75+ Fun Things for Bored Teens to Do at Home

Get rid of the boredom blues with a few fun things for teens to do at home. It's amazing how fast the hours go by.

Updated January 27, 2023
Teen girl taking an online class

Life is constantly moving until it's not. You might think being home and just vibing would be nice, but after a few hours, you'll find yourself kind of bored. Sure you can lose yourself into a video game or down the TikTok rabbit hole, but why not try to broaden your horizons? Discover these convenient and fun things do at home for teens who could use a little excitement.

So Many Fun Things for Bored Teens to Do at Home

You can't be on the go all the time. What are teens to do on rainy days, or any other time they're unable to get out of the house? You could just stare at your phone, but that gets boring after a while. Ease your boredom with a few fun activities for teens.

15 Ways to Play Games

Games are classically one of the most fun things for teens to do. Of course, you can play video games on your computer or console, but consider these other fun game activities where you socialize while you play. Gather your friends on your favorite conferencing platform or play in person with your family.

Family with two teenagers playing cards
  1. Host a Jackbox party. Jackbox has tons of interactive games and game packs at affordable prices available to play on Steam, consoles, and even mobile devices.
  2. Have a virtual game night. Gather with friends on your favorite video conferencing platform and play any games of your choice.
  3. Learn card games with your family. Ask your parents about the classic card games they used to play and have them teach you. It's amazing what you can do and how much fun time you can spend with a simple deck of cards, whether you're playing solitaire style games or group games.
  4. Create your own game. Whether you take an existing game and make it better or create your own using a game board template or a deck of cards, come up with an original game and invite family members to join you.
  5. Do a jigsaw puzzle. Want to make it harder with a puzzle you've done before? Turn it upside down (this only works for puzzles with different shaped pieces) and assemble it from shapes only.
  6. Play guess the song lyric. Gather your friends at your house or on a video conferencing app and take turns singing lyrics from different songs with your microphone turned off. Friends will try to guess what you're singing by watching your lips.
  7. Play Truth or Dare online with friends.
  8. Play Never Have I Ever online with friends.
  9. Play pranks on family members.
  10. Play Would You Rather or This-or-That with friends online.
  11. Get together with friends on Steam and play a game.
  12. Play virtual card games at PlayingCards.io.
  13. Create a TikTok as a family. Check out the trending dance move or skit. Gather up your family members or friends and create one of your own. You can even make it a game by having everyone create their own TikTok and voting on the best one.
  14. Play improv games online with friends.
  15. Sign up for an online escape room. Grab a few friends and see how good your mystery skills are.

12 Fun Things to Learn

Fill in the blank, "I've always wanted to learn how to ____________." Chances are, there's an online course or a YouTube video for that. So, the sky's the limit. Whatever you've always wanted to learn, now's the time.

Teenager playing video game in his room
  1. Learn to juggle. All you need are three similar sized objects (probably best to start with tennis balls or rolled pairs of socks and not knives or chainsaws) and a great juggling tutorial.
  2. Learn to draw. You can find several online courses that break it up step-by-step.
  3. Get good at public speaking with a public speaking class for teens on Udemy. The cost of the class is around $20, but it will help you brush up on your skills.
  4. Learn to braid hair with some great braiding tutorials.
  5. Brush up on your future job skills by learning to code. Scratch is a free coding community to learn more.
  6. Learn a new language on Duolingo.
  7. Learn American Sign Language (ASL) and finger spelling.
  8. Learn to read and write Braille online.
  9. Try some simple at-home chemistry projects using common household goods and items.
  10. Research your family's genealogy.
  11. Research family history by interviewing family members, and then write a comprehensive family history from your interviews. Share your finished project with your family members!
  12. Got an instrument at home like a piano, guitar, or ukulele you've always meant to learn but never had the time? Now is the time!

10 Entertaining Ways to Connect With Others

Sure, you can call your friends or text each other. But you want to do more than that! Fortunately, in today's world, it's easier than ever to get together virtually.

  1. Hold a virtual prom. Get dressed in your finest, gather online with friends, and dance to some music.
  2. Write love letters to a special someone.
  3. Have a virtual date with someone you like and ask them thoughtful getting-to-know-you questions.
  4. Host a virtual watch party on your favorite streaming platform and watch a movie with your friends.
  5. Host a virtual party.
  6. Host a group drawing night. Gather on a video conferencing platform and come up with some things people can draw. Then, have everyone draw the same thing and see how you interpret it differently.
  7. Create a collaborative online scrapbook with friends, sharing pictures of your activities at home, good times you've had in the past, and more.
  8. Gather friends for a night of virtual karaoke.
  9. Gather your friends for a watch party and do some bad lip reading. Turn off the movie sound, have each person take a character, and then as your character speaks, you speak the lines you think they're saying (or should be saying) for them.
  10. Gather your VR friends and create your own room in VR Chat. You can then hang out or play games together in virtual reality.

21 Activities to Craft and Create

Get creative (literally!). From painting to making music to writing, you can find hours of entertainment when exploring their creative side. You have plenty of options using technology platforms and/or stuff you have around the house to create.

Teenager making origami with yellow paper
  1. Make a movie. Come up with a creative script. Some movies are easier to film than others, such as a mockumentary, where you can have friends collaboratively record "talking heads" (on-camera interviews) on platforms like Skype or Zoom as well as live action around their houses. Think about shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation. Then, weave it altogether with movie editing software to create your own collaborative film.
  2. Try origami. All you need is paper and cool origami project instructions, and you can spend hours learning the art of paper folding.
  3. Try needlecraft. Whether it's sewing, crochet, knitting, or another form of needlecraft, learning how to work in the textile arts is a great way to create. For example, if you wish to learn to crochet, you'll just need to learn a few basic crochet stitches to work with a majority of patterns.
  4. Make a music video for your favorite song. This can be something you do alone or as a collaborative online project with friends, much in the same way you'd make any other type of movie.
  5. Write a short story, script, poem, or novel. Whether it's a concrete poem or a longer writing, it's a great way to create that doesn't require much special equipment.
  6. Rediscover your old building toys. Whether it's LEGO, Hot Wheels tracks, K'NEX, or something else, find some of the old toys you used to spend hours with and rediscover them.
  7. Write and record a song parody.
  8. Head into your backyard with your smartphone or camera and become a wildlife photographer.
  9. If you're a musician, get ahold of some free sheet music online and learn a new piece.
  10. Keep a video diary or a written journal to document what it's like during this time in history.
  11. Create your own podcast. Come up with a topic, and connect with a friend or co-hosts online.
  12. Dig into a good cookbook and make meals for your family.
  13. Make salt dough and craft it into various shapes. It will make you feel like a kid again!
  14. Collaborate with friends online to create a written, photographic, or video newsletter.
  15. Create a family yearbook.
  16. Make a time capsule and bury it in your backyard.
  17. Bleach paint t-shirts, jeans, or leggings. You can freehand or stencil the designs.
  18. If you have younger siblings, build them a tree house or fort (with a parent's permission).
  19. Use fabric paint to paint plain t-shirts, tank tops, tote bags, jeans, leggings, and more.
  20. Organize photos into photo albums and scrapbooks.
  21. Build a house of cards. It's surprisingly satisfying.

8 Enjoyable Ways to Get Moving

Get up and get moving as much as possible! It's a fun way to spend time and burn energy, and you can always make it a group activity with siblings or friends!

Friends doing video challenges on the Internet
  1. Dance! Put on your favorite music and move like nobody's watching - because nobody is!
  2. Learn a martial art. There are plenty of free, martial arts instruction videos and courses online, so pick the one that is the most appealing to you and learn it!
  3. Get your Zen on and take a free, online yoga class.
  4. Try Nia, a fun combination of martial arts, dance, and the healing arts. You can sign up for a free, 14-day trial subscription of Nia On Demand.
  5. Ever wanted to learn to belly dance? You can learn to belly dance free online!
  6. Learn dance routines. YouTube, TikTok, and similar platforms are loaded with free instructional videos for virtually any type of dance you'd like to learn. So, pick a style of dance, head to your favorite site, and learn some new moves.
  7. Learn sport cup stacking.
  8. Have a hula hoop? Learn free hula hoop tricks!

15 Things to Watch, Read, or Listen To

Sometimes, the best at-home activity for teenagers is some quality "me time" with a good book or movie. Or get ideas for how to share your love of knowledge and pop culture with friends, like hosting virtual trivia or story hours.

  1. Read classic books available in free online libraries.
  2. Read free fanfiction.
  3. Watch free classic movies online.
  4. Find out if your local library offers free ebook, audiobook, and video streaming services such as Overdrive, Hoopla, or Kanopy.
  5. Re-read childhood favorites, such as the Harry Potter series.
  6. Find some great podcasts about something you're interested in and listen to them.
  7. Take a virtual theme park ride.
  8. Watch a ghost cam online and try to spot a spirit.
  9. Take free virtual tours of museums and other unique places around the world.
  10. Hold an online story hour for younger kids. Ready the story on a platform such as Zoom or Skype.
  11. Find a great script online, gather your friends on video conferencing or in person, assign parts, and do a table reading.
  12. Create a list of trivia questions from your favorite television shows, books, and movies, and host an online trivia night.
  13. Watch a TED Talk.
  14. Travel the world in videos.
  15. Brush up on makeup and hair tutorials or create your own videos.

Other Fun At-Home Activities for Teenagers

For teens who want less time with screens, here are a few more engaging activities that'll entertain you and teach you new valuable skills!

  1. Host dinner for your family where you prepare a delicious meal to share. If you have siblings who are old enough to help, it can be a tag-team effort!
  2. If you own a pet, spend some time with them and teach them some new tricks. Dogs are usually easier to train, but you can teach your cat a few tricks with the right techniques.
  3. Redecorate your bedroom (with a parent's permission). You can rearrange furniture, update your poster collection, get a new bedspread, or even paint your walls a new color if you're feeling extra ambitious.
  4. Test out your green thumb during the warmer months by helping out in the garden. Learn how to grow vegetables or herbs, or plant pretty flowers to give your home some curb appeal.
  5. Start a bullet journal. Make organizing your life and setting goals a lot more fun with this colorful and creative handwritten method.

Fun Things to Do at Home With Teenagers

Being stuck at home can get to be a drag after a while, but you don't need to stop doing things you love or connecting with people who are important to you. Plan lots of online activities with friends and spend the rest of the time pursuing family or solo activities that bring you joy.

75+ Fun Things for Bored Teens to Do at Home