Free Spring Clip Art for Kids (and Cute Ways to Use Them) 

Updated April 28, 2022
Kids making cards

Adorable spring clip art can help brighten projects or give a bit of pizazz to something you're working on. Brighten your stationery, make cute cards for kids, or insert the clip art into a newsletter. The possibilities are endless with this fun springtime clip art. You can also learn about additional places that offer free spring clip art for kids.

Cute Spring Clip Art to Celebrate the Season

Start the season off right with some happy spring clip art! Spring images can make anyone smile, especially kids, and it can be used in many ways. To download, click on the image, and a file will appear that you can print.

Spring Is Here

The excitement of spring comes to life with this cute clip art that features the phrase 'spring is here' along with butterflies and flowers. It hops right off the page.

spring is here clip art

Happy Spring Break

Celebrate spring break by making a fun banner. This clip art works perfectly to get you ready.

Happy Spring Break Clip Art

Spring Flowers

Bright, beautiful flowers are another favorite hallmark of spring. These fun and whimsical florals can add a special touch to projects and cards.

flower clip art

Welcome Spring

Who doesn't want to welcome spring back into their life? This clip art makes a great addition to a spring wall or kid's bulletin. It tells the whole world spring is back.

Welcome Spring Clip Art

Colorful Butterfly

Bees and butterflies are joining the land of the living again. Create a fun spring card or craft using this colorful butterfly. You can use the black and white clip art for kids to color.

butterfly clip art black and white
butterfly clip art

Sunshine Clip Art

Say goodbye to the dreary days of winter with this sunny, smiling clip art! It will chase those winter blues away any way you use it.

smiling sun clip art

Springtime Clip Art for Renewal

Spring brings everything back to life. The flowers come back to life, and the birds and frogs are chirping. Try out this fun clip art celebrating renewal and the holidays.

Baby and Mother Bird

Spring is filled with the wonder of new life. Show it off with this lovely image of a happy mother and her baby birds in their nest.

baby and mom bird clip art

Bunny Clip Art

Along with birds, bunnies are a favorite spring image. It's perfect for Easter projects.

bunny clip art

Duck With Flowers

Nothing is cuter than a baby duck. Add a cute duckling and a few colorful flowers to glam up your worksheet.

duck with flowers clip art

Celebrate Spring Showers

April showers are here to bring May flowers. Make your April craft projects and boards fancy with a few different umbrella ideas.

Colorful Umbrellas

Rain is part of spring, but it can be fun to splash in the puddles. Use the pastel or red and white umbrellas for whimsy.

bold umbrella clip art
umbrella clip art

Polka Dot Umbrella Clip Art

If you're looking for umbrella clip art that has something a little extra, consider these two fun images featuring polka dots.

umbrella clip art
umbrella clip art

Spring Clip Art of Activities

From dancing in the rain to hunting for Easter eggs to flying a kite, there are a lot of different activities in April. Try out these fun activities clip arts to add to your cards and doors, or make a sign.

Playing in Puddles

Kids love to play in puddles in April. Brighten up your spring projects with these free whimsical images.

girl with umbrella

Flying a Kite

April is National Kite Month. Celebrate this month by adding this clip art to your classroom.

children flying kites

Hunting Easter Eggs

Need to make an Easter egg hunt sign? Trying to create a fun Easter-inspired word search? Try adding this Easter egg hunt clip art.

Easter Egg Hunt Clip Art

Using Kids' Clip Art in Spring

Free spring clip art comes in handy. Check out a few different ways to use spring clip art in activities in and out of school.

Use Spring Clip Art in Education and School

Clip art is a lifesaver in schools. Free clip art comes in handy for projects, bulletins, worksheets, and decorations.

  • Add clip art to a blank journal page to help inspire kids to write spring stories or poems. You could also print a writing prompt to go along with it.
  • Make multiples of one of the clip art images in a Word document, then print and cut out to use as counters.
  • Use them as reward cards for behavior during spring. If you catch a child doing something good, they get a slip with a great graphic, like the smiling sun, to add to their collection. Once they receive a certain number that you've determined in advance, they'll allow them a reward or small prize.
  • Affix them to kids' treat bags for an Easter or spring party.
  • Place them on note cards and put them in kids' lunchboxes.
  • Young kids may enjoy a spring themed book. Use the spring images along with facts about spring and spring coloring pages to make a small booklet to use as a teaching tool.
  • Use them to decorate bulletin boards or doors.
  • Make fun spring nameplates for cubbies and desks using the clip art.

Spring Clip Art Activities Just for Fun

Clip art can be used at home too!

  • Create original Easter cards or invitations for a spring event. Let the graphic inspire the wording.
  • Print on cardstock and use to make pencil toppers or bookmarks.
  • Use as cute countdown markers on a spring break countdown calendar.
  • Use on blank paper and personalize with your child's name so they have their own customized stationery to write notes to friends and family.
  • Make a springtime door sign by adding your child's name.
  • Print on paper and create spring coasters using Modge Podge and tiles.
  • Print on cardstock and affix small magnets to the back. Young kids can use them to create scenes or act out stories on the refrigerator while you make dinner; or you can use them to hang their prized spring artwork and homework papers.

Other Places to Find Free Spring Clip Art for Kids

You can find an array of free spring clip art all over the internet. From black and white spring clip art to colorful images, you can find it all. Explore a few additional places with spring clip art to share.

  • My Cute Graphics features several simple clip art pieces of rain showers, cute kids, sunshine, rainbows, etc.
  • Clipart Panda offers borders and colorful flowers inspired by spring.
  • Clipart Library pulls images from all over the web for spring. From sunshine to spring scenes, you have a lot of options.
  • Clipart has dozens of free spring and spring break clip art you can use for personal projects.
  • Lee Hansen Design provides an array of fun borders and colorful clip art of baskets, flowers, bugs, and umbrellas.

Use Spring Clip Art to Spark Creativity

There are many ways to use these springtime clip art images to help spark creativity. Give them to kids on a blank piece of paper and let them create Easter or Mother's Day cards. Make a banner for your home to simply welcome spring. Add glitter to the flowers or cotton to the bunny to make the images pop on a poster. Regardless of how you use them, they will inspire and encourage your kids to enjoy spring.

Free Spring Clip Art for Kids (and Cute Ways to Use Them)