Jeopardy-Style Questions for Kids

Published July 18, 2018
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Trivia is fun for all ages, but those ages 7 to 10 especially love it in the form of a competition. Creating a Jeopardy-inspired game for the classroom, youth group, scout meetings, or family game night is easy when you use these free, printable questions and answers.

Jeopardy Questions for Kids (With Answers)

Get the feeling of being on a game show without any TV crews or cameras with Jeopardy-style trivia. Click on the image then select the download and print icons from the open document. If you run into any trouble, the Adobe Guide can help. The free printable document features six general knowledge categories: Recess Games, Popular Toys, Fictional Teachers, Animated Movies, TV Show Theme Song Lyrics, and Homophones, each with five questions.

Jeopardy Style Questions and Answers
Jeopardy Kids' Questions and Answers

How To Make a Jeopardy Game

You can use materials you have at home, a familiar computer program, or online templates to create a quick version of Jeopardy for your kids.

Online Version

Use a program like Microsoft Powerpoint and a free Jeopardy-style template to create a game you can play on the computer, with a projector, or on a SmartBoard. You'll just need to add in the categories, point amounts, questions, and answers.

Paper Version

Use index cards or similar-sized bits of cardstock to create the classic Jeopardy grid on a wall.

  1. Print the questions and answers and cut each one out.
  2. Glue the question to one side and the answer to the other.
  3. Using a new card, write the point amount on one side and hang it on top of the corresponding question card with the value visible.

Basic Rules

All DIY Jeopardy games follow the same format as the game show.

  1. All answers must be in the form of a question such as: "Who was...?" or "What is...?"
  2. Questions can be formatted to include point values of 200, 400, 800, 1,200, and 2,000 or you can simply give the question card to the child when they answer correctly.
  3. Players use a buzzer, bell, or simply slap the table to indicate they know the answer.
  4. The first player to "buzz in" gets one chance to answer within about ten seconds. If they guess correctly, they choose the next category. If they guess wrong, the other players have a chance to "buzz in."
  5. The player with the most points or correct answers at the end wins.

Get Your Game Show On

Give kids their 15 minutes of fame with a home or classroom version of the classic game show Jeopardy. Feel free to use the questions and answers for standard trivia games or a game of your own invention!

Jeopardy-Style Questions for Kids