11 Best Babysitting Apps & Websites to Find the Right Sitter

Find the best babysitter for your kids and manage all the details with helpful, highly reviewed apps.

Published March 2, 2023
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You want to feel confident and secure in every detail when selecting the right care for your children, and these apps can help. Use the best babysitting apps and websites to find a caregiver that fits your family's needs. Learn the key features - plus extra details to consider - of these highly rated tools.


One of the most well-known platforms for finding family and home care, Care.com boasts a trusted approach to finding care for children, seniors, pets, and even housekeeping care for your home. Featured in USA Today, Real Simple, and on Mom.com, Care.com is praised for their extensive background checks and safety features.

Additional Features

Care.com offers a long list of background search criteria, including the National Sex Offender Registry search and Federal Criminal Records search. Customer reviews show that the caregivers using the platform receive positive feedback. The website features a helpful blog for parents and caregivers to learn and grow. There's also an app version of the site available.

Details to Consider

Though reviews of caregivers showcase a positive experience for most users, there are some issues voiced by users regarding customer service on the platform. There's a free version of the platform for those seeking caregiving services, but some of the background search features are only available through a premium membership. The premium membership is nonrefundable.

Parent Village

Parent Village is a growing caregiver search platform that offers a unique experience for parents and those seeking to provide care services for families. The sweet illustrations that fill the app are beloved by users, and finding and keeping consistent caregivers is easy. Parent Village lists safety as their highest priority.

Additional Features

The verification process for ensuring a safe interaction for caregivers and family members is free on the Parent Village app and includes a financial-grade identity verification and sex offender registry check. The Parent Village service is free, with no plans to create a paid membership. Parent Village also allows you to schedule recurring babysitting needs and communicate with your caregiver right inside the app.

Details to Consider

Parent Village is still a growing platform and the app that hasn't quite made a name for itself yet. Because of this, there isn't a specific option or process in place for children or family members with special needs.

Though safety procedures are in place, the company explains there is always risk when searching for caregivers for your family and urges users to always keep that in mind and take necessary precautions. Parent Village also communicates a potential future charge for positive placements of caregivers.


Komae is a variation of a babysitting app that allows parents to swap babysitting with one another so everyone can find childcare they trust without blowing their budget. The app helps you swap caregiving schedules with your group of mom or dad friends or helps you connect with other parents so you can form those trusting relationships.

Additional Features

Feedback from users largely praises this "village" approach to childcare. You can upgrade your account to a premium membership to sync your Google calendar with your scheduled babysitting times, but there is also a free service option. A points system helps you manage your time spent on babysitting and cashing in on your own chance to get childcare, so there's no exchange of money.

Details to Consider

Though feedback is mostly positive for this out-of-the-box babysitting app, there have been some concerns voiced over the use of the app itself. Glitches and bugs occur and some users have reported a difficult sign-up process.

Busy Bees Babysitting

Busy Bees Babysitting is an app and website that stands out from its competitors with a referral process for parents and caregivers. With over 8,000 families served, the company vets Busy Bees caregivers and even show up wearing their official uniform for each job.

The company advocates for giving parents a break as often while leaving their children in the best care possible. A long list of organizations and religious institutions back Busy Bees Babysitting.

Additional Features

Because the system relies on referrals for families and sitters, there is an added level of security for both the parents and the caregivers. This means that families can trust their child will be safe and sitters can trust they are arriving at a safe home every time they accept a job. Every Busy Bee babysitter also goes through an extensive background check process.

Details to Consider

Parents will have to go through a referral process to gain access to the network. Some users have pointed out that the rates are higher than other apps and websites and noted that the app contains a few glitches.

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Bambino is a combination of a babysitting service platform and social network of parents who are sharing their positive experiences with neighborhood babysitters. You can interact with other parents on the app, check out potential sitters, book your sitter, and continue communication all in one place.

Additional Features

Parents can request multiple sitters at one time to best discern who would be the right fit for their family. Bambino provides a background check badge for sitters to showcase once they clear that step and continue to get an updated check once a year.

Sitters can't begin the sign-up process until they have provided at least one parent as a reference. The app has standardized payments, so parents don't need to worry about trying to negotiate, and payments are made inside the app. The app is free to use for parents, and payments are due once the sitter completes the job.

Details to Consider

The background checks for sitters are only available if the sitters decide to pay for the process themselves, meaning this is not a requirement for sitters to use the app, but an additional step they can take. Some users have mentioned that the app needs a few updates regarding payment processes and receiving notifications from sitters.

Urban Sitter

Featured in USA Today and The New York Times, Urban Sitter helps connect families to every care need they may have. From babysitters and nannies to pet sitters and senior caregivers, Urban Sitters covers everything you need to take care of your family. Background checks are required for every sitter or caregiver and the app boasts an impressive 4.8 rating with users.

Additional Features

The app allows you to find, interview, book, and pay your care provider all in one place. Parents can add preset healthcare screening questions to their profile and even find sitters who will work with their family exclusively. There is even a last-minute booking option where parents can expect a response within two minutes.

Details to Consider

A subscription is required before parents can book a caregiver and rates vary depending on the frequency of subscription renewal. Some users have expressed concern with app issues and a slow response time from customer service.


Helpr connects working parents to potential babysitters and nannies, so their families receive care while they are out. The platform boasts an extensive background check process and features in publications like Reader's Digest, The Huffington Post, and Forbes.

Additional Features

Helpr offers a handful of features that set them apart from other babysitting platforms. Each sitter is required to gain a certification in CPR and produce three childcare references and showcase a minimum of two years working professionally with children.

Helpr works alongside employers to provide childcare benefits to their employees. They also help families through the screening process of finding an exclusive nanny for their children. There are no monthly subscription fees for Helpr, though pay rates vary depending upon location and the specific needs of your family.

Details to Consider

The app showcases a 4 out of 5 star rating, though some users have mentioned a slow process in booking a sitter. Information provided by the website suggests that the booking process is currently undergoing an update.


Sittercity is a one stop app for finding reliable care for your child, pet, elderly parent, or special needs family member. Connecting families to child care providers roughly every 11 seconds, this company understands that finding child care is more than finding someone to babysit.

Sittercity knows you are looking for someone who will nurture and protect your child, pet, or parent while you're away. Founded in 2001, Sittercity's motto is all about reimagining childcare.

Additional Features

Sittercity has an extensive trust and safety section that includes scam prevention, a thorough screening process, and sitter identity verification. Parents can even set up interviews with sitters they are considering.

Sittercity also offers a virtual sitting option which allows your child to engage with a care provider virtually to get help with schoolwork or play an interactive game while parents are tackling tasks.

Details to Consider

You will need to pay the monthly subscription fee of $45 to access all the apps benefits. Some users express issues while using the app, but you can access your account through the browser portal.

Other Helpful Apps

When you're looking for caregivers for your family, you must consider more than just finding the right person for the job. Additional tools can help you manage the relationship once you have selected a care provider and help everyone in your family stay on track with details.

Daily Nanny

Daily Nanny (also available for iOS) helps parents and caregivers stay in touch, manage schedules, track time, and even share photos. An app like this will help you feel more connected to your family and your sitter. You can share important information about your children so you and the caregiver are always on the same page.


Cozi is a family organizer app that helps you stay on top of all the details in your family. Reminders for appointments, grocery lists, and a color code system are just a few of the details that will help you, your caregiver, and every member of your family stay connected and organized.

Baby Daybook

Baby Daybook helps you and anyone else in your family track important details about the tiniest of your family members. Track naps, schedule feedings, share photos, and see statistics all in one place. This app syncs to your Google account and even offers a growth chart for reference as your little one develops.

Take Care of Your Family From Anywhere

Whether you're booking a sitter for Friday night, taking a peek at your baby's sleeping schedule, or sending a payment to your nanny, you can care for your family from anywhere with the right apps. Find the services that suit the needs of your family best and rest in knowing that you are taking every necessary step to keep your kids safe and happy.

11 Best Babysitting Apps & Websites to Find the Right Sitter