5 Powerful Sample Letters of Encouragement to a Child

Published April 26, 2021
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Kids need to hear that their parents love them and are proud of them, and sometimes busy parents forget to take the time and put their feelings into words. Consider taking your thoughts and putting them to paper. These sample letters of encouragement to a child are easy ways for parents to express their love for their kids.

Why Write It Down?

With children, words often fly in one ear and out the other. Days are busy, people are forever only half listening, and even when parents try to give words of encouragement, kids don't necessarily digest and hold on to them. Writing your words of encouragement down will give your child something to look back at and reread when he/she needs to draw strength and inspiration.

Encouragement for a Child Facing Divorce

Unfortunately, many families face divorce, and children are often affected by a split in one way or another. Divorce can cause children to feel angry, sad, and anxious. Consider penning a letter of encouragement to them, letting them know that you are aware that times are difficult, but that in the end, all will be alright. In writing a letter such as this, keep some key factors in mind.

  1. Never speak ill of your child's other parent.
  2. Be honest with your children. Don't sell them pipe dreams that won't come true.
  3. Remind your children that you are still a family. The family might look different now, but it is a family, nonetheless.

Encouragement for a Child Struggling in School

Some kids take to schooling like a duck takes to water. Other kids face more than their fair share of hurdles once they enter primary schooling. When your child is struggling, take the time to celebrate their smaller accomplishments. Remind them that you are proud of them for all of their hard work and that they are smart and capable. In writing this type of letter, remember to:

  1. Focus on what they can do, not what they can not do.
  2. Tell your child that hard work is something to be proud of.
  3. Encourage them to not give up on their learning.
  4. Offer your support.

Encouragement for a Child Who Is Grieving

No parent ever wants to witness a child's devastation should they lose someone close to them. Kids process loss very differently. Some kids need constant comfort while others need space. Many children will want to talk about their feels, and others may fall quiet and withdrawn. When writing a letter encouraging a child in times of profound loss, make sure to do the following.

  1. Remind them that they are not at fault, not for the death and not for other people's sadness.
  2. Encourage them to share their feelings. They may need time to get to this place, but communicating emotions are important.
  3. Tell them you are there for them.
  4. Remind them that they were so very loved by the person who passed.

Encouragement for a Child in Athletics

Sports can be a great way for kids to get physical activity and connect with other children in the community. Sometimes, though, sports can become daunting and full of far too much pressure. Kids begin to resent sports instead of looking forward to them when they do not feel encouraged and supported. When offering encouragement to kids who play sports, make sure to consider these sticking points.

  1. Tell them that you are proud of them for putting themselves out there. Competing in sports is a brave thing to do!
  2. Let them know that win or lose, you are in their corner.
  3. Remind them that everyone has off games, it is nothing to get down about.
  4. Ask them what you can do to support them better. Maybe all of that cheering stresses them out, so maybe every time they look in the stands, they see you on your phone.

Encouragement for Your Child Leaving the Nest

Your child is your child, no matter how old they get. Write them a letter of encouragement as they prepare to leave the nest for the first time. They can carry this letter with them as they embark on their new journey of adulthood. In your letter include key points of encouragement and pride.

  1. Remind them that you are there for them. If they need you, they only have to ask.
  2. Encourage them to try new things and not be scared of change.
  3. Let them know how proud you are of them for taking this step. Tell them how responsible and accomplished they have become.

What Kids Need to Hear

Parents spend every waking moment thinking about how much they love their children and how proud they are of them. Kids aren't mind-readers, however, so it is important to turn thoughts into words. All children need to hear these words constantly so that they learn to believe them.

  1. You are special. After all, they are! Kids will go through times where they don't feel all that special. Make sure they always know that they are special to you.
  2. You are smart. When children believe that they are smart and capable, they take chances, trust in their actions, and learn from mistakes.
  3. You can do or be anything you choose.
  4. I understand how you feel.
  5. I am so proud of you. Express pride at every turn. They don't have to get straight A's or hit a home run to receive parents' pride. Tell them you are proud of them for even the littlest things.

Communicate With Your Kids

You will undoubtedly have plenty of parenting mishaps and missteps. You will never regret telling your kids that you are proud of them, love them, and are behind them every step of the way.

5 Powerful Sample Letters of Encouragement to a Child