Fertility Spells That Might Boost Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Some people turn to pregnancy spells and other rituals to help them conceive. This is how they work.

Updated June 11, 2019
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On average, it takes about 6 months of trying to conceive before most couples get pregnant. While some people get pregnant easily, others may try at-home fertility kits or even undergo fertility treatments to help them conceive. But there is another option. Some people have turned to magic to help them conceive.

While there is no hard data or scientific evidence that fertility spells can work, they are highly valued in some cultures. Pregnancy spells might also give you a creative outlet and a way to connect with your partner during the time while you are waiting to conceive. If you're interested in giving one a try, we've got a few spells to try.

How Fertility Spells Work

Spellwork, or incantations, is a divination practice that involves directing your thoughts, energies, and spoken words to your desired outcome. Spellwork has been used throughout human history. Researchers exploring medieval texts found that rituals combined with spoken words and actions were often performed to ensure fertility and protect mothers and children. Historically, spells have been used for weather, agriculture, health, beauty, and love.

Fertility rites and rituals have been used by humans for thousands of years. In some cultures, fertility-boosting rituals and maternity spells are believed to increase the likelihood of conceiving. These practices, passed down from generation to generation, involve the use of special herbs, prayers, statues, and symbols that were said to promote fertility.

Quick Tip

Casting a fertility spell involves using words and other tools to increase your chances of getting pregnant. There is no scientific evidence that suggests these maternity spells are effective, but you may want to try one if you want a creative way to boost your fertility to start a family or have more children.

When to Perform a Pregnancy Spell

You can perform a pregnancy spell on your own or with your partner, though doing the spells together is not only a good bonding opportunity, but may help make your spell more powerful.

Choose the timing of your spell ritual based on the time you ovulate, or on the night of a new moon. For centuries, humans believed that menstrual cycles synced up with moon cycles. While that may have been true thousands of years ago, research shows that the synchrony between the moon and menstrual cycles is a myth. That said, the new moon is considered by many to be a good time to invite new things into your life, since it marks the beginning of a new moon cycle.

How to Perform a Fertility Spell

This spell is designed for couples who are struggling with infertility. Set aside an evening to try this experience yourself or with your partner.


Gather the required supplies before performing the fertility spell:

  • Ink pen
  • Small piece of paper: blue for male infertility and pink paper for female infertility.
  • 1 pair of disposable rubber gloves
  • Small bowl (fire proof)
  • Small disposable cup (optional)
  • Matches or lighter
  • Cotton ball
  • Blue or pink taper or pillar candle
  • Candle holder
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or liquid coconut oil
  • 1 drop of sandalwood essential oil (male infertility) or red clover essential oil (female infertility)
  • 1 drop of frankincense essential oil (male infertility) or stinging nettle essential oil (female infertility)
  • Sage incense (male infertility) or rosemary incense (female infertility)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Once you have your supplies and have created your circle of protection, follow these steps to perform the fertility spell:

1. Dress the Candle

For male infertility, use a blue candle and have the man carve his name into the side of the candle. For female infertility, use a pink candle and have her carve her name into the side of the candle. In a bowl or disposable cup, mix the coconut oil (or olive oil) with the appropriate essential oils.

2. Rub Oil Over Candle

Once mixed, use a cotton ball and rub the mixed oils over the candle. As you do, speak your heart's desire aloud. When the candle is covered, place it in the candle holder, and dispose of the gloves, cotton ball, and leftover oils (sealed in a plastic bag).

3. Write Your Desire on Paper

Using the colored ink pen (blue for male) and (pink for female), write your desire onto the matching blue or pink-colored paper. This can be written as, "I wish to be fertile so we can conceive a healthy, happy child." If you prefer, write your wishes in your own words.

4. Light the Candle to Invite Your Child to Join You

Take a moment to focus your energy and thoughts on what you want (e.g., high sperm count, healthy pregnancy). Let go of any negative thoughts and instead focus only on what you truly desire. You can say a prayer, mantra or chant during this process. As the candle burns, you will continue to cast your spell by repeating the following:

"This candle represents my deepest longing to have a child.

This is my invitation to my unborn baby to join us and become a part of our family.

We have so much love to share with you.

Come be with us today and forever."

5. Burn the Paper

Next, burn the paper and place it in the fireproof bowl. Watch the flames and smoke as the paper burns, keeping your mind focused on your desire for a baby.

6. Allow Candle to Burn and Self-Extinguish

Allow the candle to burn down and extinguish on its own in order to complete the spell. Do not leave the burning candle unattended. Once the candle has self-extinguished, place the ashes in the bowl and the remaining candle stub in a glass jar. Bury it to finalize your intent with the spell.

How to Perform a Fertility Spell With Candles

The following examples are candle spells for fertility that you may use to direct your energy and attention to becoming pregnant. The belief is that in using one of these spells or another of your choosing, you are letting angels/souls/god/the universe (depending on your beliefs) know that you are ready for pregnancy and parenthood.


Every fertility spell requires different types of supplies, depending on the specific type of spell you plan to use. Simple spells require only a handful of items, including:

  • White candle or pillar candle
  • Salt (optional)
  • Incense (optional)

Step-By-Step Instructions

Follow these steps as closely as possible to invite good energy and enhance your fertility.

1. Cleanse the Room

Once you have your supplies, lay them all out in a quiet, open area in your house, such as the living room floor or at the kitchen table.

Before you begin your pregnancy spell, light a white candle and set an intention to clear all negative energies and thoughts from your mind, your partner's mind, and the space you are in.

If you are not sure what words to use as you clear energies from the space, you may consider using:

"I open this space to divine love and energy, may all energy that flows through here hold compassion and love. Only spirits and beings of divine love and light are invited and can enter."

Some spell-casting practitioners will suggest "smudging," to cleanse a space, which involves burning sage or other herbs. This is a sacred Indigenous practice that should only be performed if you and/or your partner are Indigenous (Native American). If you want to use pleasant-smelling smoke to help with your cleanse, you may burn incense rather than sage.

2. Create a Circle of Protection

Once you've completed cleansing, it's time to create a circle of protection. This vital step of spellwork ensures that only benevolent spirits with good intentions surround you as you perform your spell to boost fertility and get pregnant.

There are several methods to create a circle of protection, including:

  • Sprinkle salt on the floor in a circular shape while reciting a prayer or mantra of protection.
  • Visualize a circle or "bubble" of white light that surrounds you, your partner, and the room you are in.

3. Cast Your Baby Spell

Casting a spell is a deeply personal experience. This is an invitation to a soul waiting to be born into this world, and it's okay to be specific about what you desire. Many people choose to write their own spell that includes details about when they want to conceive, and the specific sex (gender) they prefer to have. You may want to add details about what you plan to offer as a parent, such as unconditional love, fun adventures, and/or patience and understanding. If you're a newbie to spell casting, you may consider using one of the two spell examples below.

Once you know the spell you wish to cast, light your candle and incense (if you wish to include this), sit within the circle and say it aloud. You may wish to hold your partner's hands as you speak the words, or take turns reading the sentences aloud so you can both play an active role in the spell-casting.

4. Close the Circle

Once you've finished casting your spell, it is important to close the circle of protection you created earlier:

  • For a salt circle, use your foot to break the circle, sweep up the salt, and bury it in your yard.
  • For an envisioned bubble of protection, you can either "brush" or "sweep" the energy away from you, your partner, and the space you are in with your hands.

As you close the circle, express gratitude and appreciation using any words or phrases that feel comfortable to you.

How to Cast a Spell to Get Pregnant

This is another candle spell that is believed to boost fertility and enhance your chances of getting pregnant.


The supplies required for this specific spell include:

  • 1 pair of disposable rubber gloves
  • Ink pen. Choose pink ink for a girl, blue ink for a boy, or green if you do not have a preference.
  • Small piece of white paper (color of purity)
  • Small fireproof bowl
  • Small disposable cup (optional)
  • Matches or lighter
  • Cotton balls
  • Green taper or pillar candle. Make sure the candle color is not just an exterior coating, but the wax is all one uniform color inside and outside of the candle.
  • Candle holder
  • 2 tablespoons liquid coconut oil or virgin olive oil
  • 1 drop of geranium essential oil
  • 1 drop of ylang ylang essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers
  • Sandalwood incense

Once you have your supplies and have created your circle of protection, follow these steps to cast your pregnancy spell:

1. Dress the Candle

Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Mix coconut oil (or olive oil) with geranium and ylang ylang essential oils in a bowl or small disposable cup.

2. Rub Oil over Candle

Once mixed, use a cotton ball to rub the mixed oils over the candle. You can infuse your own style into this process by singing, chanting, praying, or simply focusing on your desire to become pregnant.

Once the candle is completely covered, set the candle in the candle holder. Remove the gloves and throw them away along with the cotton ball. Store any leftover oil mixture in a glass vial, or dispose of it in a sealed plastic bag.

3. Write Your Desire on Paper

Using the ink pen, write your intent and desire onto the white piece of paper. Your statement should be succinct. For example, "I want to become pregnant with a healthy, happy baby." If you wish, you can include the name you will give your child. There is no right or wrong way to do this - how you express your spell and desires is up to you and your partner.

4. Bundle Chamomile Flowers in Paper

Next, sprinkle dried chamomile flowers onto the paper. Bring the ends of the paper together and gently twist or fold the paper together with the flowers inside. Place this in the fireproof bowl.

5. Cast Your Spell With a Message to Your Child

Now you are ready to cast your spell. You may want to take a moment to prayer or observe a moment of silence with your partner. Hold hands and focus on your intent. Next, light the incense and candle. Next, you cast your spell by saying:

"We welcome the soul destined to join us as our child.

Come share our lives and know our love,

We promise to protect and care for you always,

Look into our hearts and realize how much we want you and will cherish you.

Hear our words and answer our invitation to join us now."

6. Burn the Paper Message

Lift the paper packet from the bowl, burn it with the lighter or matches, and place it back into the bowl. As it burns, focus on the love and desire you have for your baby. Visualize yourself pregnant, holding your baby, and parenting a child. Watch as smoke rises from the bowl, carrying your love and message to your future baby.

7. Allow Candle to Self-Extinguish

Leave the candle burning after you've completed your spell. You want to allow the candle to burn away completely. Some couples may want to continue watching the candle flame for a while, imagining their life together with their new baby. You may need to place a plate or tray underneath the candleholder to prevent melting wax from getting on the table or floor.

8. Bury the Remains of Your Ritual

Once the candle has burned down and extinguished, place the remaining stub and ashes in the bowl into a glass jar. Seal and bury the jar in your hair to complete the fertility spell.

Other Ways to Boost Fertility

In addition to pregnancy spells, there are other things you can do to improve your chances of conceiving, such as:

If it takes more than a year to conceive, you may want to see a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility doctor), who can run tests to determine if you need fertility treatments to help you conceive. This may include taking certain medicines (like Clomid) to help you ovulate, and undergoing fertility procedures, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF) to become pregnant.

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