Pictures of Winter Sports for Kids

Updated November 21, 2019

Outdoor Winter Sports for Kids

The snowy season is the perfect time for outdoor winter sports, and these pictures of winter sports for kids can provide lots of inspiration for fun things to do. Outdoor activities are terrific exercise and many children take naturally to activities like skiing and skating. These activities are not only fun, but also give kids the opportunity to develop coordination, get some fresh air, and spend the day outdoors exploring.


Sledding is more than just snowy fun. Sledding is also great exercise as kids run up and down snowy hillsides pulling sleds. Be sure to be safety-minded. Helmets are recommended, as is parental supervision.


Do your kids think skiing is old-fashioned? Snowboarding is to current generations what skiing was to previous generations. Snowboarding is great outdoor activity for older kids, and many love the skateboard-like control of the snowboard.

Cross-Country Skiing

Also known as Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing gives kids the opportunity to experience gorgeous landscapes while sliding along on skis. Cross-country skiing is especially good for kids who don't enjoy the speed of downhill skiing.

Show Shoeing

Snow shoes provide an even surface that allows kids to walk across the top of the snow. Not only is it great exercise, but it is also a fun way to spend time out in the snow.

Ice Skating

Indoor and outdoor ice rinks provide hours of healthy fun. Be safe by choosing designated ice skating areas on lakes and ponds so as to avoid ice that is not completely frozen. In addition, wearing safety equipment like helmets and pads to protect against bumps and bruises is recommended.

Including Preschoolers in Winter Sports

While some winter sports are not suitable for very young children, you can actually start children as young as age two with downhill skiing. Most ski resorts offer lessons specifically geared to children and there are small and easy hills for them to get started on.

Inner Tubing

Sliding down a snowy hill in an inner tube is a fun, family-friendly activity that kids and adults love. Some people find tubing a bit easier than sledding and there's not much skill involved so even young children who are just beginning can enjoy it right away.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another activity where children can start as young as two, though safety measures, like wearing appropriate outerwear, need to be employed and adult supervision and guidance. Hockey is a fast-paced sport that children enjoy, and it teaches working as a team and cooperation, along with good sportsmanship.


Curling has been rising in popularity after viewers were exposed to it watching the Winter Olympics on TV. There are now many youth curling clubs across the U.S., particularly in the Midwest. Curling is an excellent source of exercise as well as the opportunity for children to learn strategy.

Ice Fishing

Parents who love ice fishing can start their children early and some will bring children as young as three to help them out. It's an excellent way to spend the day with children in an activity that is fun yet also allows time for family conversation and bonding while enjoying the great outdoors. And if you're lucky enough, it will provide you with a delicious fish dinner at the end of the day.

Dog Sledding

If you've ever watched the Iditarod race featuring hardy sled dogs racing across a frozen tundra, you may enjoy taking a turn on a dog sled yourself. Dog sledding can be down anywhere there's enough snow and you have a trained dog team and children love this activity as it involves two things they love: fast speeds and dogs.


Another winter activity that involves dogs is skijoring. In this sport, you can hook your dog up to your waist and they will pull you along. You can wear skis or a snowboard while skijoring and any dog can do it. Young children and adolescents enjoy skijoring as they can enjoy fast speeds through the snow while bonding with their dogs. It's also a wonderful outlet for a high energy dog who will likely curl up and nap with the kids once the fun is over.

Ice Biking

Children who love biking in the warmer months may find ice biking in the winter even more thrilling. Using mountain bikes, you ride through the same types of trails used in the summer and some parks even offer access to riding on frozen lakes. Ice biking is best done by older children who are experienced riders while under supervision.

Indoor Sports for Children

Not all children enjoy the cold and fast-paced sports. Activities to keep children physically fit inside during the winter months can include gymnastics, dancing, or indoor team sports like basketball. As long as it's an activity your child enjoys, you can find creative ways to keep them engaged while cooped up inside to avoid the chilly weather.

Pictures of Winter Sports for Kids

Regardless of which winter activities you choose this year, the goal is to get outside, have some fun, get some exercise, and spend time together. Enjoy!

Pictures of Winter Sports for Kids