Acting Classes for Teens in Maryland

Updated December 4, 2018
Students bowing on high school stage

If you live in the Maryland area and have always felt like you were destined to be a star but could use a little formal training, there are many different acting classes for teens in Maryland. These classes give you a chance to train with top-notch teachers and be among teens who share your penchant for the stage.

Acting Classes for Teens in Maryland

There are many different organizations that offer acting classes for teens in Maryland, ranging from summer programs, holiday programs, and individual classes. Some programs group teens together by grade, others by age.

Drama Kids International

Drama Kids International is located in four locations including East Montgomery County, Central Maryland, Potomac, and North Prince George County. They offer programs for teens in middle school and high school. Regardless of when a student registers, lessons will never be repeated and enrollment takes place year round. There are several programs offered depending on the student's particular interests.

  • Holiday camps are offered for a full or half day. They also organize summer performing arts camps which are scheduled for a week and end with a performance.
  • Students will be challenged to work on monologues, dialogues, improv abilities, and auditioning techniques.
  • The Acting Academy is for students ages 12 to 18 who are committed to developing their performance, public speaking, and character development abilities and runs on a four-month session schedule.

Imagination Stage

Imagination Stage, based in Bethesda, is a theater arts organization designed to empower young people of all acting abilities and ranges. The organization offers both camps and classes so teens can help turn their Hollywood dreams into a reality with proper training.

Imagination Stage offers a variety of classes for teens of all acting levels to hone their skills and nail auditions. Classes are usually grouped by age so teens can be among their peers. Some examples include the following:

  • No Fear Shakespeare, where students work on basic acting techniques while working with the dialogue of Shakespeare.
  • Audition based productions, where teens audition to be a part of an advanced theatrical performance program. These programs run for several months, up until two years based on the level intensity the student is looking for.

Imagination Stage offers spring break camps and summer camps, which are divided by grade. Some examples of camps include the following:

  • Theatre Arts Camp which is a one to four weeks long camp where teens hone their skills in singing, acting, and dance.
  • Performance Technique Acting which is an entry-level class that teaches teens the concept of the acting process.

Maryland Hall

Maryland Hall is a diverse art program for kids, teens, and adults based out of Annapolis High School. They offer dance, theatre, drama and musical theatre programs during the Winter, Spring, and Fall. These programs help teens further their acting abilities and build their confidence and speech skills. Programs range in price point and scholarships are offered that allow students to take classes for free, or at a reduced rate.

  • Play classes run on a 12-week session schedule. Teens perform rehearsed plays at the end of the session and friends and family are invited to watch.
  • Homeschool Improv classes help students work on their in-the-moment reactions and public speaking skills. This class runs for 12 weeks.
  • Instructors are passionate and have tons of relevant experience to pass on to their students.

Acting Classes in Baltimore

Baltimore offers some great acting programs for teenagers. From musical theatre to improv classes, Baltimore is booming with wonderful options.

Teacher gesturing to students in theater class

Everyman Theatre

Everyman Theatre is a non-profit organization located on West Fayatte Street in Baltimore. They offer a variety of programs for children, teenagers, and adults.

  • Theatre Night for Teens is a low-cost theatre appreciation program where teens can view a play, meet the artist behind the play, and participate in a critical discussion about the play all for $10. These events occur about once a month.
  • Students in grades six through eight can participate in the Musical Theatre Dance program which helps individuals work on body movement, and different acting styles within the musical theatre genre.

Charm City Players

Charm City Players is located in The Mercy High School on Northern Parkway. They offer programs for children and teens ranging from eight to 16 years old. These programs take place three times a week at an hour per session. These classes focus on acting, dance, and voice development.

  • The Audition Technique class helps students hone their individual performance abilities and prepare for future auditions.
  • Musical Theatre Dance classes teach students the ins and outs of performing in a musical production.
  • Intro to Acting and Junior Acting classes help students understand basic and more advanced acting techniques.

Hone Your Skills

If you live in Maryland and have dreams of making it big in Hollywood, it's easy to get a little more training and experience. These acting classes for teens in Maryland can help you hone your acting skills or introduce you to the world of acting if you're just starting out.

Acting Classes for Teens in Maryland