Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

Published April 12, 2018
Subscription Box Delivery

Subscription boxes provide a little bit of fun with every box each month. Whether your child is geeky, an artist, or something in between, there is a monthly subscription box that you can have delivered right to your door for non-stop fun.

Geek Out With LootCrate

If you have a tween who embraces her inner Geek, LootCrate is a must-have subscription. Every month this crate sends a T-shirt and other licensed items featuring franchises such as Legend of Zelda, Marvel Universe, and Lord of the Rings. Subscribers get exclusive merchandise and collector's items like figurines and posters, that will make all their geeky dreams come true.

The crate offers several plans, but if you sign up for the full year subscription, the box is about $16 per month. The same company also offers other monthly crates such as Sanrio (think, Hello Kitty), SportsCrate, and an Anime-themed subscription. Forbes mentions it as one of their picks as one of the best subscriptions for kids, although admittedly, sometimes you'll get more 'adult' things like coasters. It's probably most appropriate for kids, ages 10 and over, but really, it holds massive appeal to anyone who is into some of these classic staples in 'geek' culture.

STEAM TinkerCrate

If you have a budding engineer on your hands, TinkerCrate (for ages nine and over) might be just the monthly box to keep her occupied. Each month you get a project with directions and all the supplies required, along with a magazine that has additional science experiments and additional instructional videos. Kiwi, the parent company also produces other boxes including a DoodleCrate for ages nine and over and similar STEAM-themed boxes for ages 24 months to eight years old. TimeOut lists TinkerCrate as one of the best buys. For $20, it's well worth the cost, especially since all the supplies for the project are right in the box, saving you oodles of time.

Green Kid Crafts

Ideal for craft-loving kids, ages two to 10, Green Kid Crafts offers a monthly box full of projects that center on a theme. Themes include things like space, gardening or music. All the supplies you need for the activities are in the box, and your subscription also includes a 12-page magazine to enhance the learning fun. While the company does bill themselves as a 'STEAM' offering, the emphasis should be placed on the 'a' for arts - this is mostly crafts. However, they are one of the few companies that offer 'real' activities for the pre-school set, and they also offer a sibling upgrade so you can get enough materials for all the little people in your house. If you want a book with your box, they do that too - which can make this kit major learning fun. The subscription starts at about $19 per month.

Slime Kits by Emerald

Slime Kits by Emerald offers what you've always wanted: slime. Each box comes with 'mini-slime' (ready-to-play with slime for those who just cannot wait.) It also comes with all the ingredients to make that month's slime. Who knew there could be so much slime? What's nice for parents whose kids are into this craze is that the box comes with all the supplies you need to make different kinds of slime. Examples include seasonal things like, Pumpkin Pie Butter Slime, and the kit is appropriate for kids who are old enough to play with slime (early elementary). The owner has an Etsy shop where you can see the types of things she has. It costs $25 per month.

Snail Mail Box for the Win

A subscription box makes a great gift as they keep on giving every single month. Thoughtfully curated, and generally complete with everything you need, consider a box for your next birthday or Christmas gift. It's guaranteed the recipient will not be disappointed.

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids