15 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids to Expand Their Minds

Published November 8, 2021
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Choosing the right gift for a child can be complicated. For parents who long to move beyond giving their kids toys, to give them the gift of interesting and engaging activities, subscription boxes designed especially for kids are a perfect idea. There are countless boxes on the market, but these fifteen monthly subscription boxes for kids will hit the mark. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

Why Kids Love Subscription Boxes

It can be rare to find a child-centric gift that adults and kids are equally pumped about, and this is precisely one of the top reasons why monthly subscription boxes are so popular. Kids get a thrill over exploring the contents of a new box each month, and parents know that the monthly gift will not be something their children play with for twenty minutes and then toss aside. Monthly subscription boxes are also customizable. Many options allow parents to pick an age range applicable to their kids, and with so many options, just about every single interest is addressed in some way, shape, or form. Kids get precisely what they are interested in, and parents rest easy knowing they didn't buy another gift that will fall out of favor.

Science-Based Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Science is so cool and oh so necessary! There are so many areas of the discipline for children to explore when it comes to the sciences. With a different science-tastic box arriving at your doorstep each month, kids will be ready to change the world in no time.

Messy Play Kits

Dinosaur Dig Messy Play Kit by Cratejoy.com

Kids are never too young to become engrossed in science, and Messy Play Kits knows this. This subscription box aims at helping young children (ages three-five) make connections between science and the world around them. Each package includes three to five science activities or experiments for children to get messy with. Warning: while this kit will undoubtedly include plenty of fun, it's also going to leave you with a bit of a mess, especially because little ones are involved.

Groovy Lab in a Box

Groovy Lab in a Box by Cratejoy.com

Groovy Lab in a Box contains STEM-centered activities for children ages eight and up. Your child will be challenged every month, as these kits involve creative thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving skills as they pertain to science. With your subscription, you also gain access to "Beyond the Box." This is a unique feature that gives children extension activities and videos, helping them create deeper meaning from the included activities. If you are looking to raise the next Albert Einstein, this subscription is a great place to start.

Subscription Boxes for Kids Who Love Crafts

Do your kids love art projects, but you find them time-consuming and stressful as you try to come up with different ideas and then run around town in an attempt to score all the correct materials to pull it off? Same. Art-inspired subscription boxes do the heavy lifting for parents. The craft or project is decided, everything you need is included, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience with your kids.


KiwiCo is a popular choice for subscription boxes because of the varying lines of boxes and the cost-effective price. There are six different box options to choose from, all geared towards a different age group. The brand is a STEAM box, meaning it focuses activities on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. This might be an excellent option for children who like the designing and creating aspect of art, but might also like to extend into engineering, math, and science. The comprehensive and educational components will keep kids engaged. At less than $20 per box, purchasing boxes for more than one child might just be doable!

Kids' Art Box

Rainbows and Fairies Kids Art Box from kidsartbox.com

Kids' Art Box is another popular craft-based subscription box that offers several monthly options to buyers. There is a Mommy and Me box as well as a Daddy and Me Box, each containing similar activities, but with a bit of a different twist. There is also a box for children ages six-12 that is inspired by a different artist each month and includes three art activities and one diorama activity.

This company allows parents to tailor their pricing as well as the number of months they want to have boxes sent to their homes. For families who don't want to commit to an entire year of art subscription boxes, they can purchase a single month, monthly boxes, or a three-month package. For families who know that this will stay in vogue with their kids for a long time, a 12-month subscription is available.

We Craft Box

The Busy Bees Craft Box from wecraftbox.com

We Craft Box combines art with reading, a perfect combination for a comprehensive literacy experience. Boxes are geared towards children ages three through nine and include several crafts that tie into an interactive story. One featured and unique highlight of this subscription box is it can be easily shared among two children, making it a perfect art-inspired box for families with more than one child.

Monthly Subscription Boxes to Encourage the Travel Bug

The world is a very big place, and children can begin learning about diverse pockets of the world via monthly subscription boxes. These creative and fun boxes will have kids ready to jump on the next plane and explore unique locales. Or, they can become citizens of the world right from your living room.

Little Global Citizens

Kenya Box from Little Global Citizens

Little Global Citizens is geared towards kids ages four to 10. The boxes come bi-monthly, and all boxes include activities centered on educating kids about different cultures. Included activities vary, but can feature books, crafts, recipes, country guides, and other cute artifacts and collectibles.

Little Passports

Little Passports enables kids to step into foreign spaces without ever leaving home. There are three boxes to choose from, one for young children, one for older kids, and a third for children headed into the pre-teen years. Each type of box has its own aim and own activities, but you really can't go wrong with any of the three. Each box comes in an adorable suitcase that kids will tote around for weeks. This also makes storing their monthly treasures simple. What parent doesn't love easy storage?

Universal Yums

Greece Box from universalyums.com

Learning about different parts of the world through food is fun for the entire family. Universal Yums has created a monthly box that brings unique tastes to your doorstep. Each box includes food items from specific regions of the world, as well as a 12-page booklet about the country the foods come from. Munch on goodies while learning about new places.

Subscription Boxes for Future Foodies

If you have children who love being in the kitchen, enjoy helping with meals and have adventurous palates, consider purchasing a monthly subscription kit for future foodies. With these boxes, your children will be making and serving you dinner in no time. Talk about a winning idea!

Raddish Kids

Gourmet Gobble Cooking Kit from RaddishKids.com

For kids ages four and up who want to learn how to cook from start to finish, there is no better or more comprehensive box than Raddish Kids. Boxes are designed to teach budding chefs a new culinary skill each month. Each box includes recipes, tutorials, an ingredient list, a kitchen project, and a new utensil to add to their growing kitchen collection. The recipes span several types of cuisine, and at $24 a month, your children can learn how to cook right from home.

Little GF Chefs

mini apple pies kit from littlegfchefs.com

If your kids have dietary restrictions, many subscription boxes that are food and recipe-inspired might immediately be taken off the table. Little GF Chefs has taken this into account and created a baking subscription box that ensures all recipes are allergy-free and gluten-free. Boxes include dry ingredients, decorating supplies, and a baking tool to make preparation easier. Parents and kids can focus on having fun in the kitchen with this monthly subscription box.


Introduce your kids to worldly cuisine with eat2explore. With this subscription box, parents can select a plan that works for them, choosing from a monthly box, a three-month subscription, a six-month subscription, or a yearly subscription. Each month, a new box will arrive, highlighting a different part of the world and three recipes native to that region. Spices needed to make the recipes are included in the box as well as a shopping list, educational information about the country, activity sheets, fun kitchen utensils, and a passport booklet to collect stickers from all the countries kids learn about.

Literacy-Based Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

If you have a little bookworm in your abode, a literacy-based subscription box is a perfect idea to keep minds curious and inspired each and every month. Who doesn't love a few good books landing in their mailbox every 30 days?

Reading Bug Box

Reading Bug Box on Cratejoy.com

The Reading Bug Box sends three-four books to your home each month, along with a small surprise gift. The books and gifts correlate with the ages of your kids, so younger children receive gifts and toys that coincide with their developmental stage, and older kids can expect reads at their level too. Introduce your children to various genres of literacy every month at a low cost of $18 per box.


Bookroo Jr. Chapter Book Subscription Box

BookRoo prides itself on quality. The company pays particular attention to the books included in the subscription, and to the pristine packaging. The subscription includes three books in each box, with each book coming individually wrapped. Show us a single child who doesn't go bananas over unwrapping something! The books included are tailored to children's ages, and parents have commented on what an amazing selection the subscription includes. Besides offering great reads with every delivery, the company offers flexible delivery schedules and a cancel at anytime policy.

Boxes for Future Fashionistas

Not all kids love getting clothes for gifts, but some future fashionistas adore new items to wear. If you have a child who likes everything fashionable, then consider a subscription box that helps them dress to the nines.

Sock Panda

Uniquely designed socks are fun items for kids to add to their apparel. There are boxes available for younger children as well as teens, and the socks are so cute. Every Sock Panda box includes two pairs of socks, but the best part is, for every pair you receive, the company donates a pair to a child in need. Kids get a gift of cute socks, and they also learn about giving back and providing for the less fortunate.

Little Koala Book Club

dinosaur story book subscription box from littlekoalabookclub.com

Little Koala Book Club ships a different themed book and dress-up materials to your child. Let their imagination run wild as they go full-on dinosaurs, play for the day as a pirate, or dress up as a sparkly mermaid. Subscriptions are available in a three or six-month option, and with this kit, you will build your child's library, their dress-up collection, and their creativity. Little Koala Book Club ships from Australia, and they offer international shipping to the U.S., Italy and Canada.

The Perfect Gift Idea

A monthly subscription box is the perfect holiday present or birthday gift for kids of all ages. Even when children grow older, boxes geared towards teens and young adults are readily available. They also allow kids to explore new interests and ideas. If you have a child who is becoming science-minded, those particular boxes allow kids to dabble in different activities specific to that area of interest. Kids who love art can perform different monthly crafts, honing in on what they truly enjoy. Children who have exhibited a love of cooking can see if this hobby is something worth pursuing via subscription boxes. The perks of subscription boxes are plenty, the drawbacks are certainly scant. For parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles looking for unique gifting options this year, monthly subscription boxes for kids are certainly worth a try.

15 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids to Expand Their Minds