Kids' Science Trivia Questions

Published September 21, 2018
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Are you a scientist in training? See if you can correctly answer all the science trivia questions and find out how much you really know about general science practices and specific fields of study.

Science Trivia Questions and Answers

These forty questions will test the knowledge of kids in grades three and up on general science, biology, meteorology, geology, and astronomy. Each section includes four multiple choice and four true or false questions. Click on the image of the document to print the question and answer sheets. Use the Adobe Guide if you run into any problems accessing the printable.

Science Trivia Questions for Kids
Download science trivia questions and answers

Creative Ways to Use Trivia

Learning about science is fun because you get to explore the world around you and test out different ideas. Use science trivia to test your knowledge or spark a new idea. Be sure to follow science safety rules if you choose to extend the science trivia with hands-on learning.

  • Complete an easy science experiment inspired by one of the trivia questions to further your understanding of that topic.
  • Teachers can enhance classroom science lesson plans by writing one or more trivia questions on the board to give kids a clue about which part of science they'll start learning about.
  • Color outer space coloring pages then add related astronomy trivia questions to give to friends as a fun challenge.
  • Host a science-themed birthday party and use the trivia for a treasure hunt, competition, or on the invitations.
  • Use a blank board game template to invent a science game that requires players to answer trivia questions.

Ways to Study More Science

After you see which questions you answered incorrectly, study up on those topics. If you got them all right, branch out and start learning about more complex sciences like genetics or neuroscience.

  • Brush up on basic science definitions so you understand how to conduct experiments and what kinds of tools you'll need to use.
  • Use the scientific method to ask your own questions about why things happen or how they happen.
  • Answer more in depth weather trivia questions to better understand meteorology.
  • Visit science websites for kids that have worksheets, games, pictures, and videos like National Geographic Kids or Ology.
  • Read books such as the Fly Guy Presents nonfiction series to have fun learning about animals, weather, and outer space.

Check Your Science IQ

Kids in upper elementary grades should know many of the facts found in the science trivia questions. Adults can also have fun testing their science IQ to see how much they remember from their early science lessons.

Kids' Science Trivia Questions