to masculine forms of your favorite baby girl monikers that start with "A" to create unique boy names that begin with the letter "A."

Unique and Unusual Boy Names Starting With A

Unique baby boy names can be word names, ancient names, or even invented names. For a truly original and cool "A" name, browse a list of unique baby names and find ways to tweak your favorites, so they are unlike anyone else's moniker.

  • Adair - Means "fortune's spear"
  • Adler - Means "eagle"
  • Alban - Means "from Alba"
  • Aldous - Means "old"
  • Algar - Means "elf spear"
  • Armo - Means "mercy," "grace"
  • Arrow - Word name
  • Aston - Means "east town"
  • Astor - Means "hawk"
  • Axiom - Well-established math statement

Short and Strong Baby Boy Names Starting With A

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Baby boy names with one syllable typically contain five or fewer letters and often exude a sense of confidence and strength. Aside from common short "A" names, parents can use nicknames of longer "A" monikers to create their very own uncommon baby name.

  • Aatos - Means "thought"
  • Abe - Means "father of many"
  • Ace - Means "highest rank"
  • Ahmet - Means "most praiseworthy"
  • Aimo - Means "generous amount"
  • Ajax - Means "eagle"
  • Aki - Means "ancestor"
  • Al - Means "noble" and "bright"
  • Alan - "Little rock"
  • Albie - Means "noble" and "bright"
  • Alden - Means "old friend"
  • Aldo - Means "old noble"
  • Alec - Means "defender of man"
  • Aled - Means "offspring"
  • Alf - Means "elf" or "noble peace"
  • Ali - Means "exalted"
  • Alp - Means "hero"
  • Ambrose - Means "immortal"
  • Amir - Means "treetop"
  • Amit - Means "friend"
  • Ammar - Means "long-lived"
  • Anders - Means "manly"
  • Angus - Means "one strength"
  • Archer - Refers to a bowman
  • Arden - Means "high"
  • Arlo - Means "between two highlands"
  • Armas - Means "beloved"
  • Arne - Means "eagle"
  • Art - Means "bear"
  • Arvid - Means "eagle tree"
  • Arvo - Means "worth," "value"
  • Aulis - Means "helpful"

Long Boy Names Beginning With A

Longer names for boys that start with "A" often sound more classic or old-fashioned. Look at Old English baby names to find more examples of long names for boys, or check out names in various languages from around the world.

  • Adriano - Means "from Hadria"
  • Afanasy - Means "immortal"
  • Agapito - Means "beloved"
  • Akhenaton (ahk-eh-nah-ten) - Spirit of Aton (sun god)
  • Akihito - Means "bright" and "compassionate"
  • Aloysius - Means "famous warrior"
  • Amadeus - Means "love of God"
  • Anatoly - Means "sunrise"
  • Antigonus - Means "ancestor"
  • Antinanco - Means "eagle of the sun"
  • Antipater - Means "like father"
  • Anthony - Means "worthy of praise" or "of value"
  • Aurelius - Means "golden"
  • Avrohom - Means "father of nations"

Biblical Boy Names That Start With A

Different versions of the Bible contain dozens of names for boys that begin with the letter "A." Many biblical baby boy names are of Hebrew origin or are considered Christian baby names. Many make interesting name choices for parents seeking something unique and faith-based.

  • Aaron - Means "exalted" or "strong"
  • Abaddon - Means "destruction"
  • Abdias - Means "serving Yahweh"
  • Abednego - Means "servant of Nebo"
  • Abel - Means "breath"
  • Abidan - Means "my father is judge"
  • Abiel - Means "God is my father"
  • Abimael - Means "Father sent from God"
  • Abner - Means "my father is light"
  • Abraham - Means "father of many"
  • Abram - Means "high father"
  • Achaicus - Means "Greek origin"
  • Achan - Means "trouble"
  • Achim - Means "he will establish"
  • Adam - Means "man"
  • Adino - Means "ornament"
  • Adriel - Means "flock of God"
  • Ahab - Means "uncle"
  • Allon - Means "oak"
  • Alphaeus - Means "changing"
  • Alvah - Means "exalted one, sublime"
  • Amal - Means "work"
  • Ami - Means "trustworthy"
  • Amnon - Means "faithful"
  • Anani - Means "my cloud"
  • Anath - Means "answer"
  • Archelaous - Means "master of the people"
  • Areli - Means "hero"
  • Arieh - Means "lion"
  • Asa - Means "healer"

Mythology Male Names That Start With A

Bring out the mini-god in your son with a powerful "A" name taken straight from epic myths and legends. Each culture has unique gods and other legendary beings whose names you can swipe for your boy.

  • Achilles - (Greek) Means "pain," or might be derived from the Achelous River
  • Adonis - (Greek) Means "lord"
  • Aeneas (eye-neh-ass) - (Roman) Means "praise"
  • Ahti - (Finnish) God of oceans and rivers
  • Ahura Mazda - (Persian) Lord of Wisdom
  • Ailill (al-yil) - (Irish) Means "elf"
  • Aiolos - (Greek) Means "nimble and fast"
  • Alcides - (Greek) Means "strength"
  • Alvis - (Norse) Means "all-wise"
  • Amon - (Egyptian) Means "the hidden one"
  • Amor - (Roman) Means "love"
  • An - (Sumerian) Means "heaven"
  • Anubis - (Egyptian) Means "royal child"
  • Arash - (Persian) Means "truthfulness"
  • Ares - (Greek) God of War
  • Argus - (Greek) Means "shining"
  • Atlas - (Greek) Means "enduring"

Famous Male Names Starting With A

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Get inspired by your favorite leading man with a celebrity baby name. Famous male first names and last names that start with the letter "A" are fair game for your little guy's first name.

  • Aesop - Meaning unknown. Name of a famous writer.
  • Amerigo - Means "universal power," name of Explorer Amerigo Vespucci
  • Anakin - Meaning unknown. Name of Star Wars character, Darth Vader.
  • Anderson - Means "son of Andrew," name of UFC champion Anderson Silva
  • Andre - Means "masculine," name of tennis great Andre Agassi
  • Ansel - Means "God's protection," name of famous photographer Ansel Adams
  • Apolo - Means "manly beauty," name of speed skater Apolo Ohno
  • Aristotle - Means "the best of," name of a Greek philosopher of the same name
  • Arnold - Means "eagle power," name of actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Ashton - Means "ash tree town," name of American actor Ashton Kutcher
  • Atilla - Means "little father," name of Hun ruler

Boy Names Beginning With A From Around the World

While there are many boy names that are popular around the world, some are popular only in one or two cultures. Look at top name lists from your favorite countries for more "A" name options.

Popular Boy Names Starting With A in the Americas

A look at the popular boy names in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and other North American countries/territories shows that some classic boy names never go out of style, while others seem to catch fire and trend in a new year. These "A" names are all currently popular choices in the Americas.

  • Adrian - (Puerto Rico, United States) Means "son of Adrian"
  • Aiden/Aidan - (United States, Canada) Means "fire"
  • Alejandro - (Mexico) Means "defending man"
  • Alexander - (United States, Canada) Means "defending man." (Popular/Trending American boy names that start with "A")
  • Andres - (Puerto Rico) Means "masculine"
  • Angel - (Puerto Rico) Means "angel"
  • Anthony - (United States) Means "priceless one"
  • Arlo - (United States) Means "between two hills"
  • Asher - (United States) Means "happy," "blessed"
  • Atticus - (United States) Means "belonging to Attica"
  • Austin - (United States) Name of a city in Texas
  • Axel - (Mexico) Means "my father is peace"

Popular A Names for Boys From Europe

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From Polish baby names to Welsh and Italian baby names, there are so many cool "A" names for boys that top the charts in parts of Europe.

  • Alarik - (Spain) Means "everyone's ruler"
  • Albi - (Spain) Means "my heart"
  • Alessandro - (Italy) Means "defending man"
  • Alvaro - (Spain) Means "elf army"
  • Antonio - (Italy) Means "flourishing"
  • Archie - (United Kingdom) Means "genuine" and "bold"
  • Arthur - (United Kingdom) Means "bear"
  • Artyom - (Russia) Meaning unknown
  • Augustin - (France) Means "great," "magnificent"

Popular A Names for Boys From Africa and Asia

It's not as easy to find top baby name lists for Asian and African countries, but these African and Asian baby names are some of the more popular options.

  • Abdullah - (Liberia) Means "servant of Allah"
  • Abiah - (Philippines) Means "God is my father"
  • Alunamda - (South Africa) Means "God's love has no limit"
  • Amogelang - (South Africa) Means "welcome"
  • Ao - (Japan) Means "blue"
  • Ayabonga - (South African) Means "thank you" and "appreciate"
  • Azriel - (Philippines) Means "God is my help"

Hindu and Sanskrit Names for Boys That Start With A

If you want a deeply meaningful name for your son, these Hindu and Sanskrit names for boys fit the bill.

  • Abhay - Means "fearless"
  • Abhilash - Means "desire," "wish"
  • Aditya - Means "belonging to God Aditi"
  • Agni - Means "fire"
  • Akash - Means "open space"
  • Akhil - Means "complete"
  • Anil - Means "wind"
  • Anish - Means "supreme"
  • Anupam - Means "incomparable"
  • Arjuna - Means "white," "clear"
  • Asim - Means "limitless"
  • Avinash - Means "indestructible"
  • Azad - Means "free"

Names for Your Alpha Boy

Baby boy names that begin with the letter "A" can be long or short, unique or classic, and have a variety of meanings. If you love the sound of "A" names for boys, you're sure to find one that fits all of your criteria. Choosing a baby boy name can be difficult, but if you know what you like and where to find options, the selection process can be easier and oh, so enjoyable!

155 Awesome Baby Boy Names That Start With A