7 Best Diapers for Babies (Parent-Approved Picks)

Published October 9, 2020
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Most babies spend nearly 24 hours a day in diapers, so finding the best diapers for your baby is important. The materials you choose will be next to your little one's soft skin all day, every day. What's more, a diaper that stops leaks reduces your laundry duties and helps everyone in the family get a better night's sleep. Choosing the ideal diapers for your baby means taking a look at your budget and priorities. These are seven of the best diapers on the market today.

Best Diapers for the Environment - DYPER

If you prioritize a healthy environment in addition to a healthy baby, choosing the best diaper comes down to selecting one that is less harmful to the earth. The average baby uses about 7,000 diapers in a lifetime, which means your choice can have a significant impact on the planet. DYPER offers everything from recyclable packaging and diapers that can be returned for composting to carbon offsets for diaper deliveries. Prices start at about 25 cents per diaper.

Baby walking with DYPER
DYPER Bamboo Diapers

What Makes Them Great

There are several reasons DYPER makes the list of best diapers:

  • DYPER diapers are made from bamboo fiber that is responsibly sourced, the packaging is biodegradable.
  • There's a subscription service that saves you 15% on diapers and lets you control deliveries with a convenient app. Diaper deliveries can include carbon offsets.
  • These diapers don't have any printing, fragrance, latex, or other chemicals that could be harmful to babies..
  • Because of the lack of harmful chemicals, this is one of the best diapers for sensitive skin.

What Real Parents Think

Reviewers on Amazon gave DYPER more than four and a half stars, praising the customer service of the company, the convenient subscription service, and the diapers are super absorbant. Parents call them "a good alternative to cloth diapering" and "very gentle on skin." Some reviewers mentioned that the sizes run a bit big, but the company works with parents to handle returns and find the right size.

Best Affordable Diapers - Parent's Choice

You'll be buying a lot of diapers before your baby is potty-trained. Individual diaper prices may not sound too costly, but when you remember that you'll be using around 7,000 diapers, sticker shock can set in. A less expensive choice can help you save money on diapers. At only about 12 cents per diaper, Parents's Choice diapers are a good pick to stick to your budget.

What Makes Them Great

There are a number of reasons Parent's Choice diapers might be the right choice:

  • They offer a good value for the cost.
  • These diapers have the perks of more expensive brands, including a wetness indicator.
  • They are hypoallergenic for babies with sensitive skin.
  • These diapers are designed to be super absorbant for day or night use.

What Real Parents Think

Reviewers at Walmart gave Parent's Choice diapers 4.3 stars and praised the great absorbancy compared to other similarly-priced options. They say these diapers "fit well" and that you "can't beat the price." A few complained about the overall construction of the diapers.

Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin - Pampers Pure

Some babies are especially sensitive to dyes and fragrances, as well as other chemicals used in producing diapers. If your baby struggles with diaper rash or seems to get skin irritation from her diapers, it may make sense to choose a diaper specifically for sensitive skin. Pampers Pure is a great option, since it does not include irritating materials and offers a plant-based liner that wicks moisture away from baby's skin. These diapers start at about 30 cents each.

What Makes Them Great

There are several reasons you may want to consider Pampers Pure for a baby with sensitive skin:

  • The liner wicks away moisture to keep a baby dry for up to 12 hours.
  • These diapers don't contain parabens, bleach, latex, or chemicals that can harm baby's skin.
  • The diapers are hypoallergenic.
  • The outer layer of the diaper is made with cotton to be extra soft.

What Real Parents Think

Pampers Pure have five stars on Amazon and rave reviews from parents of babies with sensitive skin. Parents specifically like the soft cotton outer layer and the absorbancy. A few parents complained about the designs printed on the outside, saying they would prefer a plain white cover; however, most reviews are positive. One mom said, "The only thing I can't believe it that they didn't make this sooner!"

Best Overnight Diapers - Huggies Overnites

Teaching a baby to sleep through the night is tricky, but diaper leaks can make it even more challenging. If your little one has leaks at night, you might need a special diaper with extra absorbancy. Huggies Overnites are designed to offer extra leak protection, and they retail for about 30 cents per diaper.

What Makes Them Great

If you need extra leak protection for your little one, these are some reasons you may want to consider Huggies Overnites:

  • The liner is made to wick moisture away from your baby's skin, allowing your little one to feel dry.
  • The soft outer layer feels comfy for sleeping.
  • These diapers are hypoallergenic, so they will work for babies with sensitive skin.
  • A wetness indicator lets you tell at a glance if the diaper is wet.

What Real Parents Think

On Amazon, these diapers have five stars. Some parents complained about the cost compared to their regular daytime diaper, but most say the extra cost is worth the additional sleep they get. Parents noted that these diapers were part of their plan for getting babies to sleep through the night. Reviewers called them a "great overnight diaper."

Best Cloth Diapers - Rumparooz Pocket

Using cloth diapers can be a great choice for the environment and for your pocketbook, but leaks can be an issue. Rumparooz Pocket diapers were designed to avoid these leaks using double leg gussets and a super absorbant inner liner. They retail for about $24.

What Makes Them Great

If you're considering cloth diapering, the Rumparooz Pocket diaper might be ideal for these reasons:

  • The diapers are adjustable with snaps, eliminating the need for pins.
  • These diapers are hypoallergenic and made with materials that are less likely to irritate your baby's skin.
  • The same cloth diaper can be used for babies of all ages, from newborns to toddlers.
  • The diapers come in lots of fun prints and colors.

What Real Parents Think

These diapers have more than 4.5 stars on Amazon, and parents rave about their ability to control leaks. They also praise the ease-of-use, which can be challenging with some cloth diapers. Parents also say that washing the diapers is easy. Some complain that with heavy use the diapers begin to look very worn after 12-18 months; however others call them "gorgeous" and say they "act like disposables."

Best Diapers for Newborns and Younger Babies - Pampers Swaddlers

If you have a brand new baby, there's a lot to learn about baby diapers. Newborn diapers need to do it all: they must offer leak protection, be soft and comfortable, be hypoallergenic, and be easy to use. Pampers Swaddlers offer all of this, making them the best diaper for newborns and younger babies. They start at about 22 cents apiece.

What Makes Them Great

If you're looking for a newborn diaper, these are some reasons to consider Pampers Swaddlers:

  • They are designed with air channels to prevent diaper rash.
  • The outer layer is quilted for extra softness.
  • These diapers can keep babies dry for up to 12 hours.
  • They have a wetness indicator so you can tell when it's time for a change.

What Real Parents Think

With nearly 35,000 ratings and five stars on Amazon, this brand is a favorite with parents. Many praise the diapers for being thin and not bulky while still offering all the protection of thicker diapers. Parents love the fit of these diapers, which rarely leak. Some parents dislike the baby powder scent of the diapers, but others call them "the best diaper ever."

Best Diapers for Toddlers and Older Babies - Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit

As babies get older and more mobile, their diapering needs may change. Some parents notice leaks as babies crawl and begin to walk - especially around the legs of diapers. Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit diapers are made to move with the baby and avoid these leaks. They start at about 34 cents per diaper.

What Makes Them Great

There are several reasons you may want to consider this diaper for your little one:

  • The fit is designed to adapt to the baby's dimensions and reduce leaks that happen with movement.
  • Instead of using tape, the sides stretch to fit the baby.
  • The legs have double barriers to prevent leaks.
  • The inner layer is absorbant, and the outer layer is very soft and comfortable.

What Real Parents Think

Parents love this diaper, which has five stars on Amazon. They praise the pull-on style, which makes diaper changes quick and easy with squirmy babies. Parents also say this diaper reduces leaks in older babies. They complain that sizing stops at 6, since it would be nice to have these for older kids with special needs. However, reviewers also say they are "super comfortable" and offer "amazing protection."

Have a Few Diaper-Changing Tricks

No matter which diaper you choose for your little one, it helps to have some tricks up your sleeve. Review some tips for diaper changing to make these years easier for you and your baby.

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7 Best Diapers for Babies (Parent-Approved Picks)