Webkinz Secret Codes

Updated March 11, 2019
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By utilizing Webkinz secret codes, a Webkinz owner is able to adopt a pet, enable different kinds of play and go places within the site that had not been accessible previously. Learn how to access these codes where to get them and if you can find them online for free.


Webkinz are plush toys that come with a pre-programmed code to log into the official Webkinz website. When a Webkinz owner logs in, he registers his animal, names it, learns about its favorite things to do and color and starts to learn about Webkinz World. Accounts last for one year with your Webkinz secret codes login. At the time the account expires, a user must renew it. During the year, however, the Webkinz owner can have lots of fun. Friends can be made, the Webkinz's room can be decorated (and re-decorated), WebkinzCash can be earned, and many games can be played.

Webkinz Secret Codes

Webkinz offers secret codes that are available to users. These codes give users extra privileges or additional items. The codes on Webkinz can be broken down into two categories.

Adoption Codes

Adoption codes are gained when you purchase your Webkinz either online or through a vendor. These give you access to a virtual edition of your pet. This will unlock a full one-year membership for your pet, and many include a special adoption gift box. The special gifts vary based on regular, signature and endangered pets.

Feature Codes

Feature codes are available on Webkinz with a W+ listed on them or can be bought online. These codes gain kids access to special features within the site. For example, the code might unlock items at KinzStyle Outlet or classes at Kinzville Academy. Additionally, depending on the feature code, you might gain limited access to Quizzy's Discovery Zone or Signature Safari.

Getting Webkinz Codes

You can find Webkinz codes on the plush toys that are available at different retailers like Walmart and Walgreens. You can also purchase both feature and adoption codes at the GANZ eStore. Unused codes from retired creatures or rare animals might be available through vendors like Amazon or eBay. However, make sure to double check with the buyer that the code is unused before purchasing.

Redeeming Secret Codes

In order to redeem an adoption code, you'll click on the play button then enter your membership information if you already have a membership. If not, you'll click on 'I'm New,' then 'I Have an Adoption Code'. This is where you will enter your adoption code. Those with feature codes will go to the Code Shop to enter their code. Please take note that adoption codes and feature codes are different and will not work if entered into the wrong section. On the app, you can redeem your adoption codes through the family button and feature codes through the shop.

Getting Free Codes

With a simple Google search, you'll see lots of places offering free codes both for adoption and features. However, these Webkinz cheat codes are not authorized by Webkinz. For those looking for adoption codes, Webkinz does offer free pets that don't require an adoption code for kids that want to play the game but don't have or haven't bought a code. Those looking for free feature codes, the Webkinz site does offer free secret codes at various times of the year. These codes and when they are offered can be found through their blog. For example, during Christmas, Webkinz offered several one day codes for kids. These codes gave kids free stuff for their pets like Santa hats.

Legal Ways to Get Free Stuff

In addition to free codes, Webkinz gives away free stuff to kids as well. You can get free cash, gifts and more by taking part in Webkinz sponsored events. This can include trophies, free prizes, and different gifts. For example, in March 2019, Webkinz has player-appreciation day, a Looking for the Leprechaun challenge and a spring shopping spree. Additionally, kids earn bonus coins to spend through various games.

Benefits of a Deluxe Account

If you want all the options but don't want to have to worry about codes, Webkinz does offer a deluxe account that you can purchase. This membership can open the door to many different areas that you need feature codes to access. Additionally, kids earn bonus coins to spend each month. The cost is as low as $1 a month.

Using Your Codes

Webkinz are built off codes that allow you to make your plush bull terrier a virtual pet that you can care for in the virtual Webkinz World. In addition to utilizing adoption codes, Webkinz offers secret feature codes that can open different areas of the online game. You can also earn free codes by taking part in challenges, playing the games and Webkinz special offers. These codes can open new pets, accessories, and prizes. It's time to find your codes to enjoy this fun online game site.

Webkinz Secret Codes