15 Pregnancy Magazines, Books, & Websites That Are Worth Your Time

We have compiled the best resources for someone newly pregnant.

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Whether you've been waiting to see those pink positive lines on your pregnancy test for months (or years-we've been there too!), or they came as a huge surprise, you may find yourself in need of some guidance. Many expecting parents could use a little help narrowing down the best resources to spend their time on.

Pregnancy Resources: Magazines, Websites, Apps, Books

Print magazines are, honestly, scarce these days. With the ease of access to online material, many pregnancy magazines have switched to online platforms, but you can still find a few to hold in your hands and thumb through. There are also books and parenting blogs worth exploring.

Mother & Baby

Based in the United Kingdom (UK), this online site covers topics from taking pregnancy tests to labor and delivery and you can start exploring today.

Here you will find advice on the best new products for baby and expectant parents like tips on breastfeeding, preventing stretch marks, and getting your baby's nursery ready.

Pregnancy Magazine

Pregnancy Magazine is an online publication focusing on first-time moms. Since first pregnancies often bring with them a ton of questions, this site has articles and features that answer them. From how to manage morning sickness to weight gain to labor, Pregnancy Magazine helps to fill in the blanks. The magazine includes infant gear reviews as well and has an app that includes many of the features of the website.

The first issue of the magazine is free when you download the app. After that, a single issue is $2.99. One year (11 issues) is $9.99. From fertility questions to breastfeeding, this magazine strives to meet the needs of today's new parents.

Baby Center

Baby Center has been a resource for decades, offering tools and community through its website and pregnancy tracker app. An invaluable resource for thousands of expecting parents, you can see how a baby develops week-by-week. There is also a wealth of baby name suggestions and the ability to connect with other parents-to-be.

Access to their huge library of content is invaluable in preparing you for birth, helping you choose what to put on your registry, and what foods to avoid to keep your baby safe. Baby Center also has resources for those trying to conceive.

What To Expect

In 1969, Heidi Murkoff published her book, What to Expect When You're Expecting. Since then, the book has been a staple for expectant mothers and has appeared in many a movie about expecting parents. This classic has successfully made the transition to the online world.

What to Expect says its mission is to "support happy, healthy pregnancies and happy, healthy babies." They offer pregnancy trackers and articles, recommended baby gear, and fertility support. You can find a group of parents with the same due date and go through the experience with new friends. They also provide a free registry hub. You can explore all these goodies on their website or app.

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Pregnancy and Newborn prides itself on providing the latest information to expecting parents as well as personal stories from people who have done this before. The website also provides reviews of baby gear, products, maternity clothes, and other items that you might need during and after pregnancy. It has articles about fashion and trends in maternity and baby clothes to match any budget.

This site provides specific information about other types of pregnancy issues like infertility, pregnancy loss, and physical and mental health. Uniquely, they have a section providing targeted news that relates to pregnancy and family life.

Baby Magazine

Based in the UK, Baby Magazine is an online magazine that offers content on pregnancy stages, newborn development, and great recipes to try when you're expecting. They ask experts to weigh in on fertility, pregnancy nutrition, and how to avoid or handle illness.

Their lifestyle section follows celebrity parents and pregnancy fashion. Once baby arrives, they offer a library of articles on new babies, older babies, and toddlers.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

The Ovia specializes in helping you track your cycle and take charge of your fertility. Based on the information you input, they make recommendations on when you're most likely to conceive, as well as when you can take a pregnancy test.

Once you see that positive pregnancy test, the app helps you track your pregnancy milestones and includes a kick counter and contraction timer. The Ovia website offers comprehensive health assistance and coaching. Ovia's mission is to help parents experience a smooth transition from fertility to pregnancy to parenting.

The Bump

The Bump was created by the same people who created the wedding site, The Knot. It is geared toward first-time parents with information about fertility, getting pregnant, pregnancy, and bringing baby home.

The app also has most of these features available - literally in the palm of your hand! The Bump has an online community that allows you to meet other moms in your area that are at the same stage of pregnancy or that are facing the same issues.


Expecting Twins? Twiniversity can help you navigate the differences in your pregnancy from a single-baby pregnancy. They post articles about multiples pregnancies and what kind of gear has helped other parents in your shoes. The Twiniversity app gives you all these resources right in your pocket.

You can join a community of parents of multiples and listen to the Twiniversity podcast. This app also offers a series of classes and workshops to help you prepare for your baby invasion!

Mother To Baby

MotherToBaby works with the non-profit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS). They specialize in finding out and telling expectant parents what in our environment can cause harm to babies in the womb. When choosing medications, food, or makeup, MotherToBaby is a great resource.

Fact sheets on over 250 products and foods are easily accessible on the site, and they even offer live phone and chat services free of charge if you'd just like to speak to a human. Please note, though, that any advice you receive from MotherToBaby should still be double-checked with your healthcare provider.

Evidence Based Birth

The creators of Evidence Based Birth are passionate about providing only research-based information to parents and healthcare providers alike. Their site is full of articles describing the latest research and giving expectant parents guidance.

Their podcast addresses topics like "Overview of Pain Management in Labor" and "The Evidence on Birthing Positions." They also offer childbirth classes and online courses.

Pulling Curls

Pulling Curls was started by Hilary, a mom and labor and delivery nurse. The website offers articles about what to expect during childbirth, how to prepare for baby, and many others.

Hilary hosts a podcast where she invites experts in this field to answer questions about pregnancy and childbirth and discuss parents' most pressing questions. She also offers courses for parenting, preparing for childbirth, and organization.

Baby Gear

Some online magazines exist for the sole purpose of helping you decide what to buy for that sweet little bundle on the way. These sites give reviews, costs, and links to purchase.

Wee Spring

Featured on NBC, ABC, and Mashable, Wee Spring offers a comprehensive look into all things baby. From clothes to strollers and cribs to sleep sacks, this site can help you whittle down your shopping list.

Gugu Guru

Gugu Guru gathers creators and parents alike to share available products and parents' experiences with them. Hear from seasoned moms and dads as they take you through the nitty-gritty of what works and what doesn't.

Lucie's List

Lucie's List calls itself "a survival guide for new parents." Their creators pride themselves on giving expectant parents a no-nonsense look at what they actually need for baby. This site can help you weed out what is essential from what you could do without.

Who Should You Listen To?

Many, many well-meaning people are waiting patiently in a long line to tell you what will be best for your baby. It can be difficult to know which information is accurate and what will work best for you. No matter whose voices you choose to listen to, remember: you are the parent. Go with your gut.

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15 Pregnancy Magazines, Books, & Websites That Are Worth Your Time