Create Your Own Barbie

Updated March 28, 2019
Barbie Doll Sitting on Wooden Bench

When you create your own Barbie doll or similar fashion doll, it gives a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Get creative and have fun making a doll-sized version of yourself or a doll character you've invented.

Official Custom Barbie Dolls

There is currently no way to have your own custom, tangible Barbie doll made through Mattel. There used to be an option through Mattel to make a Styled By Me Barbie that was customizable, but that option is no longer available. However, through licensing and creative artists there are a few ways to get your own Barbie or Barbie inspired doll created.

Paper Barbie Doll

Download official Barbie coloring pages then color them in to create your own drawn version of her. You can even print out the Fashion Sketch Paper Doll Barbie to cut out and dress. She comes with three outfits you can cut out, color, and dress her with.

Build-A-Bear Barbie

She may not be an actual Barbie Doll, but you can create your own official Barbie Bear at Build-A-Bear Workshop. The plush, hot pink teddy bear costs about $20 and features sparkly paw pads with the Barbie logo. You can add the Barbie 5-in-One phrases so the bear sounds like Barbie and get her the official Barbie Bear Convertible along with several outfit choices that reflect Barbie's many professions and styles.

Create a Doll That Looks Like You

Using modern technology many companies offer services that allow you to choose all the features on a doll or even make a doll that's based on your actual looks and measurements.

Custom Barbies From Artists

If you're looking for a display doll instead of a play doll, you can get a custom Barbie, sometimes called a "zombie doll," from an artist on Etsy. Wildflower Dolls from the U.S. makes you a custom head and places it on the Made To Move Barbie body for about $125. If you've got your own Barbie doll and simply want a custom face on her, Bee Real Dolls out of the United Kingdom will use your portrait to repaint the dolls face to match yours for about $89.

My Face on a Figure

Girls and boys can create their own custom Barbie-sized doll or action figure at for about $120. Give your figure a name and choose from either white or black as the skin color. From there you choose the size and gender of the body you want. For a Barbie-sized doll, choose the 12-inch female figure. Next you pick from over a dozen outfit options then follow the detailed instructions on how to submit photos of your face. The company uses a 3D printer to make your doll's head. You also get to pick the custom packaging and the doll is made in just 5 to 7 business days.

Create Your Own American Girl Doll

With the Create Your Own option from American Girl, you can create a unique 18-inch doll that looks just like you or features your own design for about $200. Each doll comes with a 6 month subscription to American Girl magazine and a custom t-shirt designed by the doll character you create. Start by choosing an American Girl doll that resembles the look you want, then customize hair color and style, facial features, outfits, and personality. You pick every detail down to face shape and eye color and you can even add braces or a hearing aid.

DIY Custom Barbie Doll

If you're the creative type and on a budget, consider customizing your own Barbie doll for your child.

  1. Head to the store and choose a Barbie-type doll that most closely matches the body type and skin tone you want.
  2. If you are using a Barbie you already own, wash her with soap and water and let her air dry completely first.
  3. Cut Barbie's hair into the style you like best.
  4. Die her hair using Kool-Aid or washable markers for temporary color. Use a permanent marker to make permanent streaks or food coloring to die her whole head permanently.
  5. Use acetone and a cotton swab to remove Barbie's current makeup or her entire face.
  6. Use a tiny paintbrush and acrylic paints to add facial features or makeup and allow time to dry. Don't use ink because it will bleed to other areas of the face.
  7. Use free Barbie sewing patterns or free crochet patterns for dolls to create completely unique outfits for your doll.

Create Your Own Virtual Barbie

If you can't afford to buy a custom doll or you want to create many custom dolls, online dress-up dolls and Barbie games and activities can give you the freedom to create multiple Barbies.

Barbie Fashionistas Style Your Crew

Kids of any age can create their own virtual version of Barbie on the official Barbie website in Barbie Fashionistas Style Your Crew. You choose your hair color, outfit and accessories then create as many friends as you want. Add each member of your style crew to the picture then you can print and save it. This game is free and easy to use with simple clicking and dragging. The modern music gives it a fashion show feel and you can add any of your favorite male or female characters from the Barbie Fashionistas line.

Barbie Fashion Closet App

Get your own personal Barbie fashion studio on any phone or tablet with Barbie Fashion Closet. The app is free to install and rated "E" for "Everyone." Choose your character then dress her in hundreds of outfits, change her hair color or style, and even do her makeup. Then take your Barbie character for a photo shoot where you can add fun stickers and add her to your album. There are in-app purchases which might limit your options if you're on a budget, but the free options are still enough to have fun with.

You're A Doll

Whether you choose a custom Barbie or another type of similar toy doll, making your own doll is fun and meaningful. Keep in mind one of the great features about Barbie is she fits into all walks of life along with her friends. If you can't create your own Barbie, you can probably find a current Barbie toy that matches what you're looking for.

Create Your Own Barbie