Nickelodeon Kids' Games Overview

Updated January 29, 2019
Boys playing video game is the place for kids to discover and play loads of Nickelodeon kids' games, read about their favorite shows, and have fun on the other many immersive sites available. Check out some different apps and online games that you can play with your favorite Nick characters.

Discover Nickelodeon Kids' Games

Kids looking for games with SpongeBob, Lincoln and other Nick characters can find loads of fun. Most of the Nickelodeon games are designed as an app offered through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon store. These simply need to be downloaded on to your devices to play.

Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse

Come play with Lincoln from the Loud House on this app available for iPhone and Android products. Rated for 4 and over, this game lets you build your treehouse rooms to your specification and customize items on each floor. Using Lincoln and Clyde along with the sisters, you can complete quests and level up which can open up new items to add to your treehouse décor.

Sky Whale - a Game Shakers App

Join the Game Shakers creation Narby as he moves through the air. Collecting donuts Narby can go up in the air and even underwater. Rated for kids over 4, this game is available on both App Store and Google Play.

TMNT: Portal Power

This IOS and Android app allows you to control all the ninja turtles to fight Shredder and Kraang. While you can choose your turtle, the game also has a unique feature that allows you to control all turtles at once. Kids over 9 can kick, punch and fight their way through the levels while earning costumes and unlocking new moves.

Henry Danger Crime Warp

Available for iPads and Android tablets, this game is based on the Henry Danger series. You can be Captain Man or Kid Danger and rid the bad guys by jumping, attacking and sliding through different eras in time. You might get funky in Groovetopia or even battle in outer space. Rated for older kids 9 and up, use your fingers to earn coins and open levels.

SpongeBob Bubble Party

Bubble popping is the name of the game in SpongeBob Bubble Party. Try it out on your iPod with SpongeBob, Sandy and all your favorite Bikini Bottom characters. Using your fingers, kids of all ages will enjoy popping the bubbles as fast as they can to earn points and unlock high scores.

Llama Spit Spit - a GAME SHAKERS App

Spit your way to power-ups and coins through this fun Game Shakers app. Available for your i-products, Llama Spit Spit allows you to earn crazy costumes while defeating hipster enemies in the Game Shakers world. Preschoolers to preteens can enjoy this Nick game.

TMNT Rooftop Run

While hand-to-hand combat is always fun, TMNT Rooftop Run will let you play with your favorite turtles and drive through the streets of New York. Collecting energy orbs and unlocking weapons or characters, kids over 9 can shake off the foot clan. You can even earn the turtles pizza rewards through a mini-game on your iPad or tablet.

Explore Nick Jr. Games

The fun isn't just for the big kids either with Nickelodeon games. Toddlers and preschoolers can join the fun too through games that are specifically designed for this younger audience through These games offer audio and visual instructions and easy-to-use controls specifically for littles. Additionally, unlike Nickelodeon, most of the games are played right through the website.

Paw Patrol Snow Slide

Join your favorite furry friends in Paw Patrol Snow Slide. Little kids will help Everest to pick up dog snacks and save baby penguins as she careens down a mountain. Through easy to follow visual instructions, kids will click the space bar to get power boosts and jump through the snow. Collecting penguins can help you to pass the level.

Race to the Rescue

After clicking play and watching the intro, kids can get to racing in this Race to the Rescue game from Monster Machines. Using the arrow buttons, kids will help Blaze to jump and move around the course to avoid obstacles. Jumps allow you to do tricks and earn a boost.

Shimmer and Shine: Dragon Princess

Get your genie on with Shimmer and Shine by helping them to make a dragon princess movie. Young kids will enjoy the bright, vibrant visuals as they choose the setting and the characters for the new movie. They can even watch what they create.

Fun With Peppa

Have Fun with Peppa Pig on an outing. You get to choose the fun like having a bath, going on a picnic or going on a ride with Miss Duck. Audio instructions tell little kids how to play the game and what to do next when they make it through the level.

Playing Games With Your Favorite Shows

Kids love Nickelodeon characters from SpongeBob to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Have fun with them through online apps and games. Little kids can even join all the fun through games designed specifically for them.

Nickelodeon Kids' Games Overview