Family Tree Template for Kids

blank family tree

Using a family tree template is a great way to teach kids about the fun of genealogy and the way that different generations of the family are connected to one another. Whether you're working with preschoolers or older children, these free templates are a great way to get kids involved and interested in their family history.

Family of Owls Template

This owl family tree works well for kids of all ages, although younger children will need adult help filling out the details for family members. You can add as much or as little detail as you like. When it's finished, this tree would make a great gift for a special grandparent.

How to Use this Template

created by LoveToKnow

To use this template, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click on the image of the owl tree and download the template.
  2. Print out a copy for each child.
  3. Have children write the family's last name on the line provided.
  4. Help children fill in the details for each family member. The bottom owl can represent the child, the next two owls can represent his parents, and the grandparents may be represented by the top four owls.

If you need help downloading the template, check out these helpful tips.


Depending on the age and attention span of the child, you can vary the amount of information you include in this tree. For younger kids, limit the details to each person's first, middle, and last names.

For older kids, write the name on the first line and other important information on the remaining lines. Ask the child to research the information for the family tree by interviewing each of their family members to determine their birthday, place of birth, and other information. The interviewing can be in-person, by phone or by writing a letter to the family member.

Family Tree Template for Preschoolers and Young Children

created by LoveToKnow
Print this free family tree template!

Because preschoolers and other young children may not be able to read yet, it can be difficult to understand the concept of a family tree. Using this free template, you can help kids create a tree that's all about pictures. Simply click on the image and print out the template.

There are two ways children can use this picture-based family tree.

Tree with Family Photos

To make this tree with photos, simply help kids find a favorite picture of each family member. Cut the photos to fit the tree, and then glue them on. When you're done, kids can hang up the tree to see the whole family and the family relationships at a glance.

Tree with Child's Drawings

You can also use this tree to help kids express their artistic talent, as well as their appreciation of family. The child can draw a picture of each family member in the space provided. When it's finished, this tree will make a great gift for grandparents or parents.

Fir Tree Genealogy Template for Older Kids

fir tree template
Print this fir tree template for older kids!

If you're looking for a genealogy template that's different from your standard tree shape, this fun fir tree is perfect. It has space for older kids to write detailed information about each family member. To keep kids engaged, it helps to have a goal like preparing this family tree to share at school or at a family reunion or to give to a family member as a unique birthday gift.

How to Use this Template

Here's how to use this free template:

  1. Click on the image and download the template.
  2. Print out a copy for each child.
  3. Have the child fill in the details for each individual on the tree.

Tips for Success with Older Kids

  • Try to get the older child to become very involved in developing the family information that will be added to the tree. They can interview adults, look through old photos, and look up information online.
  • Talk about the lives of each individual in detail, rather than relying on just the names and dates. It's the stories that make genealogy come alive for kids.
  • If kids are interested in adding even more information, consider using a more complex family tree template for adults.

Start with the Basics

Genealogy can be very complex, and the information about many generations can be confusing. That doesn't mean that genealogy can't be fun for kids. It just means that the family history project must be specially designed for the kids who are involved. These fun family tree templates are the perfect way to introduce younger generations to the joys of genealogy.

Family Tree Template for Kids