Free Printable Treasure Hunt Clue Sheets

Updated December 21, 2018
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Sending kids on a treasure hunt is a great way to keep them busy during any party. It is also a good indoor activity for kids when the weather is inclement. Use one of LTK's fun printable treasure hunt clues for kids to get them excited about their hunt.

Printable Clue Sheets for You to Download

A treasure hunt will lead kids from one clue to another, until they find their "treasure" after figuring out the final clue. Many treasure hunts have themed clues to fit a party or seasonal theme. Download these themed clue sheets for your next party. Just click on the link for the clue sheet you want, and a PDF file will open up that you can print. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Pirate Clues

If your little guy or gal is obsessed with pirates, this is perfect. It's also great activity for a party with a treasure-hunt theme, since pirates are always after the treasure. You could also use these at Halloween, when kids might be dressed as different characters like pirates. Add to the fun of this themed hunt by giving each child an eye patch or pirate hat to wear as the hunt ensures.

pirate treasure hunt clues
Print these pirate treasure hunt clues.

Princess Clue Sheet

Princess Treasure Hunt Clues: Use these for a princess-themed birthday party or sleep over, or just for fun. This is another favorite theme from story books and movies is princesses.To add to the theme of this fun hunt, have a stack of storybooks that include the princesses for kids to read or rent movies that feature favorite princess characters to watch post-hunt.

Nature and Farm Clues

Nature Treasure Hunt Clues or Farm Treasure Hunt Clues: Most children are fascinated with things like the natural world, growing things and agriculture. In addition to being used at a nature or farm-themed party, these are great season activities, too. Use them in the spring when things start growing or in the autumn when nature makes a lot of changes. You could even use these as a fun starting point for a class or home school lesson on some aspect of nature of farming.

Beach Theme Clues

Beach Treasure Hunt Clues: Nothing says summer like a fun outdoor activity like going to the beach! Use these for a kids' summer beach or pool party. Planning a beach vacation? Use this hunt and finish up with the new about your vacation!

Vehicle Clue Sheets

Vehicle Treasure Hunt Clues: This one takes a fun twist on traditional treasure hunts because it uses modes of transportation and moving things kids find fascinating. This can also be incorporated into or used to introduce a lesson on something like street, vehicle or bicycle safety.

Birthday and Pajama Party Treasure Hunts

Birthday Treasure Hunt Clues or Pajama Party Treasure Hunt Clues: These treat the birthday child and his or her friends to great activity. It has the added bonus for parents and adults of working off some of the kids' energy as they race around hunting, too.

Sports Theme

Sports Treasure Hunt Clues: Boys and girls alike may love a sports fan, especially if they are athletes playing on a team. Considering printing the clue sheets on one of the team's colors (or a favorite sports team if he or she doesn't play) to make the hunt a little more customized.

Winter Treasure Clues

Winter Treasure Hunt Clues: Winter can bring the doldrums, so break up the boredom with this fun hunt. Not only does it get kids active outside, it ends with a sweet treat! Give the kids some fun winter coloring sheets once they come inside, too.

Using the Clue Sheets

Print off the clue sheet you are using so you have multiple copies of the clues. Cut the clue sheets so that there are no more clues beyond the first one on the instruction page. Place the rest of the clues in their designated spots. This way, kids can keep their clues as they move through the hunt, and no one walks away with a clue the next team needs to find.

Make the treasure hunt more exciting by having a fun prize for each child at the very end. You could place items in bowls marked for the first, second, and third place finishers. Alternatively, offer one prize to the winners and give everyone a themed treasure hunt favor after the party is over. You could also incorporate having to find items, using them as scavenger hunt clues for kids.

Happy Hunting

Free treasure hunt clues make party planning easy. Simply print the pages and hide the clues in their appropriate spots. Looking for an alternative type of hunt? Check out these free scavenger hunt ideas too. Don't forget to have your camera ready once the hunt begins!

Free Printable Treasure Hunt Clue Sheets