6 Best Vampire Books for Teens

Published August 7, 2018
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Stories about vampires have been around for centuries, but many have modern twists or take place in today's world. If you can't get enough of these immortal characters, check out this list of award-winning teenage vampire books.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

In this work of historical fiction, Abraham Lincoln is more than a prominent leader in U.S. history - he's also one of the greatest vampire hunters of all time. Author Seth Grahame-Smith uses a secret fictional journal of Lincoln's to tell the story of what vampires had to do with the U.S. Civil War and Lincoln's presidency in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. With bits of historical fact interwoven, this nearly 400-page novel is so entertaining it was adapted into a movie in 2012. Teens love the humor, action, and suspense injected into a subject they've learned in a very different way at school.


Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga begins with Book One, Twilight. Listed as the only vampire novel on the Time Magazine 100 Best YA Books of All Time, this book is considered by many to have started the literary vampire craze of the early 2000s. Main character Bella moves to a tiny town and soon falls in love with a dreamy teen vampire which brings all kinds of trouble her way. The pages are filled with teen angst, self-discovery, romance, drama, and heartbreak. Thanks to its epic love story, all four Twilight Saga books were made into films starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)
Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

The Silver Kiss

With starred reviews from School Library Journal and Booklist, it's no wonder The Silver Kiss found a spot as the only vampire book on Booklist's 50 Best YA Books of All Time roster. Author Annette Curtis Klause introduces readers to 16-year-old Zoe, who is trying to deal with a jumble of emotions thanks to her mother's life-threatening illness. Vampire Simon comes along and the pair help each other cope with the pain of loss and the horrors that exist in their lives.

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy is the first in an internationally best-selling series by the same name of six books by Richelle Mead. Lissa is a Moroi Vampire Princess and Rose is her best friend and body guard in this story about the struggles between two races of vampires. Readers delve into the world of boarding schools complete with romance, friendship, and a dangerous social scene. In 2014 the book became a movie starring Lucy Fry.

The Vampire Diaries

Best-selling author L. J. Smith gave teen readers The Vampire Diaries, a four-book series, in the early 1990s. The first book, The Awakening, features a classic love triangle where main character Elena finds herself interested in two guys who happen to be vampires and brothers. The story is told from the perspectives of Elena and one of the guys she likes, Stefan. In 2009, a television show based on the books premiered and ran until 2017.


Award-winning author P. C. Cast teams up with her daughter, Kristin Cast, to write Marked, the first book in the House of Night series. Sixteen-year-old Zoe is headed off to a special school where she begins her training as an adult vampire. This coming-of-age book with a fantasy twist examines friendship and self-discovery. Marked won the 2007 RT Reviewers Choice Award and the 2008 Oklahoma Book Award. The entire series features 12 books.

Marked vampire book for teens
Marked (House of Night, Book 1)

Enter the World of Vampires

Vampires come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of demeanors, from kind and loving to dangerous and conniving. Get caught up in these immortal worlds and decide for yourself which kind of vampire reigns supreme.

6 Best Vampire Books for Teens