Action Verbs List for Kids

Updated October 3, 2018
Child writing

Every sentence needs a verb, but action verbs propel writing beyond basic into extraordinary. Pump up your next writing assignment with a list of action verbs for kids to show what your subject is doing in an interesting way.

Fantasy Words

Words and actions from magical or fairy tale lands give your writing an enchanted and mysterious feeling. But, you don't have to write a piece of fiction or fantasy to use this list of verbs for kids.

  • Activate - make something reactive
  • Brew - make by steeping or boiling
  • Cast - put or send forth
  • Conjure - invoke or summon
  • Counteract - neutralize the negative effects of
  • Craft - make something using great skill
  • Duel -fight in a duel with another person
  • Flit - move quickly from one place to another
  • Illuminate - make something shine
  • Imagine - picture something in the mind
  • Pirate - steal
  • Sparkle - reflect moving lights
  • Spawn -cause something to start
  • Sprinkle - spread small pieces
  • Transfigure - turn one thing into something else
  • Vanquish - beat in a contest
  • Warp - change the shape of something
  • Wield - use something well

Animal Actions

Wild and domesticated animals make sounds and movements people cannot. However, in writing, you can use these animal actions as inspiration for things people do.

  • Child bucking
    Amble - walk slowly
  • Bellow - deep sound like a bull makes
  • Bombinate - make a buzzing sound like a bee
  • Buck - jump into the air
  • Creep - move slowly and quietly
  • Dash - move quickly
  • Gallop - run quickly
  • Gnaw - chew repeatedly with teeth
  • Grunt - make a quiet sound
  • Hiss - sharp sound made by pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth
  • Lumber - move in a smart, steady way like an elephant
  • Peep - make the smallest sound possible
  • Scamper - run around playfully or quickly
  • Scuttle - quickly run away

Modern Verbs

As times change, so do the words people invent and use. Some of these are old words with new meanings while others are entirely new.

  • Adulting - acting like a grown up
  • Bounce - leave
  • Chill - take it easy
  • Game - play for a prize
  • Ghost - stop talking to someone with no notice
  • Google - look something up on the internet
  • Hack - get access to illegally
  • Hover - be suspended over something
  • Kindle - start something up
  • Text - send a typed message on a cellphone
  • Swoop - suddenly arrive somewhere

Silly Words

If you want to add humor to your writing, try out these silly-sounding actions. Wacky actions make any standard sentence sound more fun.

  • Bamboozle - totally confuse another
  • Bushwhack - attack quickly without notice
  • Dilly-dally - delay by wasting time
  • Jiggle - rapid movement in all directions
  • Jimmy - break open
  • Kibitz - chat
  • Muddle - mix up
  • Ooze -flow slowly
  • Plod - walking with heavy steps

Easy to Spell Words

If you need some quick and easy verbs to use to liven up your writing, give these words a try. These words are easy to spell and pronounce.

  • Dine- to eat
  • Act- to do something
  • Add- to combine or join something with something else
  • Aid- to assist or help
  • Calm- to pacify
  • Stomp- to walk or march heavily
  • Clap- to bring one's hands together
  • Chat- to talk

In Charge Words

These powerful words can add depth to your writing. Use these words to describe what your take-charge characters are up to.

  • Challenge- to compete
  • Conceive- to create or form
  • Compute- to calculate
  • Complete- to finish
  • Command- to given an order or demand
  • Decide- to select
  • Delegate- to entrust
  • Discuss- to talk
  • Engineer- to design or create

Relaxing Words

Relaxing verbs can be used to describe various mellowing actions. Try the following to add a soothing tone to your writing.

  • Mollify- to soothe
  • Rest- to take a break or sleep
  • Nuzzle- curl up, nestle
  • Snooze- to sleep
  • Meditate- to ponder, to focus the mind
  • Cuddle- to sit near, to hug

Exciting Writing

Whether it's your friends, parents, or teachers reading what you write, give them something fun to look at by adding unexpected actions to your work. You'll be more excited about putting words on paper, and they'll be more excited to see what you've been up to!

Action Verbs List for Kids