Fun Family Night Out Ideas for All Ages

Published July 18, 2018
Fun Family Night Out

If you're looking to get out and have fun together, try a family night that's unexpected and uncommon. Plan your family fun night at a time that works well for everyone so you can all have a good time.

Escape Room

If you haven't discovered the escape room craze, now is the time! You'll need to find a company that hosts them in your area and can expect to pay around $15 to $30 per person. The basic premise is you are all locked in a room together and have to solve the clues to get out. Many escape rooms are made for groups of any size or age, but some will have rooms specifically designed for younger kids or teens. You can even make your own escape room right at home.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dinner

Turn an ordinary dinner out into a fierce competition when you play Rock, Paper, Scissors for your dinner. Choose an order, like youngest to oldest, to start. Make each decision such as where to go, what drinks to order, what food to order, and whether to get dessert using the simple game. The first two players compete for decision number one and the winner gets to make the final choice. The loser from each round takes on the next player for each successive decision.

Family Paint/Craft Night

Family Paint/Craft Night

Although there are many paint night events paired with alcoholic beverages, there are also plenty geared toward kids and families that don't include alcohol. If you can't find an event nearby, team up with other families and bring your own supplies to create matching canvases. For example, you could learn to draw a fish on a canvas then let each member paint one and hang them together as a school.

Fishing Charter

Ideal fishing times include early mornings and evenings, so why not take the family out on a fishing charter? The charter company provides all the equipment and even hooks the fish for you, so everyone can take turns reeling them in. This activity can be costly, but you'll get to catch some really big fish thanks to the help of experts and keep your haul.

Sunset Paddle

You can rent canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards at many outdoor stores or marinas. Some even host evening or sunset paddle events where they guide groups around a specific area. If you've got younger kids, opt for a two-person kayak or canoe so you can keep a little one with you. Older teens might enjoy the challenge of paddle boarding.

Tandem Bike Ride

Get in some old fashioned fun with a tandem bike ride. Look for a shop that rents these bikes made for two or more riders. You'll all have to work together and learn how to ride a bike again as you explore an area together. If you can't find a tandem bike, look for other unusual modes of group transportation like a pedal boat, golf cart, or a surrey.

Sleepover House Swap

Invite your closest family friends to take part in an overnight house swap. Each family will spend the evening and sleep at the other's house for one night. The sheer novelty of being somewhere different can be really fun. Make sure to stock up on your family's favorite snacks and pull out the games you play most so your friends can live just like you while at your house.

Cemetery Walk

Cemetery Walk

Although it might seem spooky, an evening cemetery walk could be fun since it won't be totally dark yet. Families with older kids can tell ghost stories or perform a seance. Those with younger kids can look for familiar letters and numbers on gravestones or play hide and seek. Have contests to see who can find the oldest date of birth or the most interesting headstone.

Family Fun for Everyone

You don't need a lot of money or planning to embark on a mini family adventure any night during the week. Look for interesting and unique experiences that can be adapted to meet the unique makeup of your family.

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Fun Family Night Out Ideas for All Ages