9 Easy April Fools' Pranks for Kids That'll Get Everyone Laughing

Crack up your family and friends with these clever and harmless pranks!

Published February 17, 2023
Playful daughter pinching cheerful father's cheeks on floor at home

Crack your family up and startle your parents with the best April Fools' pranks for kids to try on pretty much everyone. These tricks aren't hard, and they don't take a ton of time (just wake up 10 minutes before they do, and you're all set). Plus, don't worry about supplies, kids - you have everything you need around the house to pull off these awesome pranks.

Hide a Sticky Snake or Animal Toy

You know those sticky snakes and frogs that come in birthday favor party bags? If you have one of those lying around, you have a ready-made kid prank to do at home. When your parent or family member is busy doing something else, pull down the sheets in their bed and tuck the sticky creature right where their feet will go. You'll have to be super secretive and patient, but you can expect some shrieking when they get into bed and touch something gross with their toes.

Seal the Ketchup and Trick Your Family

This super easy prank involves only a half-used bottle of ketchup (or any other condiment people use a lot) and a piece of plastic wrap. Open the bottle by unscrewing the top and add a piece of plastic wrap to seal it back up. Tuck any loose edges in or cut them off, and then put the top back on. When people go to use it, nothing will come out!

Boy doing a ketchup prank

Stick a Cat Under the Mouse

If you have a family computer or a homework computer everyone uses, you have everything you need for the ultimate easy April Fools' prank for the family. Print out a little photo of a cat - the weirder the better. Use clear tape to attach the cat picture to the bottom of the computer mouse. Make sure you cover the whole bottom of the mouse with tape. When someone tries to use the mouse, it won't work. They'll turn it over and see a goofy cat. The cat got the mouse, and you're a kid that successfully pranked their family!

Offer Weird Flavored Pringles for an Easy Prank

Grab a can of Pringles and lay the chips out on a paper towel. Sprinkle them with a ton of garlic powder, powdered sugar, or candy powder (like Fun Dip). Basically, anything that will taste weird on a potato chip is a winning choice. Then put all the Pringles back in the can and offer them around. Get ready to watch people react when they eat them.

Reset All the Clocks at Home

Is your parent always ten minutes late? Even if they're on time, this hilarious and harmless prank for kids will get a reaction. Set all the clocks to a time that's 10 minutes earlier. Don't skip the alarm clocks. When the alarm goes off 10 minutes early, they won't notice right away. They'll look at the wall clock or the microwave, and it will say the same time. But at some point in their day, they'll catch on to your clever trick.

Tape Bubble Wrap Inside Your Family's Shoes

Find a piece of bubble wrap and cut it to be the same shape as the person's shoe. Tape the bubble wrap inside the sole of the shoe so they won't see it. When your family member puts on their shoes and steps down, they'll hear a loud popping noise!

Kids playing with bubble wrap

Hide a Fake Bug in the Toilet Paper

You've probably heard of drawing bugs on the toilet paper, but the truth is, no one can draw a bug perfectly. Instead, grab some of those fake plastic bugs you probably have in your stuff. Unroll the toilet paper a few layers and then roll it back up with the bug tucked inside. When your family member unrolls the toilet paper later, the bug will actually fall out and lead to some screams and laughter.

Let Weird Water Flow From the Faucet

There are lots of fun faucet pranks to try, but one of the most fun is using food coloring to change the color of water that comes out. Just grab some green or yellow (or any color really) and squirt it into the end of the faucet. You'll need to clean up any mess so no one suspects anything (and be careful not to get it anywhere it could stain). When someone turns on the water, a weird color of liquid will flow out.

Quick Tip

Don't want to mess with food coloring? Put a piece of clear tape under the faucet instead. It will spray out and surprise everyone.

Fill the Pantry With Stuffed Animals

If you have a ton of stuffed animals, this is where you bring them into the action. Gather all your furry friends (or dolls or action figures) together and arrange them inside your family's pantry. The idea here is to have a bunch of eyes staring out at the person who opens the pantry door. This prank is sure to get lots of laughs.

Cute little teddy bear inside fruit basket with apples, pears and banana

Try April Fools' Pranks for the Family That Leave Them Laughing

The thing to remember about April Fools' Day is that it should be fun. Choose harmless pranks to pull on friends and family so no one gets hurt or super mad. If they're laughing really hard, you can consider the prank a win.

9 Easy April Fools' Pranks for Kids That'll Get Everyone Laughing