Free Online Parenting Magazine Resources

Updated December 31, 2018
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The Internet can be an incredible resource for parents; a free parenting magazine online can offer articles and advice for today's toughest parenting questions. From online parenting magazine articles to free baby magazines, there are plenty of resources to help parents navigate the challenging world of parenting today.

Parenting Magazine Websites

You don't have to have a subscription to enjoy the vast resources of many of the nation's top parenting magazines. While you may not be able to read all the articles that appear in the print magazine, many parenting magazine sites offer hundreds of Web articles, recipe collections, Q and A and advice sections, expert interviews, and much more. Recommended free parenting magazine online sites include:

Family Fun

The Family Fun magazine site is packed with articles and information on parties and travel, interactive games and family game ideas, recipes and arts and crafts, how-to videos, printables, and more. You can browse the print magazine and read sample pages online for free.

Parents Magazine

In an easy-to-to -navigate site, Parents offers great articles, in timely features on the site, and fosters interaction with their community sections where you can voice your opinion and read what other parents have to say. Order a subscription via the site at discounted rates.

Working Mother Magazine

Working Mother Magazine is the only major publication dedicated to helping working moms find that work-life balance. With a dash of humor, moms can expect to find practical advice, encouraging articles spurring moms onto guilt-free living, recipes, and ideas for all stages of motherhood from newborn to college-aged.

EcoParent Magazine

If you're finding it hard to reduce your carbon footprint and also parent practically, EcoParent is for you. This Canadian-based publication offers tips on everything from finding eco-friendly baby gear, to recipes that are easy, organic and child-friendly. Make sure to also check out the section on beauty and makeup.

Free Baby Magazines

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While many parenting magazines, such as the preceding, offer discounts when you order your subscription online, you can also go online and sign up for subscriptions for totally free baby and parenting magazines. A few free baby magazines subscriptions are:

NewParent Magazine

NewParent Magazine offers brand new parents tips and tools for coping with that first year or two of life. With a comprehensive milestone center, articles on coping with toddler behavior, and current information on common health concerns, this magazine is a one-stop-shop for all your new parent questions.

Mother & Baby Magazine

Mother & Baby Magazine is a UK-based publication (but you can get it on Amazon if you need a print copy.) The site is chock full of all sorts of practical advice and detailed articles on coping with life as a new parent.

While not a parenting magazine per se, offers a variety of online articles and tips for parents with school-aged children. If you want to better understand how to navigate your child's school system - come to this no-frills site for the most current information.

Local Free Mags

Many communities offer free magazines that have great resources for parents. You can often find these magazine sites by visiting your local library Website or a Website for your city or community. These are usually sponsored by local businesses and may have advertisements for local companies. An added feature of these magazines is that they often contain community calendars, so you know about family and child-related events happening locally.

Tips for Online Parenting Advice and Magazines

In addition to the above resources you can find online, hundreds of sites now offer free parenting magazines, or e-zines, and newsletters. When looking for a free online magazine, however, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Can you read the magazine online, or do they require you to put in your e-mail address first? Some sites promise they won't spam you, but others are seeking e-mail addresses to sell or to promote advertising. Check out the e-mail policy of the online magazine before you sign up.
  • Can you find out information about the people who wrote the articles? A good online parenting magazine will have articles written by qualified journalists or parenting experts.
  • Are the articles factual or just opinion? While opinions and advice are fine, you may not want to subscribe to an online parenting magazine that is entirely based on opinion. Look for credible facts and sources.
  • Is there a name and contact information for the e-zine? Be wary of e-zines that don't have information about the magazine itself. Companies who are proud of their magazine and have integrity in what they are providing won't be afraid for you to contact them if you have feedback.

Parenting Advice at Your Fingertips

With digital options for your favorite parenting magazines, you can have advice, practical strategies and more anytime you need them. Pulling up an article online at home or on your device has never been easier.

Free Online Parenting Magazine Resources