29 Memorable Senior Class Shirt Ideas

Published May 5, 2020
Teens wearing t-shirts class of 2020

Design ideas for memorable senior class shirts can be inspired by everything from pop culture to inside jokes. Give your classmates the best senior shirts by getting creative and making unique senior t-shirt designs. You can use your senior class motto or even your high school graduation song as inspiration for your original design.

Funny Senior Class Shirt Ideas

Some of the most memorable senior class shirts are those infused with humor. Consider an inside joke most of your classmates will get or even your harmless senior prank as the basis for your shirt. It's okay if no one else gets the humor, you'll all find it even funnier if others don't understand.

Taco Pun Senior Shirt Ideas

Tacos, burritos, nachos, and avocados are all popular foods with teens that work great in puns. Pair cute anthropomorphized images of these teen diet staples with clever sayings that will never go out of style. These designs work best if your school colors match the foods such as yellow and red, red and green, or yellow and green.

  • Pair a happy taco graphic with your class year in a top corner of the front of the shirts and with the phrase "Spec-taco-lar Señors" on the back of your shirt.
  • The phrase "Nacho average Seniors" works well with some tortilla chip and salsa images.
  • Use cute avocado images with sayings like "Being an underclassman is the pits, Seniors Guac!"
  • Burrito graphics pair well with phrases like "That's a wrap!" or "Class of (Year), Neato Burrito!"
Taco pun senior t-shirt

Fun Stick People Senior Shirt Ideas

Memes and comics featuring stick people are hilarious and the stick figures can represent any person. Look for ways to make your stick people stand out or use jokes and puns that can be illustrated by stick drawings.

  • Use an image of a bunch of stick people each holding a stick and missing the "stick" that makes up their body with the phrase "Seniors, always got each other's backs!"
  • Draw a bunch of stick figures and use the saying "Seniors always stick together."
  • Make an image of a stick figure family like you see on the back windshield of people's cars and use the phrase "The Senior Family."
  • Draw your stick figures using your school colors.

Senioritis Joke Shirt Ideas

Senioritis is the condition high school seniors suffer from when they feel a lack of motivation to work hard since it's their last year of high school. Make a fun joke about the seriousness of this fictional condition.

  • Pair the saying "0 days without senioritis" with a calendar image that includes your graduation year.
  • Use "Meh" face emojis with the phrase "World's okayest seniors, getting by with little effort since (kindergarten year)."
  • "Seniors, living our most mediocre life." is a funny saying to use with a short comic strip graphic that shows seniors napping in class or other inefficient things.

School Subject Plays on Words

There's a good chance your class has a favorite teacher and one way to pay them respect is with a fun play on words for the subject they teach.

  • Promote your ELA education with the phrase "You can't spell Seniority without 'Senior'." Spell out each word with dots or dashes between the letters.
  • "War revolutionary thanks to his-story!" is a fun saying where "war" represents "we're." You can pair it with any historical figure where the face is replaced with your history teacher's.
  • Show your love of science with a Periodic Table inspired shirt that features the element Strontium, which is abbreviated "Sr" like senior might be. Add the element sulfur, abbreviated "S" to make it plural.

Senior Class Shirts Based on Pop Culture

Popular songs, movies, TV shows and social media trends can influence your shirt design to help capture the spirit of your graduation year. While you can't legally copy logos and images that are copyrighted, you can use them for inspiration and create your own designs.

Marvel Avengers Inspired Shirts

Whether you love the Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, or Captain America most, there are no shortage of great Marvel Avengers characters, lines, and movies to inspire your epic senior shirts. Pair the phrase "Oh Snap, It's the Class of (Year)" inspired by the movie End Game with a comic book style image of snapping fingers.

Oh Snap! senior class t-shirt

Friends Themed Shirts

The TV show Friends is loaded with great inspiration for shirts that show off your bond. You can use the logo design as inspiration for spelling out "Seniors," or look for other clever ways of honoring the show. Each episode title starts with "The one where" so you can use that to make a phrase like "The one where Seniors Rule!"

Social Media Inspired Shirts

From memes to platforms and hashtags, anything you see on social media can be used as inspiration for an original design.

  • Use Instagram as inspiration to create a shirt with the "#Seniors" and Polaroid-type photos of things that are important to your class like your graduation year, mascot, school initials, and even the location of your senior class trip.
  • "Squad goals" is a trendy modern phrase you can adapt to "Senior goals" or "Senior Squad" on your shirts.
  • Use an image of a generic person in a suit wearing a graduation cap with the phrase "Senior like a boss."
Senior year photo t-shirt

Song Inspired Shirts

Take a look at the lyrics of the year's most popular songs to snag some great one-liners for your senior class shirts. Inspired by Lizzo's Truth Hurts, you might say "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that Senior!" Ariana Grande's song title Thank you, Next is the perfect phrase for senior shirts as you move on to your next phase of life.

School Spirit Senior Class Shirt Ideas

Use your school colors, mascot, or other school spirit words and images to create custom shirts.

  • "Seniors for now, (school mascot's) for life." with an image of your school mascot is a great way to bond over your alma mater.
  • Show how epically awesome you are with a simple message like "Best. Class. Ever." in black on a white t-shirt.
  • Replace the dot from the "i" or the "o" in "Seniors" with a rounded image of your school mascot.
Best class ever senior t-shirt

Retro Senior Class Shirt Ideas

Anything retro is pretty much on trend and it also plays up the idea of looking back before you take the next step and graduate. Consider things that were popular the year most of your class was born or when you started kindergarten. Feel free to mix a bit of the old with a bit of the new for a comprehensive message.

  • Use a power button symbol or "play" symbol from a VCR with the phrase "It's on!" and either your graduating year or the word "Seniors."
  • Pair old and new in a "Seniors rock" emoji shirt using the text emoji of an old person and a rock to make your phrase.
  • Create a small puzzle using individual pieces that show things like your school mascot, senior trip location, school motto, and other things important to your grade.
  • Use keyboard key graphics with "Ctrl + C" then "Ctrl + V" after the phrase "Class of (Year)" to spread the message that everyone should copy your grade because you're the best.
  • The TV show Barney came out in 1992 and was popular all through the early 90s, so it's great inspiration for a retro design with a phrase like "I love you, you love me, Seniors are my family!"
  • Starting in 1993, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers became popular. Use the phrase "Mighty Graduation Senior Class, It's graduation time!" as a throw-back to this beloved show.

Keepsake Shirts for the Whole Class

Senior class t-shirts or sweatshirts are one memento from your last year of high school that you get to design and keep forever. Work together as a class to brainstorm shirt ideas, then vote for the overall favorite. The best senior class shirts are the ones that appeal to the majority of your classmates and capture the spirit of your grade's unique identity.

29 Memorable Senior Class Shirt Ideas