Horse Coloring Pages to Print

Updated October 27, 2018
Schoolgirl drawing a horse

A child that loves horses usually loves anything related to these majestic creatures. These horse coloring pages, printable from your home computer, are fun for any child who loves horses or farm animals in general. Even adults can get in on the coloring fun!

Free Horse Coloring Sheets

The horse coloring pictures below are PDF files. Just click on the images to download and print them, or visit this guide for Adobe printables if you need help.

Horse in Pasture

If you want to color your own breed of horse, this vertical coloring page features a large horse front and center. In the background you can see a fence and a field.

Horse in Pasture Coloring Page
Horse in a pasture

Mother and Baby Horse Coloring Page

You get to color two horses in one horizontal page with this mare and her foal frolicking through a field together. The background doesn't have a lot of detail so you can make the setting anywhere you can imagine.

mother and foal running free coloring page
Mother and foal coloring page

How to Use Horse Printables

There are numerous occasions and uses for horse coloring pages and horse activities, including:

  • DIY invitations or activities for a Western-themed birthday party
  • Enhance zoological studies or units on horses
  • Prepare a child for a day of riding or riding lessons
  • Teach horse anatomy or life cycle of a horse by labeling pictures
  • Teach manual dexterity through detailed coloring and holding different coloring tools
  • Teach muscle control by coloring inside lines
  • Teach colors or color mixing by directing which parts are filled in with which colors
  • Preparation for a unit on the history of America's now wild horses
  • Decorate a child's horse-themed bedroom by framing finished pages
  • Enhance a horse scrapbook by alternating photo pages and art pages featuring coloring sheets

Additional Horse Pages to Color

If you can't get enough horse coloring pages, try out these unique options to keep the fun going.

  • Unravel the mystery of what the horse looks like in this easy horse-themed color-by-number page. Use the six suggested colors to complete the image or choose your own colors.
  • Color your own circus horse complete with a beautiful woman riding in a standing position.
  • If you like to color funny pictures check out this coloring page that features a dog in the driver's seat of a car with a horse trying to get in the back seat.

Create Your Own Equine Art

Horse coloring pages are readily available in dozens upon dozens of designs and themes. Whether your child likes cartoon horses or more realistic scenarios, there is a printable page that will match his interests. The only limitation is how many pages you want to print at a time. However many you choose, your child is sure to enjoy this fun activity.

Horse Coloring Pages to Print