Types of Discovery Kids' Games and Toys

Updated March 14, 2019
Kids playing an educational game

The Discovery channel provides unique, educational television and media content that encourages learning and curiosity. It should come as no surprise, then, that Discovery kids' games and toys are educational; many also promote critical thinking skills. They are a great way to encourage kids to improve science, logic, and thinking skills while having fun.

Discovery Kids' Games

Discovery has a few options for kids who love games. The physical games also make for great family fun.

Interactive Games

To help kids have a blast and learn some important skills along the way, check out the following games from Discovery Kids.

  • Hungry Lion Feeding Game - Ideal for younger kids, the goal of this Hungry Lion game (about $40, for ages six and over) is to get the lion's 'food' into his hungry mouth. It encourages dexterity and focus; kids need to aim the launcher and fire the food. Sounds make it even more fun.
  • Teach and Talk Exploration Laptop - Equipped with over 60 games and activities, this young learner's laptop provides hours of fun with math games, word puzzles, brain teasers and more. Available for just over $30, it's also portable (requires four AA batteries).
Discovery Kids Teach 'n' Talk Exploration Laptop
Discovery Kids Teach 'n' Talk Exploration Laptop
  • SpaceShip Laser Tag - This infrared blaster games involves physics and electronic concepts as well as being fun. Kids six and over can

Discovery Kids Online Games

The media company formerly had a specific channel (Discovery Kids) and a website with online Discovery Kids games to play, but the television channel became Discovery Family in 2014, and the former Discovery Kids website for the US is undergoing construction. Discovery Kids is still available in Singapore, the Philippines, and South Africa. US residents can sign up for email notifications regarding the launch at DiscoveryMindBlown.com.

Building and STEM Toys

Discovery Kids offers a wide range of different building toys for different age groups that stimulate kids' minds and support a range of learning concepts, including science, technology, and math. Sets include things like magnetic building kits, imaginative block sets, and even mini vehicle kits that let kids build items like motorcycles or robots.

Large Scale Building Sets

Great for younger kids or groups, large scale build building sets are a good way to use imagination and encourage problem-solving skills. These sets typically have soft rods and connectors that allow for open-ended play, allowing kids to build forts, castles, crawl-throughs, towers, and more. A great example is the Discovery Kids Construction Fort (about $20), a 72-piece set a complete set of lightweight rods and connectors for ages five and up.

Magnetic Building Kits

Magnetic sets help bring ideas like gravity and magnetic forces to life, as well as encouraging imagination and fine motor skills. Try a set like the sturdy 50-piece Magnetic Tile Set for ages four and over (around $45).

Discovery Kids 50 Piece Magnetic Building Tiles Set
Discovery Kids 50 Piece Magnetic Building Tiles Set

Vehicles and Robots

An exciting option for older children, Discovery Kids offers a number of vehicle and robotic building sets. These come with individual pieces made of special material and instructions that kids can work on alone or with the help of an adult depending on their age. Some have things like motorized engines or hydraulic arms. Examples include:

  • The Discovery Kids Build and Create Robotics Kit (about $42) - Includes materials and designs for three robots. Designed for kids 12 and up, it helps kids discover energy powered by solar, salt, and electric forces.
  • Solar Vehicle Bot Kit- Kids ages eight and up can create up to eight different robot designs that go with the sun's power with this innovative kid. Find it for about $25.

Science Kits

One of the most popular items that the brand offers, fun science kits include materials and instructions for different experiments and creations. Concepts include weather, chemistry, animals, fossils, and more. Check out the following sets for ideas for multiple ages.

10-in-1 Science Kit

Made for kids ages eight and over, this 10-in-1 Science Kit contains multiple experiments in one set. For less than $15, children can do experiments with ultra violet beads, crystals, a rocket, and others. Project cards help keep things clear and simple to understand.

Mega 4-in-1 Science Set

The Mega 4-in-1 Science Set is also for those eight and up, and includes supplies for crystal growing, volcano eruption and dino and gemstone excavation. Encourage scientific skills with this kit for about $25.

Discovery Kids Mega 4-in-1 Science Set
Discovery Kids Mega 4-in-1 Science Set

Discovery Extreme Chemistry

For a bit more advanced science, those ages 12 and up can explore the world of chemistry in the Discovery Extreme Chemistry kit for about $20. It includes supplies, materials, and instructions for more than 40 experiments and chemical reactions.

Musical Toys

If your children are interested in music toys, they won't be disappointed by what Discovery Kids offers. They offer several unique items for kids that are music-related, such as their Digital Drum Sticks (under $10) or their Toy Microphone With Stand (under $25) that even lets kids input tracks from a smartphone or MP3 player to sign along with

Artistic Toys

Budding Artists will have fun expressing their creativity with Discovery Kids' art-inspired toys as well. Little ones can paint, draw, or use chalk with the 3-in-1 Wooden Easel (about $20) or get creative with innovative art toys like the Neon Glow Light Board (less than $15) that lights up artwork anywhere.

Projection Toys and Room Decor

Make bedrooms more fun with projection toys from Discovery. These also make great gift ideas. Choose from projection items for children that love everything related to space and planets, like the Space and Planetarium Projector (around $23, includes a rotating night sky mode with stars) or something that just jazzes up an older kids' room, like the Plasma Globe With Interactive light Show (just under $20).

Where to Buy Discovery Games and Toys

There are several places available to shop for Discovery items. If you are looking for older items, such as discontinued Discovery Kids DS games, your best bet is to look at secondhand site such as eBay. If you are looking for current toys, games, kits, or sets, however, you can find them at many department stores, as well as craft and gift stores. One of the most comprehensive sources of the brands toys is on Amazon.

Education Plus Fun

The Discovery brand is all about learning, but they also strive to make it fun an enjoyable for all ages. Find a new favorite among the toys and games this well-known brand has to offer.

Types of Discovery Kids' Games and Toys