Gorilla Toys for Kids

Updated September 25, 2018
Girl looking at realistic stuffed gorilla toy

Gorilla toys bring kids closer to nature and make any place feel like the jungle. From cute plush toys to fierce playsets, there's a toy for every little gorilla lover.

Stuffed Animal Gorillas

Babies, toddlers, and young children appreciate the gentler side of these human-like animals with stuffed versions.

Beanie Bo

Bo the baby silverback gorilla is about as cute as cute can be. The smiling face and soft fur on this eight-inch stuffed Beanie from megabrand Ty. The small version is available for just under $6 while the medium version is just under $10. All Beanies have a birthday and Bo's is July 30, so kids born around then will especially love him.

Personalized Gorilla

Give your child a more personal companion with the 800Bear.com Personalized I Love You Gorilla. For just under $25 you get this friendly and lifelike eleven-inch plush gorilla. Your new little friend is wearing a white T-shirt with a heart design that includes your child's name. However, you can choose a different design for the t-shirt from about 30 stock images. This loving little guy makes a great personalized gift for kids and adults at birthdays and holidays. It even comes gift-wrapped.

Baby Gorilla

If your child is after a more realistic version to snuggle, the Melissa & Doug Gorilla Stuffed Animal is ideal. This stuffed gorilla comes with a certificate of adoption, and it sells for just under $22. Your child feel like they've made friends with a real gorilla.

Gorilla Figures

Older kids into role-playing games and toys or love to use their imagination in play can try out these durable options.

Playmobil Gorilla With Babies

Toddlers and younger kids looking for more durable action figures can start with the Playmobil Gorilla set that includes a mom with two babies. The figures come in a resealable bag so you won't lose them. For just over $11you can have this cute gorilla family to play with. Playmobil makes a whole line of family animal figures so you can use these alone or with other sets to make a full animal jungle.

Rampage Mega George

Fans of the Rampage movie featuring The Rock will love this sixteen-inch Mega George figure. This lightly colored and detailed poseable figure depicts George at his biggest size and comes with a bonus figure of his best friend Davis Okoye.

Hanno the Gorilla

If you want the ultimate in modern and durable gorilla figures, you've got to have Hanno the Gorilla. This powerful, sculpted gorilla is made from sustainable beech wood and features elastic-band muscles. While he doesn't look exactly like a real gorilla, this wooden toy can be posed in a variety of ways and was built to last for only $120.

Gorilla Play Sets

Take the fun further and immerse your child into the gorilla's world with these playsets and board games that include gorilla characters.

The Mashin' Max Game

Watch out for Max's giant mashing fists in this exciting game for kids from Hasbro. In The Mashin' Max Game kids, ages four and up, try to collect berries from around the board without getting smashed by the giant gorilla's fists. Up to three players can enjoy this silly game for under $14.

Thomas & Friends Jungle Quest

If you've got a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, they need the Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Jungle Quest to add to their other Take-n-Play sets or use on its own. The set features a large gorilla-head tunnel where trains can travel through its open mouth. When Thomas reaches the top of the mountain track a gem falls into the gorilla's open hand. The track set comes with a Thomas train figure and one train car for around $18.

WWE Slam City

Photo of Slam City Gorilla Play Set
WWE Slam City Gorilla in a Cell Match Play Set

Explore the stronger side of gorillas with the WWE Slam City Gorilla in a Cell Match Play Set. Wrestler Randy Orton became a zookeeper and now he needs your help getting the gorillas under control. The set comes with a detailed gorilla cage that's modeled after a wrestling ring, a palm tree launcher, a gorilla figure, and a Randy Orton figure for just over $20.

Bring the Jungle to You

Kids explore the world through play and gorilla toys can help them imagine what life is like for these creatures in the wild. Whether your child wants a cute animal to cuddle or a strong beast to rule the jungle, these toys bring gorillas to life.

Gorilla Toys for Kids