Printable Word Puzzles for Kids

Published September 20, 2018
girl working on a word puzzle

Printable word puzzles combine education, fun, and competition for kids ages five and up. Select the worksheet you want to try, then download and print using the Adobe guide for help when needed.

Kids Jotto Playsheet

Jotto is a fun word game that can be played anywhere and anytime by kids who can spell several three-letter words. This free playsheet features sections for two players. If you've got more than two players, print out more copies. Cut along the dotted line in the center of the page to separate the document into two playsheets.

Kids Three-Letter Jotto Sheet
Kids three-letter Jotto sheet

How to Play Jotto

There are several versions of Jotto, but the simplest is three-letter Jotto with two players.

  • Each player writes any real three-letter word in the appropriate spot on the playsheet. Players should keep their playsheets covered during the entire game.
  • On a turn, a player guesses a three-letter word they think their opponent has chosen. The player writes this word in the "Your Word Guesses" section of their playsheet.
  • The opposing player then says how many letters in your guessed word match letters in their actual secret word. You write this number next to your guessed word on the playsheet.
    • Each player must use this information to figure out what the opponent's secret word is. If there are matching letters you can easily figure out, write them in the "Opponent's Letters" section. For example, if their word is "mom" and you guess "job" you would know the one letter that matches is "o."
  • Gameplay continues with players taking turns until one person correctly guesses the other person's secret word.

List of Three-Letter Words for Kids

If you need help coming up with secret words, try out these tricky suggestions.

  • Ate
  • Are
  • Bib
  • Cob
  • Dig
  • Elf
  • Goo
  • Hip
  • Ice
  • Jaw
  • Lap
  • Map
  • Nod
  • Pad
  • Rad
  • Sun
  • Ton
  • Win
  • Yak
  • Zap

Letter Sudoku for Kids

Sudoku games are logic-based and challenge kids to see if they can pay close attention to detail. Each of these reading-themed grids has four letters started for you. Your job is to fit each of those letters only once in every row and column of the grid. How many winning combinations can you find?

Book-Themed Letter Sudoku
Book-themed letter sudoku

Word Builder Worksheet for Kids

Kids ages six and up who are working on beginning and ending sounds are ideal candidates for this word puzzle. Children must create six words related to building a house by combining word beginnings from one house with word endings from the other house. While kids can make several different words using the letter combinations provided, they have to be skillful in making only the words that relate to building a house.

Kids Word Builder Word Puzzle
Word builder word puzzle

Fun With Word Puzzles

If your kids can't get enough of these challenging activities, try out other types of word puzzles like crosswords and word searches.

  • Test your skills with the snack and outdoor activity crossword puzzles made for kids ages six to twelve.
  • Print and complete these free space, beach, and breakfast word searches for kids.
  • Challenge the whole family with unscramble word games for kids, teens, men, and women.

Exercise Your Mind

Word puzzles not only reinforce basic language concepts, but they also exercise your brain. Complete the word puzzles on your own for fun or challenge friends and family members to see who can finish them in the fastest time.

Printable Word Puzzles for Kids