Free Easy Readers for Elementary

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Easy readers are short, normally fit within common core requirements, and have engaging topics that will keep a child's interest. There are many available options, including free options you can download and print from home.

Dogs Are Cool Easy Reader

This easy reader is an emergent reader for ages 5 and up. It uses wordplay, sentence repetition, and picture clues as well as beginning sight words. To print the book, click on the image and then the printer icon. The book is designed to be printed double-sided. Should you have any issues, you can use the guide to Adobe printables to help troubleshoot.

dogs easy reader
Dogs Are Cool Easy Reader

What Is an Easy Reader?

An easy reader is a book for a child who is learning to read. According to The Horn Book Magazine, Calling Caldecott, an easy reader tends to have limited words and contains sight words or simple words easily decoded using rules of phonics. Sentences and paragraphs are often short, and the readers are on topics that appeal to students between the ages of 5 to 8. Illustrations play an important role in easy readers as they help give clues about harder words as well as tell the story.

Free Easy Readers by Level

Some major children's publishing companies, such as Harper Collins Children's Books and Penguin Young Readers, have levels for easy readers to help you find the perfect book for your child. Each publisher has a unique system, but typically you'll find four levels.

Level 1 or Emergent Readers

These books are for children 5 or older, just learning how to read. They have simple vocabulary, word repetition, picture clues as well as predictable storylines and sentence structures. Consider these Level 1 easy readers for your child:

Level 2 Readers

These easy readers are for children who are progressively confident readers; generally, ages 6 and up. The stories are more engaging, and sentences are longer, but there is language play to help with the student's reading progress.

Level 3 Readers

These books are for independent book readers, ages 6 and up, who can read independently. They have more challenging vocabulary and high-interest subjects.

Level 4 or Advanced Readers

This level is for advanced readers, age 7 or older, and is considered the ideal bridge to chapter books. These books often contain chapters, short paragraphs and exciting plots or themes.

Other Free Resources

The best source for free easy readers is your public library. Most libraries have a wide selection and offer readers in digital and bound formats. You can also take advantage of children's reading websites that offer free trial periods, such as Reading Eggspress and Reading A-Z. These free resources will help your child learn and discover how fun it is to read.

Free Easy Readers for Elementary