Hunting Games for Kids Online

Updated February 15, 2019
Little boy holding a gun

Hunting games for kids safely introduce your kids to the world of hunting. In fact, kids' hunting games may totally satisfy your child's need to become a hunter. Before your kids begin playing the hunting games online you find, use this time to talk to them about hunting safety. Even if you never plan on taking your kids hunting, the safety precautions you discuss may be used in the future.

Find Fun Free Hunting Games for Kids

There are numerous hunting games for kids available on the internet, and many of them can be played for free. Girls' and boys' hunting games may help with motor skills like hand-eye coordination, too. Be sure and play these games first before allowing your kids to do so. While they may be labeled appropriate for children, there may be more violence or graphic video than you prefer. Find popular hunting games free for kids online to play in a variety of styles, from simple versions to more complex and realistic formats.

Deer Hunting

Shoot the bucks to rack up points. However, don't hit a doe unless you want to lose points. The goal is to try to get the big one every time. In addition to points, Deer Hunting lets you know how many you hit and how many you missed. Level up to make it more challenging. While the game isn't graphic, it might be better for kids over 8.

Screenshot of Deer Hunting Game

Skeet Challenge

Looking for a low key challenge that won't include killing animals, Skeet Challenge will keep you on your toes. Using real-life graphics, you want to use your mouse to try to aim and hit the skeet. Much harder than it looks, on this game you'll use your keyboard and spacebar to hit the skeet. But the trick is you only have two bullets. Kids of all ages will have fun with this one.

Big Bird Hunting

This cartoonish game lets kids use a bow and arrow to take birds out of the sky. Given the control difficulty and aiming, little kids might have a harder time with this game; therefore, it might work better for those 9 and up. However, once you get the hang of shooting, it gets addictive scoring points.

Screenshot of Big Bird Hunting Game

Bubble Shooter

Hunting down those bubbles can be addictive. Fun for little kids, Bubble Shooter lets them make matches to pop the bubbles. You want to try to get more than two of the same color to get the pop combinations. The more you line up, the better the scoring.

Duck Shoot

Kids will have fun shooting rubber ducks out of the sky in the online arcade game Duck Shoot. Using your mouse and spacebar, you'll shoot ducks as they fly past for points. The harder the level, the more difficult the shots will be. However, don't forget to reload if you want to rack up the big score.

Screenshot of Duck Shoot Game

Algar Shoot the Moose

While you'll have to translate the instructions, Algar the Moose pops his cute little head up all over the screen so you can hit him with a water balloon. Earn points as you take him out here, there and everywhere. Have fun seeing how many Algars you can hit before your time runs out.

The Duck Hunter

Another one for your little duck hunters, The Duck Hunter is a bit more realistic than the Duck Shoot. Using a gun and a bullseye, you'll try to take the Mallards out of the sky. Be careful though because these ducks can move making shooting tricky. Additionally, you'll need patience, which makes this game better for 8 and over.

Screenshot of The Duck Hunter Game

Bear Hunter

Are you looking for big game? Bear Hunter provides your little buck master with a realistic bear game. Getting the bears on level one is easy, but it gets harder as you go. Additionally, this might be better for preteens if they scare easily since the bears do rear when you shoot.

Finding the Right Game

Finding the perfect online hunting games for kids can be hard since most online can include gore that you don't want your little to see. However, there are a range of online hunting games kids can play that don't include anything graphic. The best part is most of these games just require you to enable Flash to play them for free.

Hunting Games for Kids Online