10 Back-to-School Poems to Begin the Learning Journey

Updated August 5, 2021
Two happy smiling school children

Back-to-school poems can help ease the transition between summer and school for children. So many thoughts and emotions can be expressed through poetry, to enhance the learning process or help kids tune into their feelings about the world around them. These ten back-to-school poems are sure to be a hit for kids of all ages and parents and teachers.

The Value of Poetry in Education

Using poetry in the classroom has great benefits for kids. Aside from being fun and engaging, poetry can help to:

  • Enhance early literacy skills
  • Encourage creativity in young minds
  • Increase memory skills
  • Aid in spelling skills and reading fluency
  • Increase vocabulary, visualization, and interpretation skills

Perfect Back-to-School Poems for Young Kids

Little kids love hearing the sing-song, rhyming cadence of poetry. Rhyming words and phrases have a soothing ability that can calm anxieties about a new school year or bring smiles and giggles to little faces. These poems are perfect for the initial days of being back at school. Read a different one each day to your new class.

Hooray for School

Get on the bus and ride to school,
Learn new names, recite the rules.
Play some games and make some art,
For this school year is a brand new start.
So much to do here every day,
In this new year, we shout hooray!

Make New Friends

Look at all of these new faces,
Sitting here in their special spaces.
So many people I get to meet,
So many friends I get to greet.
We smile, laugh, and play all day,
Making new friends is the best way.

It's Okay to Be Sad

School time is finally here,
and it's okay to have some fear.
It can be sad to miss your home,
But at school, you are never alone.
Remember that the day will come to an end,
And soon it will be time to say bye to your friends.
Your family will be waiting for you,
Once this school day is over and through.

Inspiring Back-to-School Poems for Older Children

Older students might not outwardly express their delight in poetry as little kids do, but they can still be inspired, comforted, and engaged by back-to-school poems that speak to them.

True to Yourself

Bigger clothes, larger backpacks, and sized-up shoes,
Bigger brains and bodies too.
You're growing fast; this is so true,
But in this new year, don't forget to be you!

Feel Your Force

Find yourself, your vision, and your path,
Don't just think of reading, writing, and math.
The educational journey is a winding course,
But YOU, my child, are a beautiful force.

schoolteacher reading aloud to her young students

Better Together

The halls are busy,
The kids are tall.
The day is bustling,
And I feel small.
So much to do, so much to learn,
Sometimes it makes my brain feel the burn.
One day at a time, one foot in front of the other,
We will get through if we support each other.

There Will Be Days

There will be days you'll want to cry,
It will seem that the world is passing you by.
These years are full of excitement and fun,
But trust that some moments will make you want to run.
Remember that the bad days will pass,
But the memories you make are sure to last.

Funny Back-to-School Poems for Kids of All Ages

Nothing breaks the ice or settles nerves like a funny poem. Adults, older students, and young kids can all start the school year with a funny shared poem.

The Teacher's Desk

What lurks over there in my teacher's desk?
Is it full of scary monsters, snakes, and bug nests?
What does she keep in her big, creaky drawers?
There must be mountains of scary horrors.

I try to creep over to see what's inside,
My anxiety and fear I simply can't hide.
I peek a little, and what do I see?
Really, nothing that much excites me.
Pens, pencils, stickers, and glue,
Teachers are normal, it's totally true!

Teachers Are Awesome Creatures

They make answers appear out of thin air,
They make curmudgeonly kids suddenly care.
Sadness and boos boos get fixed in a blink,
Teachers create fun with a smile and a wink.
They are magical wizards, I swear it is true.
Teachers are awesome creatures who are always there for you.

Teacher and elementary school students

The Mighty Backpack

The day is here, school has begun,
Kids are piling in, the bell has rung.
Backpacks are full, what's inside?
So stuffed they are, so much to hide.

Books, coats, pencils, and glue,
Markers and pens and some snacks too.
Pictures of friends and moms and dads,
Items of home to keep us from getting sad.

How do those backpacks get carried, who knows?
It seems that every hour, they grow and grow.
A student's backpack is a work of art,
Too bad they don't have the power to make everyone smart!

Make the Back-to-School Journey a Fun One

Remember that the journey back to school can be fun or filled with trepidation, depending on the child. If your kids are nervous to go back to school, use poetry to create comfort, connectivity, and excitement about the year to come. Thoughtful words and phrases color our universe and can enhance the educational experience for so many children.

10 Back-to-School Poems to Begin the Learning Journey