Where to Find Homeschool Worksheets for 9th Grade

Teenager studying her books.

The best things in homeschooling are free, as every homeschooling parent knows. You should not have to spend money on worksheets for your student, except for advanced or specialized studies. The following are resources for worksheets by subject that you can find online. The list is based on the typical course of study for a 9th grade student. While most of the items listed are for individual worksheets, many of the websites that offer those worksheets also offer a wealth of other free resources, including lesson plans and online games and activities.

Social Studies

Communities and Government

  • Teach your 9th grade about the electoral college by using this printable map from Education World that outlines the amount of votes each state has in the electoral college process.
  • Also from Education World, these two printables will help your child begin to understand the levels and branches of government.
  • EducatorWorksheets.com adds to a lesson the branches of government with this fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

Democracy and the U.S. Constitution

  • Print this quiz with answers to help your 9th grader understand some of the foundations of American democracy.
  • While studying American history, this printable list of Battles of the Revolutionary War will help your child keep all of the information straight.
  • Education World's Presidential Information Chart will help your 9th grader learn about the U.S. Presidents and their accomplishments.

Comparing Cultures and Religions

  • Teachnology's World Religions Secret Decoder Worksheet will help your 9th grader learn some basic vocabulary related to the world's religions.
  • Studenthandouts.com offers a crossword puzzle to print and solve while learning about the spread of different religions.
  • Also from Teachnology is a selection of worksheets to guide your child as she studies about civil rights and immigration.
  • For another lesson on different cultures, check out this worksheet from the American Social History Project which involves analyzing the poetry of Chinese immigrants

World Geography

  • A nation's flag often tells a story about its history or culture. As part of a study of world geography, utilize these printable world flags to help your child learn about different countries.
  • These sample geography quiz bowl questions will help you see how much your child already knows about world geography before beginning instruction or may be used to help her brush up her geography skills.
  • Download a selection of printable maps from Maps of the World to help your 9th grader develop her advanced map and globe skills.
  • Eduplace also offers a wide selection of outline maps to use as part of your curriculum.


Earth Science and Astronomy

  • From Mr. Bouchard's eBoard, you will find a handy printable Earth Science Reference Table for use when teaching about the composition of the Earth.
  • For higher-level 9th grade students, this worksheet contains problems involving water, soil and conservation.
  • To enhance your 9th grader's study of astronomy, download and print The Evening Sky Map before heading outside to study the sky.


  • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory offers R.E.A.C.T, which features multiple activities and worksheets for students based on renewable energy. While the guide is geared toward middle school students, many activities are also appropriate for a 9th grade curriculum.


  • Enhance a lesson on elements with a printable copy of the periodic table.
  • Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o'Chemistry offers this worksheet on naming ionic compounds.

English/Language Arts

Analyzing Non-fiction

  • The Canadian War Museum offers a downloadable portfolio of propaganda posters to use as part of a 9th grade non-fiction curriculum.
  • ABC Teach offers an overview of how to read a newspaper with this worksheet.


  • Use Education World's Story Map to outline short stories that your child reads as part of her English curriculum.


  • Printing a list of prefixes and list of suffixes for your child to study will help to enhance her vocabulary and teach her to make connections between words.
  • Utilize Teachnology's worksheet on word roots along with the prefix and suffix lists.
  • Edhelper's spelling and vocabulary lists for grade 9 allow you to build your own printable worksheets to use as part of your homeschooling curriculum.
  • EZ School's printable Spanish worksheets will help your 9th grader make connections between English and a foreign language.


  • OWL, the Online Writing Lab from Purdue University, offers many tutorials on the writing process. Print of this overview of evaluating sources to help your child build her reference skills.
  • Education World's research notes chart will help your 9th grader organize information for a research paper.
  • Use Extra Worksheets' resources, including this worksheet on the parts of speech, to help your 9th grade brush up on her grammar skills.
  • This printable list of FCAT writing prompts will ensure your 9th grader always has something to write about.



  • Budgeting is one of the key skills 9th graders should learn. Print off the College Student Budget Worksheet from Mom's Budget to help your 9th grader learn to budget and learn about college costs or choose one of Money Funk's seven free printable budget worksheets.
  • Education World's bank check template will help your child practice how to write a check.
  • The IRS offers multiple downloads to help students understand the different types of taxes.
  • Calculate how much auto insurance will cost with this worksheet from the Missouri Department of Insurance. While geared toward 11th and 12th grade students, it is also appropriate for 9th graders.

Algebra 1

Other Worksheet Resources

  • Ask your teen to create his own worksheets once in a while. This is an educational experience in itself, and will help your student retain the information he has learned.
  • Create or find brainteasers and crossword puzzles that are related to the subjects your teen is studying.
  • The Teacher's Corner offers a wide selection of printable worksheets and lesson plans for homeschool parents to use.
  • Join Edhelper to access multiple free high school printables for your 9th grader.
  • Teachnology offers a wide selection of printable worksheets covering multiple subjects and themes.

There is virtually no limit to the availability of the worksheets for your 9th grader, so enjoy the process of customizing your teen's learning experience. You may learn a few things yourself while doing so -- that's the fun of homeschooling.

If you need help downloading any of the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Where to Find Homeschool Worksheets for 9th Grade